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Do Amazon Mattresses Have Fiberglass? All Revealed

When purchasing a new mattress, one of the top considerations is safety. Recently, there have been questions about whether Amazon includes glass fiber in their mattresses. 

Mattresses that have fiberglass are not safe for humans because these particles can become airborne. They can easily spread throughout the room, causing potential health hazards.

So do Amazon mattresses have fiberglass? We will provide relevant information to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dig in.

Do Amazon Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Yes. Some Amazon mattresses come with fiberglasses, such as AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress, Zinus, Vibe, and Nectar Mattresses. However, not all of them are labeled “fiberglass-contained.”

What Are Amazon Mattresses Without Fiberglass?

If you want to find products, that do not contain fiberglass on Amazon to protect the health of your family, there are two types of mattresses line to choose from: Linenspa and Lucid 


Linenspa does not use fiberglass as a fireproof material in their mattresses. Manufacturers claim that the materials they use are safe and meet the flammability standards of CPSC (The Consumer Product Safety Commission).

This brand offers a variety of other mattresses that are free of fiberglass, such as their memory foam and hybrid mattresses.


Like Linenspa, Lucid mattresses are also made from materials that are not harmful to customers’ health. They use a cotton coating as a flame retardant. 

The Lucid memory foam mattress is one of the prime examples of a non-fiberglass product you can get from Amazon.What Amazon Mattresses Contain Fiberglass?

Similarly, we also need to know the kinds of mattresses on Amazon that contain fiberglass so we can avoid buying them if the members of your family have health problems with this material. 

AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress

A case in point is the AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress. The CPSC issued a warning about this mattress, stating that it did not live up to federal flammability standards and could pose a safety hazard to consumers.

Zinus And Vibe Mattresses

Because mattresses made in the US need to meet fire resistance standards, Zinus used fiberglass, as it can both effectively resist fire and come at a low cost.

Yet, Zinus also serves customers with more organic options like organic latex mattresses. These mattresses, obviously, are more expensive than the others.

In addition, Vibe mattresses also have a lot of complaints because the users detect a number of fiberglass in their mattress cover. Vibe has the same purpose of being fireproof as Zinus aim.

Nectar Mattresses

Following fire retardant standards, Nectar adds fiberglass to their products. Worse yet, Nectar introduces many other chemicals that are quite toxic to users, such as melamine, boric acid, chloride, etc.

Other Mattresses

Ashley Furniture, Lull, Olee Sleep, and Leesa Mattresses also contain fiberglass yet are affordable. Again, it is important to note that not all Amazon mattresses have fiberglass. It’s best to research the brand and model before buying. 

How To Tell If An Amazon Mattress Has Fiberglass Or Not?

If you suspect your mattress contains fiberglass, you can check the label to see if it clarifies any information about it. Some mattresses may have a warning label indicating that they include glass wool.

Besides, you can look for visible signs. If your mattress cover is ripped or torn, you may be able to see fiberglass fibers protruding from the mattress. However, be careful not to touch or disturb the fibers, as they can be harmful if they come into contact with your skin or lungs.

Contact the manufacturer if you are unsure whether your mattress contains fiberglass or can’t find any useful information in the package. They should reply to you with a definitive answer.

If you are aware that your mattress contains fiberglass, it is important to handle it with care. Remember to take appropriate steps to minimize your exposure to the fibers. 

As mentioned, fiberglass can be irritating to the skin and lungs. It is best to avoid direct contact with the material and consider replacing the mattress as soon as possible.

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Overview On Amazon Mattresses

Amazon is an American e-commerce company. It offers various mattresses from many brands, including memory foam, latex, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses. These are available in diverse sizes and firmness levels to meet every need of customers. 

The platform provides a convenient and extensive selection of mattresses for customers. Customers can also choose, from different price points from budget-friendly to high-end options

In addition to mattresses, Amazon also offers bedding accessories, namely pillows, sheets, and mattress toppers, to complete the sleep experience. 

Many of the mattresses on Amazon come with customer reviews and ratings, pointing you to the right choice. 

How To Choose An Amazon Mattress Without Fiberglass? 

You can read reviews from other customers who have purchased the mattress to see whether anyone has mentioned fiberglass. If you see any red flags, rule that mattress out of your shopping list.

Look for a natural or organic product as a great contender. If you are concerned about fiberglass, consider a mattress made from healthy alternatives, like silica, flame-resistant plant fiber, etc.

Mattresses made of natural materials like cotton, wool, and latex are less likely to contain fiberglass as a fire retardant and are often more eco-friendly and sustainable.


Does Amazon mattress have fiberglass? Overall, not all Amazon mattresses contain fiberglass. While some mattresses of Linenspa and Lucid don’t have fiberglass, AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress, Zinus, Vibe, and Nectar Mattresses do. 

Customers can check the product description and reviews. They need to refer to advice from a healthcare professional or other trusted sources. It can help them determine whether a particular mattress is safe and suitable for their needs.


Does Amazon mattress use fiberglass as a fire protective barrier?

It depends on the specific brand and model of the Amazon mattress. Currently, some Amazon Mattresses use 15% fiberglass as a fire-protective barrier on the top layer. However, Sage, Linenspa, Milliard memory foam, and Lucid mattresses say they have excluded this harmful substance. Instead, they use alternative materials to achieve fire resistance.

Does the label say fiberglass or glass fiber? 

They can use both “fiberglass” and “glass fiber” as the material used in the fire barrier. Also, more general terms such as “fire-resistant barrier” or “flame retardant layer” can be used. They all mean the same thing. 

How do I know if I have fiberglass in my skin?

Sometimes, you may see small, white fibers sticking out of the skin. Moreover, fiberglass can cause itching or irritation when it comes into contact with the skin. If the substance has penetrated the skin, it can cause redness, rash, or small bumps.

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