Banner Mattress vs. Mattress Firm: Which is the Best Mattress Retailer for Me?

Banner Mattress vs. Mattress Firm: Which is the Best Mattress Retailer for Me?

Shopping for a new mattress? Who you decide to buy your mattress from is just as important as which brand you buy. This affects your whole shopping experience, from doing the research to testing out various bed types to getting your questions answered. That’s why we want you to consider buying from Banner Mattress vs. Mattress Firm.

Banner Mattress vs. Mattress Firm Comparison

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Who is Mattress Firm?

Mattress Firm is a mattress store chain founded back in 1986, and is currently owned by South African retailer Steinhoff International. They operate 3,600 store locations in 49 states. Much of Mattress Firms’ growth has come from acquiring other smaller mattress store chains in various states, like Sleepy’s, Discount Mattress Barn, and Sleep Train. They buy them, change the name and merchandise. Click here to read about Steinhoff International.

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Who is Banner Mattress?

Banner Mattress, is a  4th generation family-owned and operated mattress manufacturer and retailer. We manufacture and sell our own mattresses our own retail store so that we can provide our customers with the widest variety of options; both online and through our Southern California store locations.

We are also committed to what we call “The Banner Way.” The Banner Way is more a lifestyle, a commitment to helping people sleep so that they can wake up feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day. Banner Mattress has grown one customer at a time by providing quality products for people to feel comforted and supported, and that they can feel good about buying.

How Do We Compare?

Any salesperson can selectively choose what information makes the company look good (for example, we could go on and on about our status as an Elite Tempur Retailer, our 5-Star Google Reviews and our 90-plus year legacy). But what matters is how we stack up against the competition.

Banner Mattress vs. Mattress Firm

YEARS IN BUSINESS Founded in 1926 (90+ years). Founded in 1986 (30+ years).
OWNERSHIP A family-owned company; our founder came to this country from Italy to pursue a new life and seek his fortune, and the company has stayed in the family since then.

Bought by a foreign conglomerate based out of South Africa in 2017. Click here to read about Steinhoff International.

VARIETY Offers a variety of brands, and is one of the only Elite Tempur Retailers in the area. Offers a variety of brands (excluding Tempur-Pedic).
MANUFACTURING Sells all major brands of mattresses and manufactures our own line of quality handcrafted mattresses in our family-owned mattress factory in Southern California. Sells all most brands of mattresses and manufactures its own line of beds.
CUSTOMIZATION Customers are able to customize orders to fit a person’s size, shape, and sleep patterns. What manufacturers give to them is only what they can sell. No customization available.

Which Mattress Company Do You Trust For Better Sleep?

Little differences can end up making a huge difference when it comes to your shopping experience. You should take these things into account when deciding where to spend our hard-earned money.

Also pay attention to what a company pins its success on. For example, at Banner, we work solely in the mattress and bedding industry, and have done so for over 90 years. Our success depends on one thing: Helping our customers get the best sleep they can.

And please, don’t just take our word for it. Do your research. Call, email, or visit, and ask questions. “Google it” as we say. See who takes the time to answer your concerns, who appears the most knowledgeable about sleep, and who truly tries to find you the best bed for the best night’s sleep.

In fact, why don’t we get started here, with our eBook, Your Mattress Buying Guide?

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Want to get the whole story on sleep and the way it affects our bodies, mind, and spirit?

Download our eBook: Your Mattress Buying Guide. Use it to discover your sleep needs and simplify the mattress buying process - the Banner Way.

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