Banner Mattress vs. Mattress Showroom

Banner Mattress vs. Mattress Showroom

Who is Mattress Showroom?

Mattress Showroom is a locally owned and operated mattress retailer in the Southern California area. They have been in business for about 30 years. They sell custom sizes but they buy them from a manufacturer. Mattress Showroom does not manufacture any mattresses, they take pride in being able to sell them as well as national name brands.

Who is Banner Mattress?

Banner Mattress is a 4th generation family-owned and operated mattress manufacturer and retailer. Banner has been manufacturing mattresses for over 92+ years! We hand-craft high-quality mattresses in our Colton California factory. Banner also takes pride in selling national name-brand mattresses in our Southern California stores alongside our Factory Direct Banner built beds. All of this is part of what we call “The Banner Way,” an overall commitment to lifestyle choices that leave you waking up feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day.

Banner Mattress vs. Mattress Showroom

Side-by-side comparison



Years in Business




Locally owned stores

Locally owned and operated stores and factory Manufacture and retail national brands and Banner Built Mattresses


120 Day Comfort Promise

120 Night Sweet Dreams Money Back GTD


Mostly national brands

National brands, plus Banner’s Factory Direct, hand-crafted Banner Built Mattress 

Sales Model

Authorized Dealer for National Brands

Factory Direct Showroom and Authorized Dealer for National Brands


Average Rating of 3.0 onYelp Reviews. No Google Reviews.

Average Rating of 4.5 onYelp Reviews and 4.8 Average on Google.

A note of warning on price: Selling factory direct allows Banner Mattress to cut out the “middleman”. When you cut out the middleman you can often get a better mattress at a lower price resulting in savings to the consumer.

However, prices for the most popular national brands—such as Tempur-Pedic—are specifically set by the manufacturer. If a Tempur-Pedic mattress is sold for even a penny less than the Manufactures Advertised Price (MAP) except Floor Samples, Closeouts, Demos, or Damaged Product, it can void the product's warranty. Be cautious of sites that offer huge savings on “popular brands” they may not come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Which Mattress Company Do You Trust For Better Sleep?

Little differences can end up making a huge difference when it comes to your shopping experience. You will want to find one that deals with you honestly and is truly interested in getting you a good night’s sleep.

So don’t just take our word for it. Read the reviews, and Google each store. We think you’ll find why so many people are coming to Banner, and taking part in “The Banner Way” to get a better night’s rest.


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