Do you worry about Bed Sheets and when to change them?

Do you worry about Bed Sheets and when to change them?

A lot of people do. With so many people questioning this, you would think that there would be a standard time frame for when to update your sheets. With so many different bed sheets on the market, it can be hard to place an answer.

Thankfully, there are a few guidelines that can help steer you in the right direction.

Think about what kind of materials you want in your sheets. Do you only need thin basic, or do you want a more thicker comfortable feel?

Do you overheat at night when you sleep?

Then you'd be looking for something that can help keep you cool. Bamboo with Terrene sheets are a good option here because they take away body heat.

Want to make your bed extra warm at night? Go for a thicker sheet set.

Best first test is a hand test.

Feel the sheets in your hands if you can.

Also another point to watch out for, is if you're into "wrinkle-free" sheets, stain resistant, for those moments of breakfast in bed, and you happen to spill the OJ!

So now that we've covered the "Feels" you can pretty much choose what color you'd like. There is any variety of color that will service your needs.

Thread counts

High thread counts equal more comfort, however, you don't always have to buy higher. There are ranges in between that will work for you and your budget.


Of course you'll have to choose the right size for your mattress. The price ranges can be anywhere from $10 to $300 or more, so there is a set for you, that you feel comfortable with.

Below is what we offer here at Banner Mattress. Please feel free to browse.

Brushed Micro fiber Sheet Set
Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set
The 90 gram sheet set might be the coziest sheets you ever own. The perfect solution to luxurious and affordable bedding, this sheet set is made of 100 percent double brushed microfiber fabric. Very fine micro-yarns are woven to create a soft, breathable fabric that is ideal for bedding. The microfibers are brushed on both sides or double brushed to soften the fibers for a supple feel. In addition to creating lavishly cozy bed linens, hypoallergenic microfibers are 100 times thinner than a strand of hair, creating a material the resists the collection of allergens and dust mites.

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Malouf 600TC Cotton Blend Sheet Set image
Malouf 600tc Cotton Blend Sheet Set
The lasting comfort and classic style of cotton is brilliantly blended for a luxurious feel at a modest price. Most cotton blend sheets dilute the cozy feel of cotton by twisting cotton and poly threads prior to weaving. The cotton rich fabric in these sheets have a unique, dual-sided design that preserves the supple feel and vibrant color of cotton.

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Malouf Bed In A Bag image
Malouf Bed In A Bag
Everything you need for a great-looking room and cozy night's sleep is in the Bed in a Bag. A complete bedding essentials kit, the bed in a bag features a reversible down alternative comforter, a microfiber sheet set, down alternative pillows and a Down Alternative Comforter.

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Malouf Tencel Sheet Set image
Malouf Tencel Sheet Set
Silky soft and naturally pure, TENCEL bed linens will ensure your sleep is refreshingly comfortable. The luxuriously smooth lyocell fiber structure from eco-friendly resources pampers your skin with balanced moisture management and temperature regulation qualities to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Bamboo with Terrene image
Bamboo with Terrene
Enjoy the rich comfort and the soft feel of bamboo rayon sheets with Terrene® - part of the premium PureCare Elements™ sheet collection. Terrene sheets infuse bamboo rayon and luxury staple cotton in a premium sateen weave, offering a gentle and rich comfort.

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Malouf Supima Cotton Sheet Set image
Malouf Supima Cotton Sheet Set
Woven™ Supima® Premium Cotton Sheets are made of superior extra-long staple cotton that is 100 percent American-grown. The fibers are an impressive 35 percent longer than typical cotton and produce smoother, softer, and cleaner yarns. The result is luxurious fabric that gets even softer with every wash. Twice as strong as regular cotton, Supima cotton resists pilling, breaking, and tearing. Supima cotton represents the top one percent of fine cotton and is verified by the Supima association. Our sheets feature a lustrous sateen weave and drape beautifully. Crafted with extra-deep pockets and impressive elastic lining, these sheets perfectly fit low-profile mattresses starting at 6 inches up to high-profile mattresses of 22 inches.

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