We Are Expanding: Banner Mattress Welcomes Elkie & Ark to Our Family

We are Banner Mattress – a leader in providing expert sleep guidance and personalized recommendations, is thrilled to announce the strategic acquisition of Elkie & Ark (https://www.ElkieArk.com), a distinguished brand known for its commitment to sustainable and ethical bedding. This acquisition marks a pivotal step in our mission to expand our customer reach and enhance our educational content on high-quality, eco-friendly sleep solutions.

Enhancing Educational Outreach and Expanding Customer Reach

With the integration of Elkie & Ark, Banner Mattress is set to enhance its platform with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sustainable living and ethical consumerism.

This partnership will enable us to provide our customers with even more comprehensive information, helping them make informed decisions about their bedding choices in alignment with their values.

“This acquisition is not about adding products to our portfolio but enriching the content and advice we offer our audience”

CEO of Banner Mattress
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A Shared Vision

Elkie & Ark has been at the forefront of promoting ethical practices in the bedding industry, with a strong focus on organic materials and fair labor practices. Together, we will continue to advocate for these important issues, aiming to educate and influence the market towards more responsible consumption habits.

This strategic partnership is expected to significantly boost our educational outreach and help us engage with a broader audience interested in sustainable living. We look forward to leveraging Elkie & Ark’s expertise to bring more depth to our educational content and help more people understand the impact of their choices on the environment and their own health.

About Banner Mattress

Banner Mattress is dedicated to helping consumers make informed decisions about sleep products through expert guidance and personalized advice. By focusing on education rather than sales, we aim to empower our customers for choosing the best.

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