6 Reasons a Factory-Direct Mattress Should Be On Your Shopping List

6 Reasons a Factory-Direct Mattress Should Be On Your Shopping List

What, exactly, is a factory-direct mattress? All mattresses are made in a mattress factory somewhere. To get those mattresses to you, the consumer, the factory will usually sell them to a wholesaler, who then resells them to the various chain stores you see around the country. A factory-direct mattress e-tailer and retailer cuts out the middleman by having the factory sell its mattresses direct to the consumer online or in their own store.

In other words, you are getting the same mattress you would buy in any mattress retail store — but because there are no “middlemen” marking up the price, you get a much better deal. Being factory-direct also means they don’t spend months in transport on a cargo ship from China or overseas. They are made daily and sent directly to the consumer.

For example, at Banner Mattress we make our own line of mattresses in our 4th generation family-owned and operated factory. We manufacture mattresses everyday and often ship them direct to the consumer. These efficiencies get the products to the consumer fresh, cut down on storage costs and overhead passing the saving to the consumer keeping the price low, the inventory fresh and the quality.

Should You Be Shopping For a Factory-Direct Mattress?

Here are some other top reasons to get a factory-direct mattress from the best mattress manufacturers available:

  1. Better quality control. Most factories inspect their mattresses before shipping. But once they leave the factory, anything can happen. With factory-direct, one company is guaranteeing the quality of your mattress, from factory floor to showroom floor.
  2. Knowledgeable experts. Think about it: Would you rather buy from a salesperson who has never made a mattress or seen one made at the factory? Or would you rather discuss your perfect mattress with an in-house manufacturer's sleep expert? By buying direct, you can work directly with the factory sleep expert, ask questions, and cut out the middle man.
  3. Customization. Need a special size? Or a specific level of firmness? This can be especially difficult when searching online or in a chain store. But when a showroom is owned by the same company as the factory, putting in a custom order is much easier and straightforward.
  4. Better prices. As mentioned above, factory-direct mattresses don’t go through other sales channels, so the overhead is less, meaning more savings for you, the customer, without sacrificing quality.
  5. Knowing where to go if there is a problem. If you have an issue with your new mattress, do you talk to the store where you purchased it? The manufacturing company? A third party customer service line? With factory-direct, it’s all one and the same. There is one company, looking to make things right with you.
  6. Support local. A lot of people are looking to support local businesses these days. Buying from the local factory direct showroom supports the community with jobs and pays taxes to support the community and people where you live and work.

Go Ahead, Go Click-to-Brick

There are a lot of compelling reasons to buy online as well: You have easy access to reviews, pricing, and information that can help you make your purchase decision. Today, online mattress shopping is easy and relatively risk-free. It’s always best to buy direct from the factory either online or in store.

Then again, there is something to trying out a mattress in-store. So why not do both?

At Banner Mattress, we’ve always supported folks who wanted to do their research online and then come into our showrooms to make the final purchase. This is why we have both an extensive digital library filled with articles and eBooks and showrooms in Southern California, supported by teams of sleep experts.

Once you are ready to see the beds in-person, use our tool to find the Banner Mattress showroom nearest you, or find exactly what you need in our online store.

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