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How To Get A Free Mattress From Amazon: 4 Easy Tips

Receiving free stuff from Amazon may sound too good to be true, but acquiring a mattress from the company without a dime is possible. So how to get a free mattress from Amazon?

We might clear it out at first that there is no such thing as getting free stuff from Amazon, yet a mattress. The truth is that you can have some experience using the item for a while but you can still possess it. And now we will go through some tricks you can try to have a “ free mattress from Amazon”, of course, not for a great deal of time.

Can I get a free mattress from Amazon?

We might clear it out at first that there is no such thing as getting free stuff from Amazon, let alone a mattress. The truth is that you can have some experience using the item for a while but you can still possess it. In this post, we will go through some tricks for experiencing free products without paying, of course, not for a great deal of time.

How to obtain a costless mattress through Amazon

Amazon offers tight policies on protecting consumers. You can base on this offer to use a mattress or any other product for free. But keep in mind that “the cheapest is the dearest”. Things that you get for free will not be as good as things that you pay for. That says you won’t be able to use it comfortably as your property.

And the process of changing your bulky mattress will be the most annoying that you ever experience. But it might be useful to give the foam mattress back and get the money back for some time. For example, when you want to just experience and have no intention of buying one more in your house; or when you want the extra mattress to serve your valuable guests staying in your house.

Now we will go through the process of the only way you can get a free mattress from Amazon: returning and refunding.

Returning A Mattress To Amazon

You can return your new memory foam mattress for a full refund or store credit at no extra cost within the first 100 days. The bed can be returned within a specific time frame. If your mattress is still in good shape, contact the vendor for the return process’ specific details.

Many sellers will strictly adhere to Amazon’s return policy, while others are free to set up their regulations for the refund process. Due to this, before returning a mattress, check the store’s return policy to be sure you are protected. It’s a good idea to inquire about returns directly with the brands.

On the other hand, you must also stick to the company’s policy to ensure what you do is correct and appropriate. Details are in the Returns Center or by clicking the “Return or Replace Item” button beside the information about your first order (you must select “Heavy-Bulk” for your mattresses).

Remember to repack your mattress into its original box before resending it using the UPS service (or another viable method). It’s smoother for Amazon to offer you a return label this way.

Check the entire return policy before committing. In most cases, if the mattress is damaged, you will receive a refund, yet you’ll have to return a bed should it be too expensive.

However, we don’t recommend you take advantage of this method more than once, this should just be a trick to get a free trial when you are not sure whether to buy it. Getting an eternal quality product is always better than the on-and-off process of purchasing and returning.

Amazon Mattress Return Policy

As seen on its return policy, you have 100 days from the date you received the mattress to send it back (not the date of purchase). Instead of reaching the retailers’ offices or stores, the return process can be done quickly from home.

But even when you’ve been reinstated, you may not have complete control. It’s vital that you strictly stick to the instructions given by your mattress supplier.

Mattresses in their original packaging, unused, are acceptable for return. In contrast, ones that have been unboxed, expanded, or full size are not returnable but are still subject to refund.

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Obtain Amazon membership to have a free trial

Buyers can obtain the no-cost mattress from Amazon by registering with Amazon Prime and have a full refund directly from the company.

Having an Amazon Prime membership card or account is the first step to earning the discount.

Becoming a member is a must by signing up. Once complete, you’ll be taken immediately to your shopping cart, where you can view all order details and take the trial items you like. You can place all orders swiftly and get your product more quickly.

Similarly, after receiving the delivery, ask for the return within just a few days.

You can return it to the company for a full refund instead. You’d better contact the customer service team or the vendors for further details if you have any queries about warranty information.

When the bedding is damaged somehow, Amazon never accepts it, and you need to return your mattress directly to the brands or stores. Follow the route to ensure the product is disposed of in a greenway.

So if you want your money back, better reserve the mattress as new as always.

Ensure The Whole Pack Of Items Is Intact

You must pack everything that came with your mattress before returning it. Wrap your mattress cautiously to guard against damage as it is returned to the seller. Any signs of wear or tear will make it hard to get a refund. Amazon will have a specific carrier to get the item back.

Contact the vendors if you need their criteria clarification about must-have things or other notes before sending them the current one. Also, ask them for the shipment fees. Multiple retailers don’t charge you anything extra when they pick up the mattress from your house, while others do that.

Hence, come upon a brand that suits you with high-rated return policies, which can help you save a ton of cash.

A top-notch option is Purple mattress company. While you’re not pleased about any item from it, return the mattress under their policy. Call the business and ask for a refund.

If you prefer it to your first purchase, wait until the trial ends. Many think Purple’s free trial is an awe-inspiring offer. Many promotional programs available at Purple are worth your consideration.

Key Takeaways

So you knew the tricks, with many brands offering free deals, you can quickly get a free-cost bedding item for occasions by making the most of promotional offers and return policies. Thanks to that, you can apply the same schedule, whether it is budget-friendly or luxurious bedding.

But again, you should resort to this when it’s really necessary. Otherwise, you will become a bad-profiled buyer on Amazon and fall into the blacklist of retailers in no time.

Please help share this informative read with your besties, relatives, and co-workers so they can get a free item accordingly.

Check out this video for more information on how to get free items in addition to the products:


Is it OK to buy a mattress on Amazon?

Yes. A mattress sold on this e-commerce platform is often the same one associated retailers or companies offer on their websites. Indeed, you could be secure about the similar quality with the pleasant transfer service available.

What is an Amazon refund trick?

Many people abuse Amazon’s refund policy to steal money and merchandise. Returning an item at a remarkably lower price than what was posted is a common refund technique. Some also use the gift card refund method to get refunds without being identified. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow trickers to get refunds at all costs.

Does Amazon take back opened mattresses?

No. Full-size, unrolled, and unboxed mattresses can’t be returned, yet they are eligible for a refund.

How do I return a zinus mattress to Amazon?

Amazon accepts 30-day returns on Zinus mattresses, and you’ll need the mattress’ intact packaging. Contact its support service to return. Provide a snapshot of the product’s state and serial number. Amazon will send a prepaid shipping label once you are inside the return window and the product is eligible. The company will check the mattress and fully refund you if it is unused and unbroken.

How many times can I return a mattress on Amazon?

There is no exact information about how many times to give back a bed. As stated, you can request a return for any reason within 100 days of receipt of shipment. In such cases, contact the brands or companies directly for more details if needed. They will do their best to protect your privileges.

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