How To Clean Mattress Without Vacuum: 4 Helpful Hacks

Using a vacuum can seem like a daunting task. But, with the right tools and techniques, cleaning mattresses turns out to be an easy task. Follow us to know some effective methods to clean a mattress without vacuum.

Alternative Methods To Clean Mattress Without Using Vacuum

Cleaning mattresses without using a vacuum can be time-consuming. However, by following these alternative methods to help you spend less time on cleaning.

Method 1: Beating and thumping

Step 1: Removing all the bedding from your mattress

Step 2: Take your mattress outside or to a large open area where you have space to move freely

Step 3: Firmly beat the surface with a broom or similar object. This technique aims to remove any dust and debris trapped inside the mattress fibers.

Step 4: Repeat the beating technique on the other side.

Step 5: After beating, thump the mattress surface with a firm item such as a tennis racket or a paddle to remove any remaining dirt or particles.

This method is suitable for people who have access to outdoor space where they can freely move the mattress and those who don’t mind a bit of physical activity. It is ideal for individuals seeking a thorough, deep clean without using chemicals.

Method 2: Spot cleaning

Step 1: Spot any visible stains or spills on the mattress

Step 2: Mixing warm water with a small amount of mild liquid detergent to create a solution

Step 3: Dip a clean, white rag/cloth into the solution available. Then wring out excess moisture and blot the affected area. Remember to avoid saturating the mattress too much.

Step 4: Continue blotting until the stain is eliminated. To get rid of any soapy residue on the mattress, rinse the cloth or sponge with clean water and blot the area again.

Step 5: Let the mattress air dry completely before putting the bedding back on the frame.

Spot cleaning is suitable for individuals who need to address specific stains or spills rather than cleaning the entire mattress. It is perfect for those who do not have outdoor space and prefer to clean the mattress indoors with minimal disruption.

Method 3: Using baking soda

Step 1: Sprinkle baking soda on your bed. 

Step 2: Leave the baking soda for at least one hour (but the longer, the better). There is nothing better than a dose of sunshine and fresh air to speed up the cleaning process. Besides, sunlight will help to prevent bacteria from growing on the surface of your bed. 

Step 3: After at least 2 hours, wipe the mattress with a dry, color-free cloth or a hand brush to remove all traces of baking soda.

Baking soda is a low-effort way to refresh their mattress, suitable for people looking for a simple. It is ideal for those who want to deodorize their mattress effectively without using harsh chemicals and prefer a method that does not require a lot of physical activity.

Expert Tips

Here are several handful tips to remember before cleaning. You should follow these tips to protect your mattress better and extend its lifespan: 

  • Before applying any cleaning products to your mattress, always read the manufacturer’s instructions. Using harsh cleaners and substances might permanently ruin your bed and be dangerous to your health.
  • Use clean, white rags/cloths for fabric cleaning to avoid dye transfer that could ruin your mattress.
  • Let baking soda or other cleaning solutions sit for several hours before wiping them out. Then, let the mattress air dry before putting the bedding back on the bed frame. To speed up the cleaning procedure, you can use a fan put near the affected spot. 
  • Using a mattress protector to help it is completely washable and provides a physical barrier against allergens, moisture, dust mites, mold, and more. 

Bottom Line

Generally, our guide helps you find useful methods on how to clean a mattress without vacuum. You can either beat or thump, spot clean, include baking soda, or deep clean with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and soap. Also, apply our tips to last your mattress over time.