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Zinus Mattress Lawsuit: A Wakeup Call To Zinus Users

Among the numerous brands accused or sued in recent years, Zinus probably came out as the most shocking, as it has always seemed well-received by millions of users worldwide.  The Zinus mattress lawsuit is the latest evidence that one should not always trust five-star ratings and positive customer feedback: everything could be fabricated these days. …

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Casper Mattress Lawsuit: Read This Before Buying

Sleep Soundly Again

Casper is a high-quality all-foam mattress that is ideal for all sleeper types weighing less than 230 pounds, particularly combo sleepers. It also has a pleasant, neutral-foam texture that most people seem to prefer. Despite its reputation, a Casper mattress lawsuit took place in 2016. The Casper firm has sued three popular mattress review websites….

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Vibe Mattress Lawsuit: Does It Exist?

Despite being released a long time ago, Vibe’s controversy is as fresh as new: the brand is constantly on fire as people keep spreading not-so-positive rumors about its quality.  With such a questionable reputation, are there previous records of any Vibe mattress lawsuits, and how does the brand manage such situations? Our inclusive guides have…

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Purple Mattress Lawsuit: What Unfurled Behind The Scene?

Mattress users have been overwhelmed with successive lawsuit news against famous brands – and Purple has been one of the latest names to join the madness.  However, unlike other cases, the Purple mattress lawsuit is a bit complex, with both sides fighting viciously. So who was right? How did this infamous battle end? Scroll through…

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Nectar Mattress Lawsuit: What’s Behind The Truth?


It was a difficult time for Nectar users as the Nectar mattress lawsuit went on. Who would have thought their beloved brand had been involved in such a serious scandal?  Nevertheless, a look back at past customer reviews reveals the brand’s negative feedback and thousands of questions about its origin over the years. This article will explore…

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Avocado Mattress Lawsuit: Why Did It Happened?

avocado mattress lawsuit

Almost all big websites include a screen reader for users to utilize if needed. Yet, the Avocado mattress’s website doesn’t.  We cannot deny it causes a lot of inconveniences for the disabled. This is the main reason for the Avocado mattress lawsuit.  This article will provide the details of the lawsuit and other related information. Read until the…

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Molblly Mattress Lawsuit: Is There a Molblly Mattress Lawsuit?

molbly lawsuit matress 1

Madness has wrecked our mattress community in recent years: even giant, long-standing corporations faced legal punishments due to downgraded qualities.  As a result, Mobblly customers cannot help but worry about their beloved brand: Is there a Molblly mattress lawsuit currently pending, too? And if yes, what is it about?  Our professionals have spent a lot of time…

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Ashley Mattress Lawsuit: The Truth Revealed

There are mixed opinions whenever the topic of Ashley Furniture is brought up; some are delighted at the brand’s low price tags, while others feel wary of possible dangers and toxic substances that might lurk in their products.  People have a valid reason to be on edge, though: the famous Ashley Furniture mattress lawsuit is…

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