Are Novaform Mattresses Toxic? (Safety Certified Answer)

Before buying a mattress from Novaform brand, I believe that you will consider: “Are Novaform mattresses toxic?”. Of course, one important factor before buying a product is safety.

This article aims to shed light on the topic and provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential toxicity of Novaform mattresses. By examining safety standards and expert insights, I will try to provide general reviews to make an informed decision.

Are Novaform Mattresses Toxic? 

Luckily, all Novaform mattresses are free of toxins, metals, and flame-retardant chemicals. Their memory foam has the CertiPUR-US certification. Therefore, this mattress brand contains no harmful chemicals and emits less volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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What Is Inside A Novaform Mattress?

A Novaform memory foam mattress has 3 layers: A high-density polyfoam core, a breathable air-channel foam layer, and a gel memory foam layer. A gel memory foam mattress helps relieve pressure points while drawing heat away from the body. Meanwhile, the air-channel foam layer is created to enhance air circulation and also aids in keeping the mattress cool. The high-density foam layer can assist spinal alignment and provide a firm foundation for the mattress.

The ComfortGrande Plus model of Novaform feels mid-firm in texture. It might be more affordable than other foam mattresses in terms of price. According to our survey of over 300 mattresses, a queen-size foam mattress costs an average of $2,057. At the same time, the ComfortGrande Plus was just roughly $599 when our data was collected.


Most Novaform mattress has a medium-firm level. This firmness is recommended for many types of sleepers such as side sleepers, stomach sleepers, or even stomach sleepers who might enjoy this medium feeling. It also promotes back support thanks to the memory foam composition balancing cushion, pressure relief, and comfort.


14 inches is the height of the ComfortGrande Plus Novaform mattress. Next, an 8-inch of memory foam base provides stability and support at the bottom. 3-inch of support foam with air channels for ventilation is placed on top of that. And the last is a 3-inch memory foam comfort layer with gel infusion that provides cushioning and cooling on top of the mattress.

Transfer of motion

memory foam mattress can offer better motion isolation than an innerspring or hybrid mattress. For example, the ComfortGrande Plus Novaform mattress has many layers of memory foam to prevent motion transfer and absorb movement so you won’t feel your partner move, and enjoy sleep comfortably.

Edge support

This type of Novaform mattress often doesn’t have enough edge support as hybrid or innerspring alternatives, even if the ComfortGrande Plus mattress includes an extensive foundation layer of foam for durability. Because memory foam sinks under weight, those who sleep close to the edge of the mattress might not feel as supported.


This mattress is created with greater cooling capabilities thanks to the gel-infused memory foam, air channel foam, and quilted mattress cover according to some online reviews. An all-foam mattress may not be appealing to hot sleepers, either, as memory foam mattresses are known to trap heat.

Pressure relief

The top layer is made of memory foam to adjust the full body to ease the pressure. Lightweight and side sleepers who prefer to sink into the mattress at pressure spots like the hips and shoulders may find this appealing. But heavier people or back and stomach sleepers might choose a firmer mattress built with greater support.

Can You Buy Novaform Mattresses In Costco?

Yes, Costco is the only retailer of all Novaform mattresses, both online and in stores. However, you must have a Costco membership card to buy their products from a Costco warehouse. 

Depending on the type of membership you select, there is an annual cost of either $60 or $120. If your home is within 50 miles of a Costco warehouse, they will transport the mattress-in-a-box type to your door. But, you must pay an extra shipping charge for orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Your new mattress’ setup is not part of the delivery.


In conclusion, there is a fact that Novaform mattresses are not toxic or harmful to users. Based on available information, they are safe and free from toxic materials as their mattresses often meet CertiPUR-US® certification. So, let’s buy the best mattress for your bedroom on the website of Novaform or Amazon without worry health problems.