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Sealy Chill Cocoon vs. Loona: Which Mattress Fits Your Sleep Needs?

Sealy Chill Cocoon vs. Loona: Which Mattress Fits Your Sleep Needs?

Looking for mattress alternatives to Sealy’s Chill? Or are you conducting a thorough bed-in-a-box comparison? Just remember that not all beds are created the same. Some companies will try to sell you on what should make for a great bed, while others put more effort into actually making one.

Loona Mattress VS Sealy Chill Cocoon

At the end of the day, comfort matters more than hype. So you’ll want to choose a mattress carefully, and find one that delivers on its promises. We’re here to help you with that decision.

Sealy Chill Cocoon vs. Loona: Get Past the Name

Let's compare:

Sealy Chill Cocoon Mattress

The Cocoon mattress is another of national brand Sealy’s forays into the memory foam mattress market. They make both a soft and firm version. Despite the name and the branding, it’s construction turns out to be much the same as other 10” memory foam mattresses on the market today.

Loona Mattress

Loona is the outcome of much engineering research in the design room at Banner Mattress, which has manufactured and sold mattresses for over 90 years. The 10” mattress consists of a Phase Change Materials cover construction on the outside but takes advantage of modern layers to offer top to bottom responsive and supportive comfort.

Heard Enough?



A Side-by-Side Comparison: Loona vs. Sealy Chill Cocoon*

Mattress Construction

Mattress construction is critical for getting a good night’s sleep. Compare Loona’s decades of engineering with that of the most recent Sealy Chill bed:

Height 10” height total 10” height total
Layers Fabric Cover
2” Memory Foam
2” “Comfort Foam”
6” Supportive Base Foam
Cooling Fabric Covering
3lb Responsive Memory Foam
4lb Cooling Gel Memory Foam
Supportive Base Foam
Resulting Firmness Various by model/year Medium Firmness

Warranty and Trial Periods

A longer trial period and warranty gives you the comfort and peace of mind of letting your body determine which mattress is right for you. Compare Loona vs. Sealy Chill Cocoon:

Warranty 10 years* 15 years
Trial Period 100 nights 120 nights
Free-Return Period Unknown 120 nights
Shipping Free Free

*Some user reviews stated that the warranty on Sealy Chill beds was not offered if the bed is purchased through Amazon.


Mattress components and design can have an affect on prices and affordability. Compare Loona’s price efficiency to Sealy’s:

Twin $549 $499
Twin XL $599 $499
Full $799 $699
Queen $949 $799
King $1,149 $979
California King $1,149 $979

*Last updated December 2017

Other Reviews Say, “Be Careful”

While many reviewers appear to be satisfied with their Sealy Chill bed, a number of them noted that, with a name like Chill, they expected the mattress to sleep much cooler. On the contrary, the bed itself “sleeps hot,” reflecting much of your body heat back towards you. Other reviewers also noted that the bed sleeps much firmer than they anticipated, even for the “soft” model.

Trust in Yourself, and Try a Loona

Rather than make assumptions based on clever marketing names, we suggest that you take advantage of the full sleep trial to see which mattress is right for you. And we hope that you will save yourself some time and try a Loona first!

Based on our research, Loona mattress sleep cooler and provide a level of firmness that allows for comforting support. There is more thought put into the construction, not to mention more love. Add in the friendlier price tag, and you have all the reason you need to try a Loona first.

Risk-Free for 120 Nights