Spindle Mattress Review: All About A Natural Latex Brand

The Spindle mattress was established in 2013 by a fourth-generation mattress manufacturer. They produce the Spindle mattress by using locally acquired materials. 

If you’re searching for a natural latex mattress, you might want to consider the Spindle as your next purchase. Our Spindle mattress review will show the product’s performance, functionality, and business practices to help you give the best decision.  

Who Is Spindle Mattress Best For? 

  • Side sleepers: These sleepers whose firmness choices may fluctuate over time will find the Spindle mattress an excellent option. You can move the mattress’s three layers as your sleeping preferences vary.
  • Hot sleepers: Its latex construction is absorbent so the Spindle mattress won’t hold in heat. It keeps a cool feeling during sleep.
  • Allergies sufferers: This mattress’ latex is all-natural and free of any chemicals that might be present in mattresses of other varieties
  • Back sleepers: Natural latex used in Spindle mattresses offers responsive comfort layers that adapt to your body’s movements and promote proper spinal alignment.
  • Couples:  Although the structure’s responsiveness will be great for changing positions, it implies that you’ll probably feel your partner’s every toss and turn.

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Who Is Spindle Mattress Not Recommended For?

  • Heavy sleepers: Although they don’t specify a weight limit, the business does make a product recommendation for people with a BMI of 30 or higher. 
  • Tight budget: The Spindle might not be for you if you’re seeking a cheap mattress and want to save some cash. Since the latex is made naturally, it is fairly pricey.
  • Soft feel offer: Unlike memory foam mattresses, Spindle mattresses have a firmer sensation since they are constructed of natural latex.
  • Extra edge support: Spindle mattresses could not offer as strong enough edge support as mattresses with reinforced edges.

Spindle Mattress: Sizes And Prices 

Spindle mattress has decided against manufacturing Cal kings. Adding the extra 4″ needed for a Cal king latex block must be glued to the head or foot of a king-size layer. 

Since the longest molds are only 80, this is true for most latex. The table of sizes and prices offered by this mattress provider may be found below.

SizesDimensionsPrices ($)
Twin38 x 75$1,599
Twin XL38 x 80$1,599
Full53 x 75$2,299
Queen60 x 80$2,499
King76 x 80$2,999

Spindle Mattress: Firmness Level 

Two firmness levels are available for the Spindle mattress: Medium-firm and Firm. 

On the firmness ranking, this mattress received a 6/10 when placed in the medium firm. The firmer option also marked around 7/10.

Spindle Mattress: Performance 

Below, you can see how we arrived at Spindle’s performance.

Motion isolation

On the Spindle mattress, motion transfer was surprisingly minimal. Although we don’t observe it here, natural latex normally has a higher level of motion transfer.

Because of its lower bounce, this mattress shouldn’t transmit motion nearly as much as a regular innerspring mattress. Latex and luxurious wool quilting absorb much impact, relaxing you comfortably. 

Pressure relief

Compared to certain latex models, the stiffness settings from Spindle provide better pressure alleviation. The three latex layers conform to the sleeper’s body to disperse weight and lessen pressure. 

Although the Spindle mattress offers little sinkage, it nonetheless provides strong transitional support. It aids in striking a balance between firm support and comfortable pressure relief.

Slimmer or lighter people prefer a softer arrangement so their shoulders can sink into the latex. A stiffer structure may benefit heavier people so their shoulders and hips don’t sink too much.

Temperature control

The Spindle mattress performs well in terms of cooling. Even the warmest sleepers can be comfortable and dry throughout the night thanks to the Spindle’s excellent moisture wicking and ability to regulate body temperature. 

The latex layers are perforated for enhanced ventilation, and the mattress cover is constructed of naturally moisture-wicking wool batting. Fortunately, you would not be concerned about overheating on the Spindle mattress. 

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Edge support

There are no specific characteristics that the Spindle latex mattress promises would improve edge support. The Spindle mattress’ medium version offers comparable edge support to many latex versions. 

On the sides of this bed, sleepers should feel safe and unconcerned about rolling off.

Most individuals won’t have a problem with this, but if you want to share a small mattress or sleep close to the edge of the bed, you should be aware of it. Consider upgrading from a queen size to a king size if you share your bed.


The Spindle serves as a bed-in-a-box mattress. Therefore, it must be unboxed at home after it arrives compressed. The Spindle will stink when it is first taken out of the box. However, this odor should be extremely faint and disappear rapidly.

For individuals who are sensitive to odor, particularly natural latex smell , we do not suggest it!

Spindle Mattress: Construction

With 100% natural latex, the Spindle latex mattress comprises three layers:

  • 3″ Dunlop latex: That is 100% natural, which you place inside the cover.
  • 3” of medium natural latex foam: This layer make up the top layer and gives the mattress plenty of pressure alleviation. 
  • Extra 3” medium natural latex foam: Makes up the second layer. 
  • 3” firm natural latex foam: It forms the base layer and serves as a support base.

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Spindle mattress cover covers 3 layers

Spindle Mattress: Body Type & Weight 

The Spindle owners are open about the fact that the mattress won’t be suitable for those weighing more than 250 pounds because it doesn’t provide adequate support or enough pressure relief for people with small frames. 

The light sleepers should feel adequately supported but may experience some hip sinkage. In the meanwhile, side sleepers of normal weight might be content here. 

Spindle Mattress Company Policy

  • Warranty: Spindle offer a 10-year guarantee and  25-year comfort life program, which allows you to upgrade your mattress at any time at a 30% discount.

For clients in the 48 contiguous states, Spindle will repair or substitute materials with qualifying structural flaws at no charge.

  • Trial Period: The brand offers a 365-night trial period. It far exceeds the industry’s standard of 100 nights. 
  • Shipping/Delivery Fees: Shipping fees for the Spindle will be free. Around the United States and Canada can be shipped. 


The Spindle is a fantastic deal for people who love the bounce and resiliency this high-quality mattress provides. After reading our Spindle mattress review, we hope you can select the best Spindle model mattress that best meets your requirements.