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Standard Mattress Sizes - Your Definitive Guide

Standard Mattress Sizes - Your Definitive Guide

Everyone knows that mattresses come in different sizes. But, when you are buying a mattress (and especially if you are buying a mattress online) it is important to know what, exactly, you are buying. For example, we’ve had people ask us:

  • Will a king size bed fit into my (small) bedroom?

  • Do I need to upgrade to a king size bed if I have a family?

  • Is a twin big enough for my teenager, or should I look at a full? Or a queen?

To answer questions like these, you need to know the exact dimensions of the mattress you are buying. Mattresses sizes determine bed sizes, and bed sizes must match both the room and your sleeping needs.

Standard Mattress Sizes*

Most mattresses are sold in one of these standard sizes:

Twin Size Mattress

Width: 39 in x  Length: 74 in

(97 cm × 191 cm)

Twin Extra Long (XL) Size Mattress

Width: 39 in x  Length: 80 in

(97 cm × 203 cm)

Full Size Mattress

(also known as a double)

Width: 54 in x  Length: 74 in

(137 cm × 191 cm)

Queen Size Mattress

Width: 60 in x  Length: 80 in

(152 cm × 203 cm)

King Size Mattress

Width: 76 in x  Length: 80 in

(193 cm × 203 cm)

California King Size Mattress

Width: 72 in x  Length: 84 in

(183 cm × 213 cm)

*Note that these dimensions are for mattresses typically sold in the U.S. and Canada. Mattresses sold internationally may have different size standards, and might even go by different names.These sizes are approximate due to the handcrafted nature of most mattresses.  They may vary up to dimension up to 1"1/2 inches.

Which Size Mattress Do You Need?

Many people assume that the bigger the bed, the better. This is not necessarily the case. The mattress you buy should fit your bedroom space while still leaving room to move and access everything else in the room. Sometimes, a larger bed is “overkill” it has more space than is needed for a comfortable sleep.

Here are sizes and typical uses for each:

Twin Bed Mattress Dimensions

39” x 74”. A Twin size mattress is specifically made to sleep one person. They tend to be a good choice for children, especially ones graduating from child beds or crib mattresses. Teens and adults, who tend to be taller, often opt for a Twin XL bed.

Twin XL Bed Mattresses Dimensions

39” x 80”. The extra 6” in a Twin XL size mattress might not seem like much, but it does provide extra comfort for adults and teens who feel cramped by a standard twin bed. For this reason, Twin XLs are popular in college dorms. Note that Twin XL beds require Twin XL sheets; Twin sheets will be too short to fit properly!

Full Bed Mattress Dimensions

54” x 74”. A Full size mattress, also sometimes called double beds, allow a little more room than twin beds, though not as much as a queen. Most couples find a full bed too small for two grown adults. Taller people may also find them cramped. That said, this mattress is a popular choice for families with growing children.

Queen Bed Mattress Dimensions

60” x 80”. With a Queen size mattress, we start moving into beds that are suitable for more than one sleeper. Queen size beds are wider and longer than full size beds, allowing two adults to sleep comfortable (though closely). Queen beds are the most popular size of bed sold today.

King Bed Mattress Dimensions

76” x 80”. A King size mattress is popular for couples who want a fair amount of personal sleeping space.  This kind of bed is great if you have children or pets who like to “join” you in bed. Though most kings are 76” long, some are a little shorter (around 73”) so be sure to look at the exact dimensions when you buy. Also be aware that a king size bed is different from a California King size bed, which is narrower and longer. (Sometimes people will call a King bed an “Eastern King” size bed to note the difference.)

California King Bed Mattress Dimensions

72” x 84”. The California King size mattress has had such popularity in recent years that most mattress manufacturers now consider it a standard size as well.  At 84” long, a California King bed provides plenty of extra room for tall people or for pets who like to sleep at the foot of the bed. The additional length also makes it a good choice for adjustable beds, since there is plenty of space to adjust the foot, middle, and head independently. A California King mattress is, however, a bit narrower than a standard King size bed.

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Other Mattress Sizes to Be Aware Of

Besides the standard sizes, there are a number of “non-standard” sizes that are becoming popular. They may well suit your needs. But be careful – because they are not standard sizes, there may be a bit more variation in their actual dimensions. Be sure to get the dimensions of the mattress before you buy, and make sure it will fit your space:

  • Crib size (27 1/4” x 51 5/8” minimum, but every crib is different.)

  • Twin XXL size (roughly 39" x 85")

  • Olympic Queen size (66” × 80”)

  • Expanded Queen (66” × 80”)

  • California queen size (60" x 84")

  • Super King size or “Texas” King size (80” x 98”)

For over 90 years, Banner Mattress has been providing factory-direct mattresses straight to you, the consumer. Through our elimination of the middleman, we are able to provide you with quality products all while saving you money. As a manufacturer, our Banner Mattress team of professionals can build any special size and shaped mattresses for any uniquely designed spaces and to fit your individual sleep needs. Find the nearest Banner Mattress location to learn more!

Stuck Deciding on a Mattress Size?

Most people stick with a mattress size that they are currently sleeping on when buying a new bed. But there might be times when you need to consider “upgrading” to a different size–for example, when you get married and plan on sharing a bed, or when your children grow.

So, if you are looking to buy a bed that is a different size from your current one, consider:

  • Your need for personal sleeping space. Naturally, a King size bed will give you the most sleeping space. But you might not need all that space when sleeping. More important is that your bed fits….

  • The space in the room. Obviously, the larger your room, the larger the bed it can accommodate. Before shopping for a mattress, measure your room. Then allow at least two feet of “walk space” around each edge of the bed that will not be against a wall.

  • Sleep style. Do you tend to toss and turn at night? A larger bed will give you room to do so. Balance this against your need to easily navigate the room.

  • Installation and moving. If you like to re-arrange the room periodically, moving the bed becomes a factor. Smaller beds are more easily moved. Larger beds, not so much. Indeed, a King size bed or a California King size bed will pretty much stay put once you have it in your room.

Find the Right Mattress in the Right Size at Banner Mattress

If you have more questions about mattress sizes and materials, we invite you to explore our products online and stop by any Banner Mattress locations to talk with our sleep experts. With over 90 years of mattress experience, we can help you find the mattress that fits your every sleep need.

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