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Does Allswell Mattress Have Fiberglass? The Revelation

Imagine spending a fortune on mattresses you thought were high-quality, only to find out they are littered with fiberglass. How horrendous! 

Does Allswell mattress have fiberglass? It’s time to address this issue once and for all. Brace yourself for our upcoming answer. 

Does Allswell Mattress Have Fiberglass? 

Is there any fiberglass that could endanger your pets or children? The answer is yes.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. We dread revealing this unsettling fact to you, but as a customer, it’s your right to learn the truth. 

How Much Fiberglass Can You Find In Allswell Mattresses?  

Most Allswell Regular and Original mattresses are reported to contain fiberglass beneath their covers, whose ratio is about 8–10% of the total construction. 

Some may argue that they are not big numbers. But trust us: even 1% is enough to wreak havoc, let alone a whopping 10%!

Fiberglass detection on other Allswells models (Luxe Hybrid and Supreme) is rarer, so it’s difficult to estimate a number for their fiberglass ratio. 

As per federal laws, every mattress-selling brand in the U.S. must incorporate certain levels of flame retardants to keep fire accidents at bay. 

Since these regulations are mandatory, there’s no way to work around them; also, other anti-flame materials (ex: cotton, latex, wool, or other organic substances) are costly. 

Thus, brands like Allswell opt for fiberglass instead to save their budgets.

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Are Allswell Fiberglass Mattresses Unsafe? 

The answer is yes! We cannot even begin to tell you how fiberglass will threaten the safety of both you and other family members.

Skin Irritation

Once your skin touches the fiberglass, itchiness and irritation will only be a matter of time. More severe cases might bring worse reactions like welts or rashes, especially if your body is sensitive. 

Lung Damage

Fiberglass invading the lungs causes inflammation and irritation, which, over time, will turn into respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma.

House Contamination

Do you think that fiberglass on mattresses only impacts the bed itself? Sadly, this tiny piece of fiberglass will become airborne, contaminating the entire residence.

Imagine if you have pets or small kids. Even an adult can develop skin and lung diseases, let alone your children! Your best bet is to move them out immediately. 

Clothing Contamination

Naturally, fiberglass sticking to the mattress will eventually find its way to your sleeping clothes or pajamas, too. 

By washing these dirty textiles, the washing machine filters, drums, etc., also get contaminated during the process, staining all your other clothes every time you use your washing machine. 

What Should You Do To Ensure Your Safety?

We strongly suggest getting rid of this Allswell bed and finding other models with lower contamination likelihoods (the Allswells Supreme one, for instance). 

But if you cannot afford a new mattress at this point or the issue has not grown that serious, remove the fiberglass. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Step 1. Wear gloves, respirators, goggles, (and even a protective suit if you have one) to sidestep any adverse effects. This step is especially crucial if you already have a medical history of respiratory problems.

         And turn your AC off, too. 

  • Step 2. Identify where the fiberglass is leaking from – down to its very root. Cleaning the surface alone is never enough since they will keep escaping that hole. 
  • Step 3. Seal the holes with zipped encasements or your other preferred tools. 

About Allswell Mattress

What is so special about Allswell Mattress? Motion isolation is one of them.

What Is Special About Allswell Mattresses?

Allswell, a new bedding company funded by Walmart [1], has become well-favored in recent years. Besides mattresses, the company also distributes other related products (ex: bed and bath linens, mattress toppers, etc.). 

All its hybrid mattresses offer a great upfront price that gradually increases in correlation with the layers’ comfort, thickness, and quality. 

Their impressive density (10 inches) combines pocketed coils and memory foam to lend a balanced, cozy feel that is suited for various sleeper types. 

Though their safety is still under debate, here are a few reasons why Allswell mattresses always rack up sales:

  • Motion Isolation

Allswell’s motion isolation is quite formidable when pitched against other hybrid mattresses. 

As their coils are wrapped individually, they limit the motion levels spread throughout the bed, unlike innerspring mattresses or substandard hybrids from other less-famous brands.

In normal cases, the memory foam enjoys a local conformity that brings slow responses to motion-transfer pressures. 

Allswell differs from other hybrids in that their comfort layers are relatively thin, allowing them to absorb very little motion. That’s good news for bed-sharing partners; your small movements cannot wake them up! 

Yet, some light sleepers might still prefer all-foam hybrids or mattresses with denser comfort layers.

  • Temperature Control

Average sleepers would find it easy to sleep cool with Allswell mattresses. Regular hybrids (not just Allswell ones) have always been recognized for their temperature neutrality. 

After all, these mattresses let the heat flow through the coil layers rather than staying trapped underneath the mattress. 

Even better, Allswells offer a firm surface to ensure sleepers sleep “on” their mattresses, resulting in much less heat around their bodies.  

The brand even infuses copper gel and charcoal with the memory foam to improve its temperature neutrality further. They work together to remove heat from your body, avoiding the all-too-common issue with most foam mattresses: hot sleeping. 

  • Edge Support

Customers are pleased with Allswell’s exceptional edge support, attributed to the high-gauge coils installed on both bed sizes.

Whether you are resting near the bed’s edge or getting in/out of your mattress, you will find such designs extremely convenient. 

People with small bedrooms will be delighted with these Allswell products, as sturdy-edge beds can double as both a seat and a sleeping spot. 

Not to mention, bed partners can occupy their respective full mattress sides without crowding in the middle.   

  • Movement Ease

Since Allswells offer firm surfaces, movements across the mattresses are seamless. Average combination sleepers will barely have any trouble changing their sleeping poses during the night.

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What Are The Most Popular Allswell Products?

Allswell offers a variety of popular bedding and mattress products.

Luxe Hybrids

This model utilizes hybrid designs that mix two foam layers with pocketed coils. At 12 inches in density, its price falls between Allswell’s regular and supreme versions. 

Great for:

  • Anyone sensitive to overheating
  • Value-minded buyers
  • Sleepers with dissimilar position preferences

Might not suit: 

  • Side sleepers under 135 pounds. The sink level is not enough for them to enjoy great pressure relief and contouring features.
  • People who like mattresses with better “hugs.” This Luxe Hybrid model might be a bit firm for them.


As Allswell’s highest-quality option, the Supreme comes with a rather demanding price tag. It consists of four main premium layers, including:

  • Euro-styled pillow tops
  • Memory comfort layers (laced with copper gel and graphite)
  • Energex transition foam layers
  • Pocketed coil cores

In some cases, additional deep sheets are also required. 

Great for:

  • Stomach and back sleepers
  • Tight-budget shoppers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples

Drawbacks to consider:

  • Firmer surfaces might lead to pressure points
  • Its motion isolation is less impressive than other Allswell mattresses
  • No close conformity like typical memory foam products. 

Other Things You Should Do When Buying An Allswell Mattress 

Other things to do when buying the mattress include unboxing it before placing it.

Step 1. Unbox the mattress before placing it at your bed’s end. You can do it by yourself, but having a second helping hand will be great.

Step 2. Cut the first plastic layer carefully open and place your mattress the right way (the logo for the Allswell brand should be near the bed’s foot). After that, continue cutting the remaining layer.

Step 3. Let it expand fully. Inflation should occur within minutes, but we suggest waiting 48 hours for the mattress to reach its maximum height.

Step 4. Dress the bed with duvets, coverlets, sheets, or whatever you want! Most importantly, do not forget to check whether there is fiberglass underneath. 


Does Allswell mattress have fiberglass? Though most readers will certainly not like our answer, “yes,” there are at least some safety and fix tips you can take to avoid further damage. Keep them in mind! 


Why are Allswells cheap?

They are about an inch shorter than other hybrids. As flame retardants, they also use fiberglass, a very cheap material! 

Is Allswells great for back pain?

Yes, especially the Supreme and Luxe versions and their added layers.

Should you flip your Allswells mattresses?

No. These mattresses arrive with bottom support layers and comfort tops; flipping them all over will mess up the entire design. But rotating them is fine.


  1. Walmart. Introducing Allswell: New Digital Home Brand Featuring Luxe Collection of Mattresses and Curated Bedding. Retrieved from
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