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Naturepedic Mattress Review: What To Know About?

Buying a Naturepedic mattress sounds simple, but it will be quite time-consuming. It will directly affect your sleep quality and health, so the investment decision is also considered. That’s why you need a Naturepedic mattress review.

Products from this brand are quite expensive, so you should know some pointers to pick the best one for a long-term investment.

Who Is Naturepedic Mattress Best For? 

The product from Naturepedic is ideal for:

  • Stomach sleepers: These sleepers prefer a higher level of firmness
  • Couples: The Naturepedic firmness level help reduce movement transfer that ideal for couples or sharing sleepers
  • Hot sleepers: Its organic layer and breathable materials support reduce heat and cooling for hot sleepers. 
  • Babies or Infants: Naturepedic has some ideal crib mattress with safe and organic materials that suits for users who have babies
  • Back sleepers: Those who need the support and structure of a hybrid bed but prefer the pressure-relieving benefits of a foam mattress
The products are worth your consideration

Who Is Naturepedic Mattress Not Recommended For? 

Something you may need to consider:

  • Heavy sleepers: Some users who weigh more than 130 pounds, the softer choices might not be supportive enough.
  • Slight sleepers: Individuals under 130 pounds can’t enjoy the pressure relief to the fullest, as they can’t sink in the bed enough.
  • Soft feeling: For some people, the cushioning features of the softer variants of their products may not allow enough ease of motion.
  • Side sleepers: This sleep position might find these beds too hard.

Naturepedic Mattress: Sizes And Prices

Here are the sizes and each prices of Naturepedic mattress offer:

SizesDimensionsPrices ($)
Twin38″ x 75″ x 10″$1,199
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 10″$1,399
Full53″ x 75″ x 10″$1,799
Queen60″ x 80″ x 10″$1,999
King76″ x 80″ x 10″$2,499
California King72″ x 80″ x 10″$2,499

Naturepedic Mattress: Firmness Level 

After rolling around on it, we decided to rate the Naturepedic model firmness as an 8 out of 10. This bed is extremely firm compared to the industry benchmark of 6.5 for medium firmness.

Since stomach sleepers typically like firm structures that push the hips up and out of the mattress, this bed could be especially beneficial. But, side sleepers could discover that the bed is slightly too firm for their needs.

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You can easily choose the firmness based on your need

Naturepedic Mattress: Performance 

We have tested the product during its trial period and decided to continue using it for some benefits it brings, which will be detailed below:

Motion isolation

The mattress of lower firmness level is somewhat springy because of its latex comfort layer and coil core, which may restrict motion transfer. The quilted cover helps to reduce vibrations, and each spring is separately pocketed to limit movement spread. 

Firmer surfaces do not absorb motion. Thus, those who select the extra-firm choice are more likely to be aware of their partner’s movements during the night, which could be problematic for those who are easily startled while they sleep.

Pressure relief 

Pressure relief refers to a bed’s capacity to reduce stress in sensitive areas like the shoulders, lower back, and hips. We will put the item to the test with a pressure map to see how well (or poorly!) it achieves this.

  • Back sleepers: The Naturepedic model was quite cozy against our back. The quilted cover provided some wonderful support in the lumbar area, and we also noticed that our hips were raised perfectly aligned with our shoulders. 
  • Side sleepers: Sadly, we couldn’t enjoy this luxury on our side. This item doesn’t contain any typical foam, so there isn’t much room to sink in for pressure relief around the shoulders and hips. Strict side sleepers may wish to search elsewhere as a result.
  • Stomach sleepers: On our stomach, this product felt amazing! As we described above, it does a great job of positioning the hips directly on top of the bed, which stomach sleepers typically prefer in ultra-firm beds. 

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You will feel great pressure relief when you’re lying on it

Temperature control 

Overall, the fabric’s capacity to retain heat and breathe was lacking. Throughout our tests, we had light to moderate heat retention all over our body.

There was a more noticeable buildup of heat on our back and midsection. Our arms and legs retained less heat, but it was still evident.

The heat dissipation over time:

  • 1 minute: 85.0°F
  • 2 minutes: 83.2°F
  • 3 minutes: 82.2°F
  • 4 minutes: 81.3°F
  • 5 minutes: 81.2°F

Edge support

The edge support of the Naturepedic is helpful for both lying and sitting. We measured 4.5″ of sitting edge compression during our tests for sitting edge support.

Also, a layer of edge support is placed on support coils. This increases the item surface used, enabling users to sleep near or on the bed’s edges comfortably.


Naturepedic products should not emit the VOCs – or the so-called “new mattress” scent – because it is free of harsh chemicals and synthetic foams. The chemical-free and airy design of their items should allow whatever odor it does give off to dissipate fast.

Synthetic foams are the main source of off-gassing smells since they frequently release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during manufacture. Although VOCs are generally not considered to be dangerous, some people may find them annoying.

The new item leaves little to no odor

Naturepedic Mattress: Construction 

The layers of each product are made up of organic wool, organic latex, organic cotton, and individually wrapped coils.

  • Cover Material: Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, PLA
  • Comfort Layer: 3″ Organic Latex
  • Support Core: 8″ Coils, Pocketed

Naturepedic Mattress: Body Type & Weight Capacity 

The weight restriction is 325 pounds for twins size, 450 pounds for fulls, and 550 for queens.

Refer to the king or California king ones if you want a bit more room to stretch out. Given that the coil strength of the king and California king-sized items is equal to that of queen ones, their weight capacity is also 550 pounds.

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Naturepedic Mattress: Company Policy 

  • Warranty: The brand has a 20-year limited warranty that is non-transferable. They will fix or replace damaged parts without cost for the first 10 years of that warranty.
  • Trial period: A 90-night sleep trial is offered with products bought via the official website or authorized retailers.
  • Shipping/Delivery Fees: There is a delivery fee for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadian territories, and Prince Edward Island. AFO/FPO addresses are not presently eligible for Naturepedic shipping.


Based on this Naturepedic mattress review, we can conclude that this brand’s products are worth the investment if you prefer firm to soft mattresses. You can choose the most suitable product depending on your body type, weight, and needs. Remember to try it out and request a return if not satisfied.


  1. What is a Naturepedic mattress made of?

    The Naturepedic Chorus mattress is a healthy, natural option for eco-conscious sleepers. It is constructed with all-natural cotton, wool batting, a special PLA substance derived from plants, and robust pocketed coils.

  2. Are Naturepedic products hypoallergenic?

    No, their products are not allergy-free. The manufacturer never refers to their product as “hypoallergenic” with completely organic materials. Still, the mattress is more naturally derived than other items.

  3. What kind of latex is included in a Naturepedic mattress?

    They use organic Dunlop latex for most of their products. You can rest assured because this is an organic material that is safe for health and allowed to use in this industry.

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This article serves as informational content and is not intended to substitute advice from a medical professional or your doctor.

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