Hi, we are Banner Mattress!

From our inception as a mattress brand in California, Banner Mattress has always been driven by a singular vision: “Transform The Way People Sleep”. Our journey started with a passion for helping individuals find the perfect mattress—a blend of comfort, innovation, and quality.

As we navigated the sleep industry landscape, several factors influenced our decision to rebrand. Firstly, we recognized the evolving needs of consumers who sought not just products, but expert guidance and personalized recommendations tailored to their unique sleep preferences.

Secondly, the decision to rebrand as Banner Mattress was driven by several factors, including a strategic shift to specialize in providing expert guidance and information rather than manufacturing mattresses ourselves. This allows us to focus entirely on understanding our customers’ needs and delivering personalized recommendations for optimal sleep solutions.

Banner Mattress aims to improve sleep through our deep knowledge and field-tested products, drawing on experience in the mattress industry to provide personalized recommendations tailored to enhance your sleep quality.

Our Journey


Banner Mattress is founded in California, establishing a legacy of quality craftsmanship in mattress manufacturing.

1950 – 1960

Banner Mattress expands its footprint across California, gaining recognition for durable and comfortable mattresses.


Focus on innovation introduces new mattress technologies and materials to enhance sleep quality.


Strategic acquisitions and expansions:

  • Acquisition of Elkie & Ark to broaden product offerings and strengthen market presence in the bedding industry.
  • Introduction of new sustainability initiatives and enhanced customer service strategies.
2023 – now

Rebranding initiative launched to modernize the brand’s image and align with contemporary sleep trends and customer preferences.

Till now, We (Banner Mattress) evolve into a comprehensive online brand, offering a curated selection of mattresses, bedding essentials, and personalized sleep solutions. Emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity, the brand continues to redefine the sleep experience.

We know what make a best mattress

Our profound understanding of what makes a great mattress comes from our extensive history in mattress production. Through years of designing and crafting mattresses, we have gained invaluable insights into how materials, construction, and design choices impact sleep comfort and health. This experience allows us to evaluate each element—from the density of foams to the structure of springs—ensuring that we recommend only the best solutions tailored to enhance your sleep journey.

Moreover, Banner Mattress is composed of sleep experts, mattress design researchers, production specialists, and industry veterans. Each member brings a unique set of skills and knowledge, ensuring that we cover every aspect of mattress quality and performance. This diverse expertise enables us to remain at the forefront of mattress innovation and customer satisfaction.

We bring real value

“Banner Mattress understands that a great day starts with a good night’s sleep. Our mission goes beyond selling mattresses—we are dedicated to enhancing your quality of life through improved sleep.”

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Expansion Strategy

Banner Mattress is actively pursuing strategies to significantly expand its customer reach and become a leader in the sleep industry.

This expansion involves strategic partnerships and collaborations that leverage the strengths and resources of other companies.

The partnership exemplifies Banner Mattress’s commitment to combining high-quality resources to enhance offerings.