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(Top 5) Best Round Mattresses in 2023: Your Perfect Choices

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Do you want to change the style of your mattress? You have come to the right place! A round mattress will be an ideal product line to make a meaningful change for your bedroom.

However, there are varied products on the market today, and it can be challenging to choose the best one for you. Here are the top 5 best round mattresses in 2023 that you cannot miss.

Our Top Picks

Round Thick Mattress TopperRound Thick Mattress Topper
Best for Material
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SGI Waterproof MattressSGI Waterproof Mattress
Best for Waterproof
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American Linen MattressAmerican Linen Mattress
Best for Soft
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Round Foam MattressRound Foam Mattress
Best for Thickness
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Mielmoon Round MattressMielmoon Round Mattress
Best for Safety Design
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Why Should You Choose A Round Mattress?

Round mattresses have been popular throughout history and across cultures. They were popular in Western nations as a sign of modernity and luxury in the 1960s and 1970s. Nevertheless, they didn’t take off as a preferred design choice because round beds seem out of the ordinary.

However, due to changes in interior design and increased furniture affordability, more people are becoming interested in round mattresses nowadays. In addition, a round mattress has several advantages, including its beauty as well as the level of comfort it offers. This is due to the fact that a circular form makes it easier for the mind to see it as an unbound shape, which subtly relaxes your body.

Buying Guide

As you know, the mattress is an innovative version and requires some different requirements than traditional mattresses on the market. So, to make your selection process easier, here are a few suggestions we think will be helpful in your round mattress-buying process.


Because of the round shape, you need to pay more attention to the mattress size before choosing the most suitable and perfect one.

Usually, many customers will choose a diameter of about 86 inches for the most comfortable sleeping space. Still, not everyone has the same preferences so you can consider a few reference diameters below this:

  • Double size – 76 inches;
  • Full size – 80 inches;
  • Queen size – 84 inches;
  • King size – 87 inches;
  • California King size- 96 inches.


Next, one of the points you need to pay attention to when choosing one is the mattress material. Usually, there are three primary and popular materials: Memory foam, rubber, and hybrid mattresses.

Memory foam

Usually, gel memory foam will make users love it more because it is pretty adaptable and easily absorb to any temperature. Not only that, this material helps you to enjoy your rest time while reducing stress exceptionally effectively because the foam can hug users’ body and effectively distributes the weight, which often results in efficient tension relief.

Moreover, it can limit movement; it is highly suitable for those who have a habit of sleeping or flipping. Yet, it will make you feel hotter during sleep.


Latex mattresses typically don’t feel constricting since they are adaptable like memory foam but more durable.

Basically, a quality mattress with rubber material will be very sustainable and have a maximum use time of up to 10 years. In addition, mattresses have a foam form, so their elasticity is more effective.

They are more resistant to bacterial invasion because of their lower ability to absorb dust mites than foam. Yet, this material will be more expensive.


Finally, a version with a hybrid of materials, says a combination of gel memory foam and rubber. So you can both enjoy the absolute elasticity and limit the noise when you are constantly moving. In addition, these mattresses will usually have substantial edges and create a feeling of coolness during sleep.

Comfort Level

When it comes to buying circle mattresses, comfort is a key component. Be sure the mattress you select provides the appropriate amount of support and comfort for your body. Examine the mattress before purchasing it and keep things like firmness, thickness, and material in mind.

Top 5 Best Round Mattress In 2023

Surely, just by following the pictures and reviewing the description, you will not be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of round mattress that the article has just mentioned.

So without making you wait too long, here are detailed reviews of the product’s features as well as the pros and cons of the top 5 best round mattresses:

1. Round Thick Mattress Topper – Best for Material

Round Thick Mattress Topper

  • Brand: ZHANG
  • Product Dimensions: 87 x 87 x 10 inches
  • Fill Material: Cotton
  • Type: Cotton and Polyester Fiber
  • Item Weight: 3.3 pounds

Product’s Highlight

ZHANG is the first brand we want to introduce. The Round Thick Mattress Topper product of this brand with a large mattress size of 87 inches in diameter and 10-inch thickness, this mattress fits any round bed frame.

Regarding the material of the mattress, the outer lining is made from cotton and polyester fiber so it is really friendly for health. Its padding only has cotton material and no springs, which makes this mattress topper become the perfect latex mattress protection layer.

Moreover,  because the lining is a natural cotton fabric so this round mattress is extremely comfortable, warm, and breathable. Besides that, elastic 360° wrapping capability helps sleepers not worry about tossing and turning over the long night.

The edges of the round bed frame are meticulously hand-embroidered, so it is both aesthetic and ensures that the cotton does not move and does not clump with memory foam.

This cotton material makes the medium firmness. Moreover, the soft-level support takes care of the skin and avoids causing allergies. The combination of qualities is comfortable and suitable for many sleeping styles, so that is also one point customers need to pay attention to before buying this ZHANG mattress.

However, mattresses are compressed by the manufacturer, so before using them, leave them in the sun for a few hours to restore the thickness to normal.


  • Hand-stitched
  • Perfect protector
  • 360° wrapping capability
  • Breathable, soft material


  • Need to be exposed to the sun before use for maximum thickness

Bottom line

In general, the Round Thick Topper help fully enjoys a good night’s sleep thanks to the highly cotton material. Surely, this product will be the first choice for you in terms of comfort. With the elastic band up to 360 degrees, you will enjoy sleeping all night.

2. SGI Waterproof Mattress – Best for Waterproof

SGI Waterproof Mattress

  • Brand: SGI bedding
  • Product Dimensions: 76 x 76 x 15 inches
  • Fill Material: Terry Cotton
  • Type: Terry Fabric
  • Item Weight: 2.05 pounds
  • Special Features: Shrink-Resistant, Water Proof, Stain Protection, Adjustable, Washable

Product’s Highlight

The continued product that we want to suggest is the SGI Waterproof mattress. This is one of the leading brands in the US. This round mattress is the perfect size with a diameter of 76 inches and 15 inches for mattress thickness.

The highlight feature of its pad mattress is its 100% waterproof ability thanks to the TPU layer and super soft terry cotton material. This TPU layer not only waterproofs the mattress but also protects it from sweat, body fluids, urine, and other accidental spills, great for those with kids, pets, or incontinence.

Plus, thanks to the TPU-friendly mattress protector layer, we can secure that this mattress is very safe for the skin because certificated by an authoritative organization and they have confirmed that it is free of PVC, vinyl, phthalates, flame retardants, and other harmful chemicals.

The durability and softness of terry cotton material, help the SGI round mattress different from the traditional one. Not only waterproof, but it also avoids moisture, dirt, oil, and other types of solids that bring the best comfortable feeling and help the mattress be sustainable over time.


  • 100% terry cotton
  • Waterproof thanks to the TPU layer
  • Free of harmful chemicals.
  • Durable
  • Skin-friendly


  • The actual fabric may not be the same as shown in the picture.

Bottom line

The TPU layer protects the mattress from sweat, body fluids, urine, and other accidental spills. Moreover, this TPU-friendly mattress protector layer is certified by an authoritative organization to be safe for the skin.

3. American Linen Mattress – Best for Soft

American Linen Mattress

  • Brand: American Linen
  • Product Dimensions: 84 x 84 x 14 inches
  • Fill Material:  Cotton
  • Special Feature: Better than microfiber

Product’s Highlight

Next, we will offer a remarkable product from the American Linen brand.  The most significant advantage of this round mattress is the luxurious 800 Thread Count cotton fabric that brings comfort and softness to a luxurious level.

Also, thanks to this Egyptian cotton with a crisp sateen finish, the round bed offers the ability to regulate your body’s temperature with a cool feeling and make sure of a good night’s sleep. So sleepers can feel relaxed every time they wake up without worrying about wet sweat during the night.

Not only that, the size of mattresses of this brand has fully supportive with varied colors and textures design, so customers are extremely satisfied because they are able to free to choose the ones that are suitable for both the favor of adults as well as children.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the function of the ergonomic bed frame. Thanks to the softness of the material so it can instantly control the contours of the user’s body regardless of shape or sleeping position.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • 800 Thread Count cotton fabric
  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Varied texture design


  • May be unsuitable for people who prefer too heavy or warm material

Bottom line

The American Linen mattress offers luxurious 800 Thread Count cotton fabric for comfort and softness. Egyptian cotton with a crisp sateen finish helps regulate body temperature and ensure a good night’s sleep.

4. Round Foam Mattress – Best for Thickness

Round Foam Mattress

  • Brand: Dream Solutions USA
  • Product dimensions: ‎86 x 86 x 8 inches
  • Fill Material: Polyurethane Foam
  • Type: Foam, Memory Foam

Product’s Highlight

Dream Solutions USA continues an ideal round mattress that is receiving a lot of love from users. And yet, the 8-inch-thick  and 100% polyurethane high density will provide a medium level of firmness that will take care of and pampers your body after a tiring day at work.

Moreover, thanks to its sturdy construction, it is perfectly suitable for many body weights. Besides, the foam material helps relieve pressure and control the temperature of body, so it has the excellent function to absorb sweat and help users have a good night’s sleep.

Not only distributing the heat, but this memory foam mattress also provides a gentle hug feeling and is an ideal choice for customers who like the soft level. Moreover, with its white cover color design, the Pandora round mattress brings elegance to your bedroom. The cover is completely removable if you want to wash it. 


  • High-density foam
  • Suitable for your body weight and temperature
  • Removable washed at any time
  • 100% polyurethane


  • The price is relatively high

Bottom line

Dream Solutions USA offers an ideal round mattress with 8-inch-thick, 100% polyurethane high density, sturdy construction, and foam material to relieve pressure and control body temperature. Pandora’s round mattress also provides a gentle and relaxed feeling.

5. Mielmoon Round Mattress – Best for Safety Design

Mielmoon Round Mattress

  • Brand: Mielmoon
  • Product dimensions: 86 x 86 x 10 inches
  • Fill Material:  Polyurethane, Luxury Foam
  • Type: Foam Construction
  • Item weight: 45 pounds
  • Special Feature: Round bed

Product’s Highlight

The last product we want to suggest is a round mattress from the Mielmoon brand. This brand probably is known as a very reputable brand and receives a lot of positive feedback from users with its gel memory foam layer design and spacious diameter of up to 86 inches.

Like the product mentioned earlier, Mielmoon is made of 100% polyurethane, this material is a high-quality foam with high density, so it will give you a comfortable feeling and the most durability during use.

As mentioned above, this Mielmoon mattress has a 10-inch thickness with cool gel-infused memory foam. Below this gel foam layer is a smooth transition soy memory foam layer, which supports to shape of the body and maximum pressure point relief during sleep. This transition layer also involves spine alignment and provides around your back’s hip and shoulder areas.

Moreover, because the mattress is made in the US, the quality of this round bed is also safe. You can use it for a long time, up to 7-10 years, without worrying about spending any extra money to buy a round mattress.


  • Standard size and thickness
  • 100% high-density polyurethane
  • Super soft and breathable quilted one
  • Increased durability and reduced individual stresses


  • The color of the cover is white, so it’s easy to get dirty

Bottom line

Mielmoon mattress has a 10-inch thickness with gel-infused memory foam, smooth transition soy memory foam, and maximum pressure point relief. Not only that, such mattresses can eliminate movement to the maximum extent and cradle your body entirely while reducing pressure points.


Hopefully, you can choose a suitable product for your list thanks to our top 5 best round mattresses that the article above mentioned. Besides introducing round mattresses, we also provide more knowledge to you through user manuals and frequently asked questions.

We hope you can soon find the perfect and most suitable option for you. If you have any questions, please leave any questions in the comment; we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in the article!


What is the standard size of round mattresses?

Round mattresses have a variety of diameters from 76 inches to 99 inches. Usually, the standard round mattress sizes are Twin-76 inch diameter, 80-inch diameter, 84 inches Queen diameter, 87-inch King diameter, and 96-inch California King diameter. However, with some brands, you can ask the manufacturer to create a custom diameter if needed.

What are the necessary notes when buying a round mattress?

There are a few outstanding notes you need to pay attention to when choosing a round mattress the material, size, cooling and air conditioning capacity, and warranty period. You should consider the circle bed you use for some people.

Why are round beds so expensive?

A reason why it costs more than traditional beds is the design. It has a sophisticated design, so it requires the manufacturer to take more time in the production process and consider the material. Moreover, it also needs unique technology in the invention process, so the round bed is usually more expensive than the regular round mattresses.

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