Lull Mattress Review: Best Choice For A Healthy Sleep

Lull mattress is one of the best mattress brands in the USA that was founded in 2015. This brand quickly gained popularity by offering a convenient online shopping experience and delivering their bed in box directly to customers’ doors. 

They focused on utilizing innovative materials and advanced sleep technology in 3 main models: Original, Original Premium, and Luxe Hybrid mattress. With 5-star ratings from customer feedbacks and recommendations, it continues to be a trusted name in the mattress industry, bringing to customers with the best comfortable and sleep experience.

Who Is Lull Mattress Best For?

  • Side and back sleepers: The medium firmness of Lull mattresses provides adequate support and contouring to relieve pressure points for side sleepers, ensuring proper spinal alignment.
  • Average weight sleepers: Lull’s balanced firmness level works well for individuals who are between 130 and 230 pounds, offering sufficient support without excessive sinkage.
  • Couples: The Hybrid Luxe mattress excels in motion isolation, reducing disturbances caused by movement. They also provide a slight bounce, making them suitable for couples who want a combination of motion isolation and responsiveness.
  • Friendly-budget shoppers: Lull mattresses offer a good value for the price, providing quality materials and performance at a competitive price point.

Who Is Lull Mattress Not Recommended For?

  • Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds and over 230 pounds may experience midsection sinkage on medium firmness.
  • Specific firmness feel: If you prefer a mattress with a specific firmness level, such as a very soft or very firm feel, the medium firmness of a Lull mattress may not meet your ideal comfort preferences.
  • Hot sleepers: Some users have reported that the memory foam mattress retains heat, potentially causing discomfort and disrupting sleep.

Lull Mattress: Sizes And Prices

The Lull mattress is less expensive than the average all-foam model. Additionally, promotions frequently bring the price down even further, making it an especially good value.

Memory Foam Mattresses

SizesDimensionsPrice ($)
Twin38″ x 75″$499 – $799
Twin XL38″ x 80″$499 – $899
Full54″ x 75″$699 – $999
Queen60″ x 80″$799 – $1,099
King76″ x 80″$1,099 – $1,399
California King72″ x 84″$1,099 – $1,399

Luxe Hybrid Mattress

SizesDimensionsPrice ($)
Twin38″ x 75″$999
Twin XL38″ x 80″$1,099
Full54″ x 75″$1,299
Queen60″ x 80″$1,499
King76″ x 80″$1,699
California King72″ x 84″$1,699

Lull Mattress: Firmness Level

The Lull mattress is designed to provide a medium-firm feel, ranking 5-6 points on a firmness scale. This level offers a balanced combination of support and comfort. 

Medium-firm provides enough firmness to promote proper spinal alignment and prevent excessive sinking, while still offering enough cushioning for pressure relief.

  • The comfort layer: Consists of gel-infused memory foam layer and base, which conforms to the body and helps alleviate pressure points. This layer allows for a gentle contouring effect without excessive sinkage.
  • The transition layer: Provides additional support and acts as a buffer between the comfort layer and the supportive base. This layer adds some responsiveness and prevents the feeling of being “stuck” in the mattress.
  • The supportive core: It is made of durable polyfoam, which helps maintain the mattress’s structure and stability. It also provides the necessary support to keep the body properly aligned during sleep.

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Lull Mattress: Performance

Motion isolation

The Lull mattress has slightly more motion transfer compared to some all-foam models due to its thin comfort layer and bounce from the transition layer. While it may not be significant enough to disrupt most sleepers, individuals sensitive to motion might notice it more.

Pressure relief

The Lull mattress excels in pressure relief with its 1.5-inch gel memory foam layer that contours to the body’s shape, supporting the spine, and redistributing pressure from shoulders and hips. The 1.5-inch transition layer provides deeper contouring without excessive sinkage, aiding in reducing aches and pains.

Temperature control

Again, its gel-infused foam layer helps dissipate heat, making it a suitable choice for sleepers who tend to sleep hot but still desire the comforting feel of memory foam.

However, the memory foam mattresses still receive some complaints about keeping the heat issue, almost from hot or regular sweat sleepers.

Edge support

The Lull Luxe Hybrid model add a sturdier edge support compared to foam models. Side sleepers will experience less sinking when approaching the perimeter or individuals who frequently sit or sleep near the edge.


Like most mattresses containing synthetic foams, the Lull mattress may have some initial off-gassing odors when unpacked. However, these odors are harmless and should dissipate within a few hours to a few days in a well-ventilated room.

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Lull Mattress: Construction

The Lull is constructed of 3-4 layers of mixed foam for Memory Foam models, but the Luxe Hybrid model is constructed with 6 layers thanks to adding pocket coils and a tufted stretch-knit cover.

Here’s a description of the Lull mattress construction of used:

  • Cover material: The Lull mattress features a breathable quilted cover made of polyester and rayon, providing a soft and durable surface for enhanced comfort.
  • Comfort layer: The top layer of the mattress consists of 1.5 inches to 2-inches of gel-infused memory foam. This layer conforms to the full-body, relieves pressure points, and helps regulate temperature by dissipating heat.
  • Transition layer: Below the comfort layer is a 1.5-inches to 2-inches transition layer made of conventional foam with a latex-like quality. This layer enhances support, responsiveness, and overall comfort.
  • Support core: The base layer of the Lull mattress is a 7-inch polyfoam support core for Original mattresses and 8-inch pocket coil layer for Luxe Hybrid model. These support systems provide stability, durability, and deep support for the entire body during sleep. 

Lull Mattress: Body Type & Weight Capacity

  • Average weight sleepers: As we mentioned, the Lull mattress is suitable for average weight sleepers between 130 – 230 pounds due to its medium-firm may not enough , providing balanced support and comfort.
  • Heavy sleepers: The Lull mattress may not be ideal for heavy sleepers over 230 pounds as the thinner comfort layer and medium-firm feel may not offer sufficient support and sinkage resistance. 

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Lull Mattress: Company Policy

  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Trial period: 365-night sleep trial. 
  • Shipping/Delivery fees: Free shipping within the contiguous United States. 


The Lull mattress offers the best quality and performance in the 3 models that promote the best sleep environment. With its mixed foam construction and focus on the satisfaction of customers, the Lull mattress promises to bring a comfortable and non-toxic experience for individuals seeking a restful and high quality sleep with lifetime warranty.