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10 Most Expensive Mattresses In The World: Why Expensive?

There are many different mattress quality and price points available. Many people will spend a lot of money on a top-of-the-line mattress to sleep soundly. But what are the most expensive mattresses in the world? 

The typical mid-range queen-sized mattress costs roughly 1,000 dollars, which is a hefty price for a bed. What makes them so expensive?

Below we have prepared a ranking list of the priciest mattresses so you may pick a top-tier luxury mattress that matches your discerning tastes. Let’s see which one you would choose to rest on the most luxurious materials ever created.

10 Highest-Price Mattresses With In The World

1. The Grand Vividus By Hastens – 390,000 Dollars 

On top of our list is the Grand Vividus by Hastens. Its all-black construction exudes elegance. Everything about this high-end mattress is exquisite, from the leather-covered frame to the nameplate of gleaming brass.

The hand-stitched cotton quilt-like cushioned top provides a great-ventilated surface that lessens overnight perspiration. This topping also bears the brand’s easily identifiable emblem, a stallion galloping around. Besides the material and the pleasing design, this bed’s components are almost entirely handmade.

Why is it expensive? 

The main factor contributing to The Grand Vividus’ high price is the handmade method of bed construction. Since most mattresses are manufactured by machines, finding a handcrafted alternative can be difficult and expensive. 

When you purchase a Hastens bed, you receive a mattress of the highest caliber, a frame made by skilled craftspeople, and years of pride.

2. Royal State Bed By Savior – 175,000 Dollars

This expensive British bed has a sumptuous mattress whose elegance and comfort are principally provided by its box spring and the real horsehair from Argentinian horses used as its filling. Due to Queen Elizabeth of Britain’s use of this particular mattress, it is also known as Elizabeth’s bed.

The kind of spring utilized and where to place it are both up to you. The architecture guarantees optimal support for the entire body and less motion transfer to minimize inconvenience. Its bounce is determined by using the longest, curliest horsehair. An extremely plush hand-sewn case covers its outside.

Why is it expensive?

The Royal State bed has a beautiful walnut burr trim, a completely upholstered base and headboard, and traditional deep-buttoned diamond tufting. This custom mattress, which requires more than 604 hours of expert labor to build, provides cloud-like sleep and has exquisite, fascinating aesthetics, making it worth every penny.

3. The Diamond Majesty By Vi Spring – 93,000 Dollars

No one can just randomly order one of these mattresses because they are so special. But you must submit a request form and have a private consultation to purchase one. 

The Diamond Majesty comes with a special base to fit the pricey mattress, such as a supportive glove, just like many other expensive mattresses on this list.

Why is it expensive?

High-quality materials are the reason for this bed’s great pricing. British merino wool, which naturally wicks away moisture, embraces the mattress’ topmost layer.

Several pocket springs and air vents are also equipped in the mattress, which can be heated or cooled at the same time, creating the ideal mix of breathability and support. Buyers can decide between extra-firm and gentle mattresses based on the firmness of the springs. 

4. The King Marwari By Hastens – 71,000 Dollars

Some brands, like the Supreme line, have a built-in premium because of their rarity. Hastens fits nicely into this category since its products are among the most expensive and opulent bed frames and mattresses worldwide.

The mattress of the King Marwari is covered in soft cotton and wool and is stuffed with real horsetail hair, like many other Hastens beds. The frame’s sophisticated and delicate checkerboard design effortlessly draws the eye.

Why is it expensive?

This brand is one of the top mattress brands in the world and has a history dating back to the mid-1800s, so it is well-respected among the richest consumers on the planet. But as artisanal bed frames and mattresses are a rather uncommon process, the handcrafted manufacture of these mattresses also raises their value.

5. The Masterpiece Superb By Vi Spring – 59,000 Dollars

Delicate silk and Shetland wool are among the locally sourced materials used to build this mattress, which is manufactured in the United Kingdom. You can select many firmness levels from soft, medium, firm, or extra-firm settings for its three adjustable spring layers.

Why is it expensive?

The reason behind its high price is the natural fiber material, as the costs for mattresses composed of synthetic materials and natural fibers will never be comparable.

Compared to synthetic options, natural fabrics are harder to find and produce less possibly dangerous substances. The mattress is exceptionally expensive owing to the hand-stitched upholstery, making it more valuable for the work that the artisans put into finishing the product.

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6. The Palais Royal By Kluft – 40,000 Dollars

Coming next is this high-end type of mattress from the American company Kluft. The bed features a revolutionary medium-firmness coil spring structure and is totally hand-stitched. Silk and gold, which are prominently used, are the elements that most significantly add to this mattress’s luxurious nature.

However, it took over a week of nonstop work to make this mattress by hand. What’s more amazing is that this mattress requires the skills of roughly a dozen professional artisans. The manufacturer employs innerspring for their products, which are a classic design. Cotton has been hand-sewn around each of its rings.

Why is it expensive?

Cotton, silk, cashmere, Joma wool, Talalay latex, and Mooseburger horsetail make up its ten layers of luxuriously smooth and comfortable natural materials. Another thing to consider is exclusivity, as this mattress can only be purchased from Bloomingdales and is extremely difficult to order online.

7. The Dux Xclusive By Duxiana – 27,600 Dollars

For more than 90 years, Duxiana has been known for its “high-performance sleeping system”. This Swedish company drools out mattresses for people of all shapes and sizes that are calming and mending to all muscle groups, thanks to its skill in ergonomic architecture.

The adjustable amount of lumbar support, numerous coil spring layer, and bed frame coated in leather all have a say in the price of this bed. The Pascal Cassettes’ proprietary spring system supports its Dux Xclusive, which is expertly constructed from full-grain aniline leather.

Why is it expensive?

The price comprises a specialized spring system that improves the body contouring capabilities of the mattress by maintaining the spine in a neutral position, easing chronic discomfort, alleviating back pain, and assisting the body in relaxing and healing. 

This bed is available in a variety of designs, such as a neutral gray and a rich brown – compatible with practically any decor.

8. Luxury Mattress By Hypnos – 15,000 Dollars

Luxury Mattress by Hypnos is also on this list due to its material and work craft. Since the company has been making luxurious mattresses for so long, they have mastered the skill of assisting individuals in getting the finest possible night’s sleep by handcrafting luxurious pocket spring beds.

To produce the most comfortable mattresses, the company combines historical expertise with cutting-edge technology, always evolving, and uses only the best materials, such as natural Viscose fabric, natural latex, wool, etc.  

Why is it expensive?

Using some of the best-grade natural materials available, Hypnos handcrafts premium pocket spring mattresses. Hypnos mattresses frequently include 1600 to 3200 pocket springs. According to the general consensus, the more springs a mattress has, the better it is at conforming to the shape of your body.

9. DUX Bed By Duxiana – 13,000 Dollars

The DUX Bed, offered by Duxiana, is the next high-end name on this list. By assisting patients in maintaining the proper posture in bed, Duxiana concentrates on helping its clients fall asleep and stay asleep.

Why is it expensive?

Many people have trouble falling asleep because their spines become misaligned, which makes it easy to wake up with neck and back pain. But with this design to equally distribute your weight, your circulation operates at its best, so the DUX mattress is an excellent choice for your posture.

You can benefit from their sleep systems to receive the relaxation you need and deserve. All you have to spend is 13,000 dollars if you believe the DUX Bed would provide you with the best possible night’s sleep, and for you, that sum of money might be justified.

10. Elysium Organic Mattress By Halcyon – 9,999 Dollars

Nothing matches the USA-based Halcyon brand and its Elysium organic mattress for those who are seeking a luxury organic mattress. Each of its components, including the mattress as a whole, has received the GOTC (short for Global Organic Textile Certification).

The mattress is completely handmade, carefully customized from beginning to end, and features an elegant and intricate design and fine craftsmanship for the best possible sleep. 

It has a sturdy foundation, two layers of enclosed coils, and layers of organic cotton and latex, which all aid in heat dissipation and motion arrest, as well as a robust base for structure and stability.

Why is it expensive?

The magnificent construction of this product explains its expense. Elysium Halcyon is covered in a 500-count sateen fabric that is incredibly silky and even scatters light for a distinctive gloss. It has a quilted surface made of organic wool, alpaca, and cashmere that regulates body temperature. There is also a brass zipper enabling layer switching for added comfort.


High-end mattresses might provide you with a great experience, but only at the expense of your pocketbook. The majority of those mattresses above often cost as much as a small house, ranging up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

One of the main causes is the usage of special and very expensive materials such as alpaca hair, camel hair, horsehair, etc.

Also, suppose you want to know what a luxury bed feels like; check out this video:


Is There A Mattress That Cost $200,000?

Yes. As mentioned above, mattresses that can cost up to 200,000 dollars are not rare or difficult to find. For example, the Grand Vividus by Hastens comes at the price of 390,000 dollars.

What’s The Best Mattress In The World?

Royal State Bed By Savior is considered the best mattress in the world as it was used by the one and only Queen Elizabeth of Britain. It is extremely comfortable and breathable and comes with a luxurious and elegant design that speaks volumes about the owner’s status.

What Is The Best Luxury Mattress Brand?

It is hard to determine which luxury mattress brand is the best as it depends on the consumer’s needs and personal tastes. Still, Vi Spring, Hastens, and Kluft are the most highly appreciated brands for their quality and design.

David Elkie

David Elkie

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