How To Cut A Mattress? 5 Easy Steps 

Wanna resize your mattress but don’t know how to cut a mattress correctly? No worries! This article is exactly what you need. I will show you 5 easy steps to carry out this DIY project. You can also learn some tips to treat the foam properly after cutting. So join me and discover!

How To Cut A Mattress? 

To cut a mattress, you will need the following tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • A marker
  • Sharp cutter
  • A utility knife
  • Cutting pliers 

After preparing the tools, please follow 5 steps to cut a mattress: 

Step 1: Measure and mark

To cut a mattress in half, measure from one side to the other. Then, divide the result in half to find the middle point. Alternatively, if you only want to remove a portion of the mattress, measure the length and width of the material you plan to remove.

Once you have determined where to cut, use a marker to make a mark on the mattress. This mark is your target. When you are measuring or marking, do not press down too hard on the mattress. Otherwise, it will change size and shape, giving you the wrong measurement result. 

Step 2: Start with a small incision

Do not immediately start with the main cutting. Instead, test how the cutting tools work. You also need to practice a little bit. So, start with a small incision. Take a cutting tool, such as scissors or a knife, and make a shallow cut along the marked line. This cut is the starting point for your bigger one. 

Step 3: Cut through the mattress layers

To begin cutting, you must go through these layers. Remember to go slowly to avoid accidents. Also, cut along the entire width and length of the foam, following the marked lines. 

Cutting the metal springs can be challenging. However, cutting the springs inside the mattress is not recommended as it can damage the mattress. Instead, focus on cutting through the foam layers. 

Go through the layers

Step 4: Remove excess material

Remove all the trimmed material. Then, the working space is clear, and you can focus on your task effectively. While handling mattresses, you may come across fiberglass inside. This fiber is harmful when inhaled because it may cause skin and eye irritation. So, be careful with it. 

Note: Before carrying out this project, you must to wear a mask when cutting any mattress to protect against potential dust or fiberglass.

Step 5: Inspect the cut edges

Once you have cut the mattress, measure the trimmed edge to check if it’s the right size for your needs. If yes, then you can use it now. On the other hand, you can repeat the steps above to adjust your cut. 

Why Cut A Mattress? 

Cutting mattresses can serve some purposes. For example:

  • Recycling: It is better to recycle or dispose of the mattress properly. But when you cut them, you can separate the materials and recycle each properly. 
  • Transportation: Due to their big size, mattresses are hard to transport. But when you split them into smaller parts, you can easily fit them into your vehicle. 
  • Fitting into a small bed: Your mattress can be too big for your current bed frame. Fortunately, you can resize it so they can match.

Are There Any Risks Of Cutting A Mattress? 

Yes. For example, cutting mattresses with the wrong techniques and tools may affect their lifespan. You can accidentally damage their overall structure, making them susceptible to wear and tear. 

Moreover, accidental cuts may cause problems like deflation. The mattresses will lose their support and shape over time. Other parts of the bedding set will get damaged, too. 

How To Maintain A Mattress After Cutting? 

I highly recommend using a mattress protector or a fitted sheet to cover the cut mattress and protect it from dirt and damage. No matter what you use them for, this rule stays true. For example, if you reuse the trimmed part as a mattress, the cover can protect the foam and keep it clean. 

On the other hand, if you trim the foam to repurpose it as cushions, the cushion covers can also help maintain their comfort and shape. 

You may want to cut the mattress for some reason


You can trim mattresses using a sharp cutter or a utility knife. Remember to do it carefully. Otherwise, you will risk damaging their materials and structures. Maintaining mattresses after cutting is also essential. It would be best to use covers to safeguard them from external damage.