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8 Inch Vs 10 Inch Mattress: Which Thickness Is Better?

Overview Of 8 Inch VS 10 Inch Mattress 

8-inch and 10-inch mattress thickness guide 

A 8-inch mattress is thinner than a 10-inch mattress, which generally cost you less. If you want a higher firmness level, it is ideal to buy 10-inch mattresses

Selecting mattress materials applied in mattresses also contributes to thickness among the 8-inch matress and 10-inch to sleep. Natural layers are normally better and cooler for your health when comparing industrial-generating layers. Therefore, you must consider many factors to determine which mattress is the most suitable for you. 

Who Should Buy The 8 Inch Mattress? 

Lightweight sleepers on the mattresses 

The 8-inch mattresses are well-designed for people who: 

  • Tight budget: When compared to thicker mattress choices, the 8-inch mattress frequently seems to cheaper. These users seek to save money or have a low budget.
  • Stomach sleepers: They prefer a firmer mattress surface in  8-inch thickness to serve their sleep.
  • Light sleepers: 8-inch mattress may offer sufficient support and comfort for lighter sleepers without causing too much sinkage because of their smaller profiles.
  • Back sleepers: The firmness level of 8-inch thickness will ideal for align the spine properly and reducing other back issues.

If you’re considering even thicker options, you might want to explore the Best 12-Inch Mattress.

Who Should Buy The 10 Inch Mattress?

The 10-inch mattresses have a firmer level on their surface; thus, they are suitable for people who:

  • Heavy sleepers: The 10-inch mattress is frequently the best choice for those with medium body weight. It offers an appropriate amount of comfort and support.  
  • Couples: You can share the bed space with partners such as children, husband/wife, even with your pets thanks to 10-inch thickness. 
  • Combination sleepers: The 10-inch mattress offers sufficient support for back and stomach sleepers as well as enough contouring for side sleepers.
  • Side sleepers: Side sleepers might receive more benefits and supports from 10-inches mattress with ideal firmness and best soft feel for side sleeping.

8 Inch Vs 10 Inch Mattress: Construction Comparison 

The number of layers in a 8-inch mattress include 2 layers: Support and comfort layers made of foam or latex. This allows you to relieve pressures better and effectively support your body.

For those interested in specific brands, our Vibe Mattress Review provides detailed insights.
Latex and memory foam used in mattresses 

The 10-inch mattress with 2 to 3 layers include a transition layer, a comfort layer, and a support layer. 

One notable characteristic the transition layer that makes the 10-inch mattress advantageous is to provide additional support and helps to distribute pressure more effectively. 

8 Inch Vs 10 Inch Mattress: Firmness & Comfort Level

The firmness and comfort level are 2 prioritized standards when comparing 8-inch vs 10-inch mattresses. 

8 inch firmness

Most mattresses of 8-inches thick are evaluated for a Medium-firm to experience. Remember that the firm level also depends on the layer type and materials used in mattresses. 

For instance, microfiber and polyester have different characteristics that affect mattress firmness. Our extensive Microfiber vs. Polyester comparison may help you understand the differences.

However, if you are a sleeper preferring a softer feeling, the 8-inch thickness is a good option for most sleeping styles.  

Test for motion isolation on mattresses

8 inch comfort level

  • Motion isolation: Most 8-inch mattresses have memory foam layers; therefore, they will have relatively good motion isolation. With the average thickness, the mattress is evaluated at the medium level for reduce movement function.  
  • Pressure relief: The 8-inch mattresses can relieve pressure effectively if you are lightweight. For overweight sleepers, 8-inch mattresses might bring an annoyed or uncomfortable feeling. 
  • Temperature control: Keeping hot or cool for sleepers depends on layers’ materials. Each brand will select different materials for its products, which promote or determine the ability to control temperature. 
  • Edge support: Materials creating the 8-inch mattresses significantly impact edge support. In general, hybrid materials will expand the edge support better for sleepers. 

10 inch firmness

There is no significant difference in the 8-inch and 10-inch mattress thickness when considering firmness. Both have medium firm thickness levels that depend on your interest and demand. 

Like mattress thickness, pillow fluffiness is crucial to a good night’s sleep. See how to fluff pillows in a dryer without tennis balls for tips on keeping pillows fluffy.

10 inch comfort level

  • Motion isolation: Due to having a thicker level in the mattress construction and adding a transition layer, the 10-inch mattresses can be evaluated for motion isolation. You will not be disturbed too much by the partners’ movement. 
  • Pressure relief: The 10-inch mattress pressure relief is ideal for overweight people or shared sleeping space by reduce pressure points and avoiding sinked. 
  • Temperature control: Similar to the overview of 8-inch mattresses, the 10-inch is also good in temperature control, connecting the used materials for their layers. 
  • Edge support: Edge support for the 10-inch mattresses will be enough if they are normally made of hybrid, not all- memory foam mattress. 

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Test for edge support on mattresses 

8 Inch Vs 10 Inch Mattress: Prices Comparison

The table below will discuss the up-to-date prices for the 8-inch mattress vs 10-inch mattress sizes.

Sizes  Price of 8 inches ($)Price of 10 inches ($)
Twin$300- $600    $400 – $800
Twin XL$350 – $700$450 – $900
Full $400 – $800$500 – $1,000
Queen$500 – $1,000$600 – $1,200
King$700 – $1,400$800 – $2,000
Cal King$700 – $1,400$800 – $2,000

Clealy, the prices of 8-inch mattresses tend to be lower than that of 10-inch with extra thick mattresses. If you have a low budget, consider the 8-inch mattress if you want good performance but less support and comfort layers. 

8 Inch Vs 10 Inch: Policy Comparison

The policy comparison of 8 Inch mattress and 10 inch mattress include: warranty, sleep trial and shipping fees. 

8-inch mattress

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Sleep Trial Period: Depend on the mattress brand
  • Shipping Fees: Almost free shipping in US region

10 inch mattress

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Sleep Trial Period:  Depend on the mattress brand
  • Shipping Fees: Almost free shipping in US region

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This article reviews the differences between the 8 inch vs 10 inch mattress. 

To give the best mattress thickness of 8-inch or 10-inch, you should select your favorite brand first, then take thickness, comfort and support. Please take care of all the comparative information for the most wonderful experience. For more insights on bedding solutions, explore our guide on What Mattress Does Marriott Use?.


  1. Which 8-inch or 10-inch mattresses need mattress toppers?

    Because of having a thinner level, 8-inch mattresses are suggested to add toppers to adapt to some necessary demands from sleepers. Remember to select fit toppers for your mattresses to maintain the best quality. 
    For those who travel frequently and need bedding solutions on the go, consider the Best RV Mattress Topper

  2. Are 8-inch or 10-inch mattresses better if without bed frames?

    If you want to sleep without bed frames, the thickness of 10-inch mattresses is suitable for you to experience. One thick mattress can prevent damage from pressure on your joint on the floor. 

  3. Which information should you consider when buying 10-inch vs 8-inch mattresses?

    You must view all information regarding mattresses features, performance, firmness, and prices from any brands or websites to get the best delivery.

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