Lytton Mattress Review: Upgrade Your Sleep Experience

Founded in 2019, Lytton Sleep is one of the best mattress brands in the online mattress industry that prides itself on transparency and sourcing.

The company’s fabrics are manufactured in Canada, all other components are sourced from the United States, and their mattresses are handcrafted by Capitol Bedding, a Michigan-based manufacturer.

Currently, Lytton offers one mattress model called the Lytton Signature in various sizes. This hybrid mattress has a 13-inch thickness and is available in 2 firmness options: Comfort Plush and Comfort Firm.

The Lytton Signature Comfort Plush is designed to provide excellent pressure relief for all types of sleepers. It features a tufted Euro pillow top and incorporates organic and cooling elements. The mattress size options ensure that customers can find the perfect fit for their needs.

Who Is Lytton Mattress Best For? 

  • Back and stomach sleepers: The mattress provides adequate support and spinal alignment, promoting a comfortable sleep position.
  • Combination sleepers: The responsive nature of the Serene Foam and the zoned pocketed coils allow for easy movement and transitioning between different sleep positions.
  • Couples: The motion isolation properties of the mattress minimize motion transfer, ensuring undisturbed sleep for both partners.

Who Is Lytton Mattress Not Recommended For?

  • Side sleepers: The medium-firm to firm feel of the Lytton Signature may not offer sufficient pressure relief for those who primarily sleep on their side. Side sleepers typically benefit from a softer mattress.
  • Lightweight sleepers: The supportive nature of the mattress may feel too firm for individuals with lower body weight, potentially leading to discomfort

Lytton Mattress: Sizes And Prices

Lytton Signature – Comfort Plush

SizeDimensions    WeightPrice ($)
Twin38″ x 75″75 lbs.$1,399
Twin XL38″ x 80″75 lbs.$1,399
Full54″ x 75″94 lbs.$1,429
Queen60″ x 80″110 lbs.$1,899
King76″ x 80″135 lbs.$2,099
Cal King72″ x 84″135 lbs.$2,099

Lytton Signature – Comfort Firm

SizeDimensions      WeightPrice ($)
Twin38″ x 75″77 lbs.$1,399
Twin XL38″ x 80″77 lbs.$1,399
Full54″ x 75″96 lbs.$1,429
Queen60″ x 80″112 lbs.$1,899
King76″ x 80″138 lbs.$2,099
Cal King72″ x 84″138 lbs.$2,099

The Lytton Signature mattress is priced slightly below average for a hybrid mattress. Hybrids typically have higher price points due to their more advanced construction compared to all-memory foam layers or traditional innerspring mattresses.

Lytton Mattress: Firm Level 

The Lytton Signature mattress is available in 2 firmness options: Comfort Plush and Comfort Firm:

Comfort Plush

  • The Comfort Plush option offers a medium level of firmness, rating around 5/10.
  • It provides a balanced feel with a touch of plushness, offering a gentle cradling sensation without sacrificing support.
  • This firmness level is suitable for those who prefer a slightly softer sleeping surface or side sleepers best.

Comfort Firm

  • The Comfort Firm option offers a firmer feel, rating around 7/10
  • It provides a more substantial level of support, promoting proper spinal alignment and minimizing sinkage.
  • This firmness level is ideal for individuals who prefer a firmer surface or who sleep primarily on their back or stomach sleepers.

Both firmness options of the Lytton Signature mattress are designed to cater to different sleep preferences and body types, ensuring a comfortable and personalized sleep experience.

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Lytton Mattress: Performance

Overall, it encourages greater rest and sleep quality by performing the following tasks:

Motion isolation

The Lytton Signature, regardless of mattress type, excels in reducing motion with its pocketed coil system. The individually encased coils work independently, absorbing motion and reducing the transfer of movement across the mattress. This feature ensures undisturbed sleep for couples, even if one partner tends to toss and turn during the night.

Pressure relief

With a 13-inch thick and hybrid construction, the Lytton Signature mattress combines the benefits of both foam and innerspring feel. 

The plush Euro-top and Serene Foam comfort layer provides a gentle cushioning effect, while the zoned pocketed coils offer targeted support for sensitive areas of the body. 

This combination ensures a balanced feel and proper spinal alignment, catering to a wide range of sleep preferences and body types.

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Temperature control

The Lytton gel-infused polyfoam in the comfort layer helps to draw heat away from the body, while the breathable cotton and polyester cover promotes airflow. 

Additionally, the pocketed coil system allows for increased air circulation, preventing the build-up of heat and ensuring a cool and refreshing sleep throughout the night.

Edge support

The mattress offers reliable edge support, allowing for full utilization of the sleep surface and providing stability when sitting or getting in and out of bed.

However, some users may find edge support to be lacking compared to mattresses with reinforced edges.


Lytton mattresses are made from high-quality, less off-gassing materials sourced from the United States.

However, Lytton mattresses may have a slight odor upon unboxing due to the manufacturing process. However, any odor should dissipate within a few days in a well-ventilated room.

Lytton Mattress: Construction

Its design includes a plush Euro-top with gel-infused polyfoam and a breathable cover made of organic cotton and polyester. 

The comfort layer consists of:

  • 1″ of gel-infused polyfoam
  • 3″ of Serene Foam with varying densities depending on the chosen firmness level. 
  • The support core features 8″ zoned pocketed coils
  •  a 1″ layer of high-density polyfoam. 

Here’s a description of the Lytton hybrid mattress construction of used:

  • Euro-Top and Cover: The mattress features a plush Euro-top with gel-infused polyfoam for added cushioning and pressure relief. The cover is made of breathable cotton and polyester blend, promoting airflow and maintaining a cool sleep surface.
  • Comfort Layer: The mattress incorporates a layer of Serene Foam, known for its responsive and contouring properties. The density of the Serene Foam varies based on the chosen firmness level, ensuring appropriate support and comfort.
  • Support Core: The Lytton Signature utilizes a support core consisting of zoned pocketed coils. These coils offer targeted support and excellent motion isolation, reducing partner disturbance and enhancing spinal alignment.
  • Base Layer: The mattress is supported by a high-density polyfoam base layer, providing stability and ensuring the mattress’s longevity.

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Lytton Mattress: Body Type & Weight Capacity 

  • Average weight sleepers: The Lytton mattress is appropriate for people of average weight. It provides a balanced amount of support and comfort that is suitable for many different types of sleepers.
  • Heavy sleepers: The Lytton mattress can support people who are big size or heavy and weigh over 200 pounds. A thicker or firmer mattress may be preferred by heavier people who need more support.

Lytton Mattress: Company Policy

Let’s take a closer investigation at Lytton’s privacy policy factors:

  • Warranty: Lytton provides a 20-year warranty for the Signature mattress. The warranty covers manufacturing defects such as splits, cracks, and impressions greater than 2 inches. 
  • Trial Period: The Lytton Signature comes with a 100-night sleep trial. The company requests that customers try the mattress for a minimum of 30 days before initiating a return.
  • Shipping/Delivery Fees: Shipping within the contiguous U.S. is free of charge via FedEx or a similar courier service. However, orders shipped to Alaska or Hawaii will incur a freight fee. 


The Lytton mattress offers a revolutionary sleep experience with its versatile firmness options, hybrid construction, and thoughtful design. 

With its commitment to transparency and quality craftsmanship, Lytton Sleep aims to upgrade your sleeping experience, no matter day or night sleep. 

Explore our Lytton mattress reviews to make an informed decision for your sleep needs.