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Mattress Firm Return Policy: The Detailed Answer

Return policy is one of the important factors that help customers consider whether they should choose to buy products from this brand of mattress or not.

The Mattress Firm return policy is incredibly lenient. You can return your new one for a refund if you’re unhappy with it. The brand provides free exchanges and returns as long as you give your products back within the Mattress Firm trial period, and more detailed criteria.

You have to be aware of a few things when returning a mattress. Let’s take a look!

Mattress firm has 3600 stores throughout 48 US states

Mattress Firm 120 Night Sleep Trial® Details

Mattress Firm offers a 120 Night Sleep Trial® to ensure customers are satisfied with their mattress purchase. They understand that a new mattress can take time to adjust to, much like a new pair of shoes.

While many companies offer sleep trials, a 120-night duration is notably generous. This extended period ensures customers have ample time to adjust to their new mattress and make an informed decision.

Make it easy to get a great night’s sleep by offering the best products and an exceptional customer experience.” This mission underscores Mattress Firm’s commitment to simplifying the mattress buying process and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Their mission of offering an exceptional customer experience is evident in their sleep trial. They understand that every individual’s sleep needs are unique, and the Mattress Firm trial period reflects their commitment to accommodating these varied requirements.

About Mattress Firm Return Policy

With more than 3600 stores spread throughout 48 US states, Mattress Firm is a national chain of mattress retailers. You can find the necessary return and refund information below.

Exchange And Return Policy 

After 30 days from the original purchase date and for a maximum period of up to 120 days, you may swap or return your mattress. It will take your body to acclimate to your new mattress and vice versa. You can replace your mattress with a free return as long as within the trial period.

In reality, research suggests that most people feel some initial discomfort on a new mattress. Mattress business indicates that you should use it for at least 30 nights to give it time to adapt.

After the initial 30 nights, if you’re not satisfied, you can exchange the mattress. There’s a 10% restocking fee for exchanges, which is deducted from the original mattress’s purchase price. The maximum restocking fee for exchanges is capped at $250.

Mattress Firm Trial Period 

You can bring a mattress home for 120 nights of sleep. The “adjustment period”—which they refer to as—requires you to use your bed for at least 21 days before seeking to exchange or return it. 

If you’re not fully satisfied with your new mattress after the first 21 nights, you can contact the customer services team to return it to the store.

However, Mattress Firm cannot accept or refund filthy, unclean, or broken mattresses. So the customers need to keep and preserve the mattresses in new condition before requesting a return.

Mattress Firm’s products can be returned within a limited trial period - Source

Return Time

After Mattress Firm 30 day guarantee from the original purchase date and for a period of up to 120 days, you may return your mattress. Customers must utilize the product for the first 30 days of the period. 

If you ask for a give back or exchange within 30 days of the date of purchase, the Mattress Firm return policy won’t accept it since mattresses need time to relax and offer the required comfort.

Upon return, you’ll receive a refund of the purchase price minus a restocking fee. This restocking fee can be up to 20% of the new mattress purchase price, with a maximum limit of $500.

Time To Refund

The time it takes to process a refund depends on how you paid for the item. Give your refund processing 5-7 business days if you paid with a debit or credit card for your purchase. 

If you paid in person with a bill or cash, a check will be sent to the address on record and show up in two to four weeks.

Refund Process

Mattress Firm has one of the most straightforward and simple refund policies for your convenience. You must review this to ensure that you do not incur any losses. 

You will be instructed to complete a request form by customer support. Mattress Firm will examine your driver’s license or state identification card number, credit account information, and records of goods or services purchased after initiating your return request and setting up a mattress pickup.

Note: Mattress Firm cannot swap or refund dirty, or damaged mattresses.

Delivery And Pick-Up Fees

Under the 120-Night Sleep Trial offered by Mattress Firm, you must utilize the item for at least 30 nights before exchanging it or returning it. In addition, there is a $99.99 delivery fee for returns, a 10% restocking fee for exchanges, and a 20% restocking fee for refunds.

Shipping and pickup due to the lack of a specific policy after 120 days, fees are not established once the trial period has ended. In this case, customers should speak with customer service directly. However, they provide a “happy guarantee,” which ensures contentment for the first year of ownership.

Happiness guarantee

Can I Return Online Mattress Purchases To The Store? 

If you don’t adore your mattress from Mattress Firm, arrange a schedule to return and pick it up. Any item you buy on the Mattress website cannot be returned to the physical shop. You must use the phone, email, or live chat services to contact customer care.

Call (877)346-8775 to speak with customer care. Check the Mattress Firm’s official website if you’d like to contact customer care by email or chat.

What Are Non-Returnable Mattress Firm Products? 

There are a few circumstances where clients of The Mattress Firm cannot return a product. The following goods are not returnable or exchangeable.

Mattress Accessories

Pillows and mattress protectors are examples of accessories that cannot be returned. They cannot take this since it is a personal hygiene item in light of current health concerns. Besides, some other accessories products such as toppers, pads, sheets, or blankets are also unacceptable to return.

Final Sale Products

Final sales exclude exchanges and returns. Products that are final sale are no longer produced and can not be returned because they are only sold as stock.

Custom Or Special Order Mattresses

There is no return policy for custom order sizes, including California King, Split Cal King, and tri-fold. Although in some places, California king is acceptable.

The products are designed according to the preferences of customers such as color, size or pattern on it, the firm will also refuse to take them back. 

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Warranty Exchange

Returning a mattress still covered by warranty is known as a warranty exchange. You can only return a mattress to Mattress Firm once. Hence, if you received a warranty exchange, you cannot return it.

Floor Models

A floor model is set up in a store’s sales area for show purposes. The finest prices are typically found during the last sales. Hence you are unable to return it.

What Are The Conditions To Return A Mattress? 

You first need to pay fees. If you’re unhappy, your new mattress can be returned with a $99.99 return shipping fee.

For returns, you also need the original receipt and all the original tags. The 120-night trial period would be nullified if the product tags were removed.

Last, it would help if you used a waterproof protector to shield your mattresses. Make sure your mattress is not dirty, unclean, or soiled.

How To Avoid Return Problems To Mattress Firm?

At Mattress Firm, you can conveniently browse for a variety of goods. You can easily return a purchase if it makes you uncomfortable. So read attentively to prevent return issues.

Before swapping or returning your mattress, you must use it for at least 21 days. Be patient before returning to your bed because your body takes a while to get used to new construction.

Second, only one exchange or refund is permitted per purchase. Decide wisely, then.

The mattress company will only issue a refund if the mattress is still in its original packaging, and the name, phone number, and email must correspond with the order or sale number. The reason Mattress Firm will repay you is based on this.

Stores You Can Come

User’s Perspective About Mattress Firm Return

On Reddit platform, I scrolled through this complaint: The reviewer experienced severe back pain and purchased a Tempurpedic mattress from Mattress Firm, expecting it to be medium-firm. However, the mattress was too soft, causing them to sink in excessively.

Upon attempting to return the mattress within the 30-day period, the store employees cited a stain as a reason to void the return. The reviewer tried to resolve the issue with the store manager, who referred them to the legal terms on the receipt. After cleaning the stain themselves with a microfiber cloth, it disappeared, but they were still unable to return the mattress. As a result, they are now sleeping on the floor and have lost $2,000.

Another buyer tried for 2 years to get my money back for a $6000 mattress, however, he never got his money back for the same reasons.


If you wish to return a mattress, it’s crucial to comprehend the Mattress Firm return policy. 

Mattress Company prioritizes customer satisfaction and gives its clients a 120-night trial period. 

Most things can be returned if you’re unhappy within 21 to 120 days. We hope your experience buying from Mattress Firm is positive.


What happens to mattresses that are returned to the Mattress Firm?

They will come and get the old mattress from your house and donate it to a nearby NGO or charity. Also, it will be recycled with a friendly-environment process if it cannot be granted.

What is Mattress Firm’s cancellation policy?

By calling the salesperson at the number on your invoice, the invoice numbers for Mattress Firm are 844-522-1718 and 877-384-2903. For help with online purchases, you can contact the customer service team for support to cancel your order.

How long can you try a mattress before returning it?

Your body may need around a month to become used to your new mattress. It’s best practice to use the bed for at least some weeks before starting a return. The minimum break-in period of Mattress Firm is at least 21 days before seeking to exchange or return it.

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