Saatva Mattress Return Policy: Some Crucial Notes

Saatva is a luxury mattress brand known for its high-quality materials and innovative design. Despite the company’s best efforts to provide customers with a comfortable and supportive sleep experience, its products may sometimes not be the right fit for everyone. 

Recognizing the inherent challenges in selecting a mattress that perfectly aligns with individual sleep preferences, Saatva offers a flexible and understanding return policy. In this article, we will take a closer look at Saatva Mattress Return Policy and emphasizing the vital need for such return options. Let’s read until the end!

About Saatva Mattress Return Policy

Saatva has a flexible exchange and returns policy for its mattresses, designed to provide customers with a hassle-free and straightforward experience. Here are the key details of this policy.

Outstanding features

  1. Easy Returns: 95% of Saatva customers report a hassle-free return process.
  2. Top-notch Support: 98% of customers praise Saatva’s supportive customer service during returns.
  3. Eco-Conscious: 80% of returned mattresses are donated or recycled, minimizing environmental impact.
  4. Transparent Refunds: Saatva clearly states any potential fees, ensuring no hidden costs.
  5. Customer Focus: Saatva’s return policy emphasizes their commitment to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Exchange And Return Policy


  • The brand offers a 365-night trial period for its mattresses, during which customers can initiate a return for a full refund.
  • If a customer decides to initiate a return, the company will arrange for the mattress to be picked up and donated to a local charity or recycling center.
  • The shipping fee is non-refundable.
  • Customers must try the mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return.


  • There is a 365-night trial period for its mattresses, during which customers can initiate an exchange for a different model.
  • If a customer decides to request an exchange, Saatva will arrange for the new mattress to be delivered and the old one to be picked up.
  • Customers must pay a transportation fee for exchanges, which is non-refundable.
  • The supplier offers one free exchange per order.
  • Additionally, the brand reserves the right to refuse a return or exchange if the product is found to be damaged or unsanitary.

Trial Period

Saatva’s trial period is 365 nights, longer than the industry standard of 100 nights. If, at any time during this time, you find this item not a right fit for you, you can give it back for a refund. 

There is a required 30-night break-in period, which is also longer than normal (most brands provide 21 nights).

Documentation Required: Typically, for most mattress returns, a proof of purchase like a receipt or order confirmation is essential.

Return Window

The brand’s 365-night return window is designed to give customers ample time to try out their mattresses and ensure they are completely pleased with their purchase. The extended return window is a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality of its products.

Other popular brands also offer extended return windows to ensure customer satisfaction. For instance, IKEA has its own set of return policies that cater to its wide range of products.

Remember that customers are required to try out their products for at least 30 nights before returning. 

Time To Refund

The company aims to process refunds as quickly and efficiently as possible once a return has been initiated. 

The time it takes for the refund to appear in the customer’s account may vary depending on the payment method and the customer’s bank. 

Typically, refunds will appear in the customer’s account within 7-10 business days after the mattress has been picked up. However, it can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear in some cases.

Refund Process

The process is straightforward and easy to follow if a customer requests a refund for their purchase.

  1. Contact their customer service to initiate the process. 
  2. The company’s delivery partners will contact you to schedule a pickup time.
  3. You should remove all bedding and accessories from the bed, before ready for the delivery team to come and pick them up at the designated location.
  4. Once the mattress has been picked up, Saatva will issue a full refund to the customer’s original payment method. 

Delivery and Pickup Fees

The brand does charge a transportation fee for returns, which is $99. This fee is non-refundable, and customers will not receive a refund for this fee even if they return the mattress within the trial period.

Note: the transportation fee applies only to return requirements, not the original purchase.

Can I Return Mattress On Saatva Website?

Yes, customers can initiate a return of their purchased items through the company’s website. To start the return process, you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the company’s website and log in to the account.
  2. Click on “My Orders” to view their order history.
  3. Find the order for the mattress you wish to return and click “Return Item.”
  4. Follow the prompts to provide information about the reason for the return and schedule a pickup date.

Additionally, customers can contact the customer service team by phone or email for assistance with their return.

What Products Can Be Returned In Saava Mattress Return Policy? 

Saatva designed a great mattress return policy for almost all their mattress lines. Below is all typical products that can be accepted to return:

Classic mattress

The Classic mattress is covered by the return policy. The brand applies a 365-night trial period to all its mattress models, including the Classic model. 

This means that customers can try out this model for up to 365 nights and initiate to give it back if they decide it is not the right fit for them.

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HD mattress

The HD (Heavy Duty) is a hybrid mattress meant for people who weigh between 300 and 500 pounds. The mattress is made with high-quality materials and features durable construction to provide extra support and comfort for larger-size individuals.

This model is also included in the return policy with a 365-night trial period.

Loom & Leaf mattresses

The Loom & Leaf mattress comes to the market as an all-foam item, promising to conform to your body to a tee. The brand spoils you with 2 firmness levels: the Relaxed Firm for those under 230 pounds with more “hug” feelings and the Firm for above-130-pound sleepers with a bouncier sensation.

While considering the return policy, it’s also vital to be aware of the materials used in your mattress. For those concerned about the inclusion of certain materials, understanding whether there is fiberglass in a Saatva mattress can be an important factor in your purchasing decision.

Youth mattresses

This is another bouncy choice but with innerspring construction, so you won’t find yourself sinking into it. Those seeking a mattress for their little ones can spare a glance at this pick, as it is supportive, safe, and comfortable.

Crib mattresses

The Crib mattress is a convertible type that can accommodate infants and toddlers. The mattress has a detachable organic cotton cover with a water-repellent barrier to make cleaning quick and easy.

With this model, you can benefit from the same policy as those mentioned above. 

What Are The Conditions To Return Saatva Mattress?

Saatva has specific conditions that must be met for customers to be eligible for a return of their mattress. These conditions include:

  • Minimum trial period: The seller requires that customers keep/use the mattress for at least 30 days before initiating a return. 
  • Return timeframe: Customers must initiate a return within the 365-night trial period to be eligible for a full refund. 
  • Original condition: The product must be returned to its original condition, free from any stains, odors, or damage. 
  • Proof of purchase: Customers must provide proof of purchase, such as an order confirmation or receipt, to validate a return.
  • Pick-up availability: You must be available to schedule a mattress pick-up with the white-glove delivery team. 

What Factors Set Saatva’s Mattress Return Policy Apart From Competitors?

The brand’s return policy is among the most generous in the industry. So, what are the factors that set it apart from others?

White Glove Delivery

Saatva offers free white-glove delivery and set-up of their items, as well as free mattress removal and recycling for customers who return their purchases. This special service can provide added convenience and peace of mind for customers.

Full Refund Minus $99 For Transportation

This brand does not charge any extra return fees except fixed shipping costs of $99. This sets them apart from other mattress retailers, who may charge fees for some services.

365-Night Sleep Trial

As mentioned, a 365-night trial period is available for all of their mattresses, which is longer than many other online mattress retailers (with only 100 nights). This gives customers plenty of time to try out the mattress and decide if it’s the right fit for them.

Limited Warranty Against Workmanship Defects

The brand provides a limited warranty against workmanship defects for its products. The length of the warranty varies depending on the specific mattress model. 

What are Workmanship Defects?

Workmanship defects refer to flaws or imperfections in a product that arise from the manufacturing process rather than external factors or wear and tear. For mattresses, these could include:

  • Issues with stitching or seams.
  • Structural problems within the mattress core.
  • Flaws in the mattress cover, such as zippers not working.

As you consider the return policy and the quality assurance that comes with a Saatva mattress, you might also be interested in exploring options that cater to specific material preferences, such as those seeking the best mattress without memory foam for a different type of comfort and support.


The Saatva mattress return policy sets a high standard for the industry and gives customers peace of mind when shopping for a new mattress online. 

With their commitment to quality and clearly processing to make sure customer satisfaction, it’s no surprise that the company has become a popular choice among mattress shoppers who are looking for a risk-free buying experience.