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Does Saatva Mattress Have Fiberglass? The Real Answer

Despite being extremely harmful to your skin and lungs, fiberglass is, sadly, more common in mattresses than ever. These flame retardants are much cheaper than others—a shortcut for budget saving! 

How about Saatva: Is it among the brands that use this low-cost method to save money? Does Saatva mattress have fiberglass? 

Today’s article will address those questions, determining whether this popular bed label has betrayed customers’ long-time trust. 

Does Saatva Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Does Saatva Mattress have fiberglass? The answer is no. 

The answer is no! Saatva mattresses do not have fiberglass, formaldehyde, and other toxins. 

We have both tested these mattresses ourselves and obtained data for confirmation from other customers. 

Saatva mattresses are committed to using natural or organic materials that are safe for their customers’ health. 

Do People Detect Other Toxic Materials In Saatva Mattresses?

No. Those looking for a non-toxic yet luxurious mattress can be confident in Saatva’s quality!

Like other popular brands (ex: Nest), Saatva mattresses are carefully handcrafted in the United States using only eco-friendly substances.

Most models arrive with organic cotton covers, plant-based foam, and recycled coils, guaranteeing 100% health safety and no harmful chemicals!

One reason people doubt its integrity might be put down to its low price; after all, “organic” and “eco-friendly” are often associated with higher costs. 

But no worries; Saatva’s biggest goal is to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience safely with a high-quality mattress.

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Should We Be Concerned About Fiberglass In Other Products From Saatvas?

No. While some products might not be 100% organic, rest assured that only eco-friendly components are incorporated. The main substances include: 

  • Plant-based cotton with antimicrobial treatments
  • Low-VOC foams, CERTI-PUR, containing natural ingredients from corn oil and soybean
  • Natural thistles as flame retardants
  • Recycled steel

Do Saatva Mattresses Perform Better Than Fiberglass Ones?

A thousand times, yes! Not only are they much safer, but their performances are simply top-notch.

Customers report their support and comfort balance to be excellent, allowing the hips to sink just enough into the top. 

The base coil layers and contouring supports from the micro-coils only boost the relaxing feel to a new level!

There are even huge gaps between two coil layers, leaving room for a lot of air circulation. 

Added to the breathable, organic cotton covers, they ensure you never have to suffer from excessively trapped heat. 

About Saatva Mattress

What is special about Saatva mattresses? One of them is a variety of firmness options.

What Is Special About Saatva Mattresses?

Saatva has been around for years, known for high-quality mattresses that do not cost you a fortune. What are the exact features that set this brand apart from the rest? 

Diverse Firmness Options

The brand delivers three firmness options for all sleeper types. Feel free to choose one that suits your sleeping patterns and preferences best: 

  • Plush Soft: Models like these score 5 (10 is the highest level, meaning plush soft Saatvas fall to “Medium” on standard firmness scales). 

They are great options for pressure relief and supporting balance. 

  • Luxury Firm: At around 7 (medium-firm), these mattresses head straight to the firm territories. 

For anyone prioritizing support with some pressure relief in the hip and shoulder areas, Luxury Firm is a must-have!

  • Firm: Are you a devoted fan of firm beds? Or do you usually sleep on your stomach and back? 

Then Saatva Firm is definitely for you, landing at 9 on the firmness chart! 

Among the most solid and supportive mattresses on the marketplace, these options might be overkill for some light sleepers. 

However, those who desire substantial body aids will certainly appreciate them. 

Motion Isolation

Experts note that Saatva’s motion isolation is more impressive than anything they have ever seen, to the point that water glasses do not even tip off the mattress during their experiments. 

That’s all thanks to the fiber and foam layers in the top, whose premium qualities deliver better performance than traditional innerspring beds.

Edge Support

There is only one word to describe it: phenomenal. and it’s for good reasons! 

The dual-coil designs make the mattress super supportive, accompanied by foam edges at the bottom’s perimeter coils for maximum effects. 

Even better, since the sides do not give in, getting in and out of the bed is much easier! 


Most hybrid mattresses from Saatva are more breathable and much cooler than foam versions from other brands, thanks to the coils that enable increased airflow. 

No heat retention will occur while you rest, allowing for superior comfort. 

Still, for sensitive sleepers that tend to feel cold at night, we suggest sleeping temperature-neutral with Saatvas. 

Changing room temperature and pajama materials is also a great idea to enhance your sleeping experience. 


Though we haven’t been able to test Saatva mattresses for that long, many of the brand’s loyal customers have claimed that these mattresses can last from 10 years to a whopping 15 years if well-maintained.  

And that should not be surprising, considering the extra-strong coils and dual layers at the base! 

Regardless of the sleeping style or even body weight, anyone can lie comfortably on these mattresses without worrying about sags or wear. 

No Smell

Saatva’s mattresses are among the very few products on the marketplace that emit no off-gassing odors. 

They are hand-delivered in their fully aired-out construction, without the need to unwrap or unroll. 

Also, they use tea tree pulp instead of chemicals as flame retardants, resulting in zero chemical smell upon usage. 

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What Is The Most Popular Model and Product From Saatvas?

Despite numerous models being released year after year, Saatva Classic is still the most beloved version of the brand. 

It introduces three firmness levels: firm, luxury firm, and plush soft. 

There are also two height choices: 14.5 and 11.5 inches. Feel free to choose one that suits your preferences best. 

Who Experts Recommend It For: 

  • Back sleepers will rejoice at them, as their Luxury-Firm versions provide ample cushioning and support for lumbar regions.
  • Combination sleepers can also be satisfied with Saatva-Classic. Its thick yet flexible coil layers make the mattress bouncy and movement-supportive. 
  • We also recommend them to heavier users, thanks to the sturdy construction that paves the way for better durability and body support. 

Who It Isn’t Recommended For:

  • The Firm and Luxury Firm versions are too much for side sleepers. Plush Soft is a more suitable choice. 
  • Stomach sleepers will find themselves comfortable with Firm models instead of Luxury Firm ones, as their hips will be propped in alignment with the shoulders. 

How to Choose The Best Saatva Mattress Option?

How to choose the best option for your bedroom? 130 pounds is suitable for lightweight sleeper. 

Are you a lightweight, average, or heavyweight sleeper? Answer that question before spiraling down the suggestion list below:

Lightweight Sleepers (Below 130 Pounds)

Most lightweight sleepers will feel most comfortable on Saatva-Classic Luxury Firm or Plush Soft. 

However, which exact model is suitable also depends on the sleeping positions: 

  • Side sleepers require a lot of pressure relief to prevent hip and shoulder pains, so Plush Soft is better than Luxury Firm.
  • Stomach and back sleepers will be satisfied with both Luxury Firm and Plush Soft, as both offer great spinal alignments. 

Average Sleepers (From 130 to 230 Pounds)

  • Back and stomach sleepers: Firm and Luxury Firm are the best, offering firm support to elevate the hips and keep their heads and shoulders aligned. 
  • Side sleepers: Luxury Firm and Plush Soft will be highly recommended for them, reducing pressure points at the hips and shoulders.

Heavy Sleepers (More Than 230 Pounds)

  • Stomach sleepers: They will likely find the best support in Saatva-Classic Firm, though some professionals are concerned about misalignment issues. 
  • Back sleepers: Both Firm and Luxury Firm versions are great. 


Does Saatva mattress have fiberglass? Luckily, the answer is no. 

It’s definitely among the most highly-recommended mattresses on the marketplace for both health safety and body comfort.

Assess your sleeping style and body weight to pick out the best Saatva model! 


Does an older Saatva have fiberglass?

No. Regardless of models, firmness, age, and materials, you will never find fiberglass in Saatva products.

Are Saatva good for back pain?

Yes, because of the various firmness levels and incredible lumbar support, Saatvas mattresses are suitable for back pain sleepers

When should you replace a Saatva mattress?

Seven to ten years after purchase. However, if signals of wear, tear, and sagging occur before that benchmark, replacements might be required much sooner.

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