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3 Tips To Choose Futon Mattress Sizes: Best Fit For Your Needs

In my experience, a futon is not just a couch that turns into a bed. Whenever we have guests staying overnight at our home, this furniture has always been a lifesaver. You need to check the dimensions carefully so that the futons can fit your requirement perfectly.

Our guide offers extra tips to choose a futon mattress sizes . We’ll go over the standard dimensions and discuss its mattress, frame, and sheet sizes in depth below. Let’s read on to discover!

Tips to Choose the Right Futon Mattress Size

1. Consider Your Space: Size matters!

Remember, a futon’s dimensions when laid flat as a bed will differ from its dimensions when folded as a couch.

2. Think About Its Primary Use: Functionality

From Our Experience, it is important to decide if the futon is mainly for sitting and occasionally hosting a guest or a nightly sleeping solution.

3. Don’t Forget the Frame: Futon Frame

Some frames allow the futon to be extended lengthwise, while others extend widthwise. This can impact the overall size and how the futon fits into your space.

What Are The Futon Mattress Sizes?

Most of today’s greatest mattresses are the same dimension as regular beds.

They are typically available in the following five sizes.


The twin-size futon is the smallest model accessible. It can fit a child or one adult, just like a standard twin size mattress.

On the other hand, futons have a unique construction that makes them lightweight. So, if you use a twin-sized futon, you may simply take it for camping or use it for an extra guest room.


Full-sized models are the most popular in the marketplace because this mattress size is available from every manufacturer.

These futons can comfortably fit two adults or one heavy sleeper. In addition, these models are a little thicker than Twin-sized ones. If you’re looking for a mattress with a more cuddling feeling, this option is ideal.


Queen futon mattresses are another popular option. This size can comfortably fit two adults of different body shapes, similar to a traditional queen-sized bed.

If not used, you can roll and store it. This feature is ideal if your apartment has no private bedroom and you want to maximize your space.

Queen size futon beds come in various firmness and constructions, but the most popular is a mattress with firmly cushioned fiberfill and cotton.


King, the biggest option on the market, is excellent for taller and heavier sleepers. It’s wider than the Queen size futon, giving you more room to stretch out and relax.

It’s worth noting that, unlike conventional king mattresses, not all big companies manufacture King size for this mattress. But if you can find one, it will cost more than other popular sizes.

What Are Non-Standard Sizes Of Futon?

When searching for the ideal dimension of a futon mattress, you may come across a few alternatives in addition to the four standards above.

Although some measurements go beyond the conventional sizing table, you should be aware of them to avoid confusion.


Loungers are the smallest alternative and fit well with futon chairs. This piece of furniture may work as an alternative to the armchair in your lounge room. It can turn into a lounger for your sleeping place on occasion.

The chair features a bi-fold structure and covers 54 inches by 28 inches in its unfolded form. So, unless you’re doing this for a kid, there isn’t enough space for sleeping.

Nevertheless, you can tackle the problem by installing an ottoman that is 21 inches in length and the same width as your lounger.


The dimension of a loveseat is 54 × 54 inches, which matches the dimension of a futon frame.

You can use loveseat futons in your living room as a sitting place. They can hold two or three individuals, making them an excellent solution for those who enjoy social gatherings.

You may get more sleeping space from a full-size futon bed by using an extra ottoman piece.


A chair part and an ottoman portion make up a split futon. This arrangement often goes with futon frames that feature a pull-out ottoman. Its dimensions are as follows:

  • Twin split: 39 x 21 inches for the ottoman and 39 x 54 inches for the sitting section
  • Queen split: 26 x 60 inches for the ottoman and 54 x 60 inches for the sitting section

What Are Types Of Futon Mattresses?

You can choose a futon mattress randomly to match the futon bed. It’s necessary to choose a mattress that is flexible and durable.

For instance, in our own surveys and interactions, we’ve noticed that many homeowners, including some of our team members, prefer cotton mattresses for their futons. Unfortunately, these models are often too thin and can’t support your sleep well.

If you are looking for ideal options, memory foam and innerspring should be your way to go. Read more information on these 2 types of futon mattresses below:

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses are long-lasting and flexible, making them perfect for use with futon beds and frames. This style of futon mattress also gives body-hugging comfort to sleepers, as well as a great solution for sensitive skin and allergies as well.

Memory foam mattresses are typically denser than other types of foam mattresses, making them more supportive, heavier, and more expensive than traditional models.

Latex Foam

Natural latex is more resilient and has less of a tendency to sag than memory foam. Because of this, it might be a more suitable replacement for a futon mattress than memory foam. If you want a mattress that’s great for both sleeping and sitting on when you convert your futon into a couch, look no further than a latex option.

As an added bonus, those who are allergic to synthetic materials will find latex foam to be a great alternative.


Many people believe that a hybrid mattress is not suitable for a futon since it has coils. Hybrid mattresses feature a pocketed coil support core that is flexible enough to bend with adjustable bases and futons, whereas innerspring mattresses typically have a hard open coil support structure.

Futons made from hybrids are a wonderful alternative since they provide both support and comfort. However, gravity is a factor that must be taken into account. If your futon will spend most of its time folded, the coils in a hybrid mattress may become warped from the weight of your body, so a mattress without coils may be your best bet.


Innerspring futon mattresses have coils and springs that give them a bouncy sensation. The spring core, bottom, and top upholstery layers make up typical innerspring mattresses.

Rather than depending solely on the foam, the coils assist in carrying the futon mattress construction and your weight. Moreover, you should choose stress-relieving springs, which can relieve tension and aid with aching muscles.

Both memory foam and innerspring have similar good quality. If you do not know what to choose, this video can help with a detailed comparison.

What To Consider When Choosing A Futon Mattress?

From our own journey in selecting furniture, we believe that choosing the right futon frame is a crucial step. When buying futon frames, you need to consider their suitable materials and sizes. We will discuss both in detail to choose the best option.

Frame’s Material

The material used to make the frame greatly influences its lifespan and the level of support it offers for your furniture. Metal wood and plywood are the most common and ideal materials for futon frames.

The frames made of metal are usually silver or black. They may, however, have a painted coating to blend in with your décor. This type of frame is well-known for its long life and low cost. The lightweight feature also helps this option stand out.

Next, the wooden base for your mattress needs to make sure to use hardwood rather than softwood, although, for most beds, softwood is still either sturdy or supportive enough.

If you want your space to seem more natural and rustic with a wooden frame. This option is the best if you want to establish a farmhouse sense in your living room.

Plywood is the less expensive option for individuals who do not want to spend the higher cost of a hardwood model. However, it’s important to note that plywood is low-cost, which means that this material will be a low-durability bed frame alternative.


The sizes of the futon frame are based on the measurement of your futon mattress. It is comparable in size to traditional mattresses. However, they come in split sizes to accommodate different types.

Consider a queen or full-size futon if you need extra space. Otherwise, if you want an infrequent bed that occupies very little room, think about an ottoman and a split.

SizeDimensions in inches (W x L)
Twin39 x 75
Split Twin39 x 54
Full54 x 75
Split Twin54 x 54
Queen60 x 80
Split Queen54 x 60
  • Twin futons: Twin-size futons have total dimensions of 39 x 75 inches. You can also choose a twin split cushion measuring 39 x 54 inches and an ottoman measuring 39 x 21 inches.
  • Full-size futons: Full-size futons are 75 x 54 inches and come with a standard full-size futon. Loveseats come with the same measurements as full-size futons. No matter how the manufacturers construct a full-size bed, you’ll need a full split mattress and an ottoman.
  • Queen futons: Standard queen-size futons often come with queen futon frames, measuring 80 x 60 inches. A queen-size bed may often have a queen-split mattress and a queen-size ottoman. Remember to check the backrest of the frame and the width of the arms as well.

Our Personal Takeaway

To give your family and guests a pleasant sleeping place, consider its size and pressure relief while choosing the greatest futon mattress.

Make sure you have adequate space for your bed and the frame. Each variety has different material that affects your sleep, which should be considered.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Please feel free to ask if you need further information about all of the sizes for your futon beds.

Thank you for being interested in the post!


What are the standard sizes of the futon bed?

There are a variety of sizes for futon mattresses, but we have 4 types of standard sizes for this mattress include twin, full-size, king, and queen sizes. The frame of the futon mattress is also based on the measurement of these standard sizes to choose from.

How to choose sheets that fit futon mattresses?

For a suitable or fit sheet for a futon mattress, keep the width and length of your bed in mind. However, please remember that your sheets should be a few inches more extensive than the mattress’s actual size.

Can you put a bedsheet on a futon?

Yes, you can put a bedsheet on a futon. In fact, many users use bed sheets to cover their futons to protect them from dust, dirt, and spills. You may need to choose a queen or king-size bed sheet to ensure that it covers the entire surface.

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