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Zotto Mattress Review: How Is Actual Experience?

Zotto is a mattress brand that offers innovative sleep solutions designed for comfort, support, and temperature regulation. Their products have multiple layers of high-quality foam, including active foam and proprietary materials such as ThermaPhase and Energex. 

Besides, the company offers a good warranty and trial period, ensuring customer satisfaction. This brand’s commitment to quality, comfort, and convenience makes them a trusted choice for mattresses.

Who Is Zotto Mattress Best For?

Who Is It Best for?
  • Side sleepers: Zotto mattresses’ body contours are specially designed to cater to side sleepers like me. The foam layers provide exceptional pressure relief to my shoulders and hips, ensuring I wake up pain-free.
  • Back pain: This brand offers a classic immersion and contouring effect that I find extremely comfortable with two active foam layers. It conforms to my body shape, creating a personalized sleep experience and reducing my back pains.
  • Hot sleepers: As someone who tends to feel hot at night, I appreciate the cooling properties built into this product. It effectively dissipates body heat, allowing me to be cool throughout the night.

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Who Is Zotto Mattress Not Recommended For?

  • Couples: Its contour can interfere with the easy movement of co-sleepers who need a more sensitive surface.
  • Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers may also find this brand less than ideal. The reason is that this product can cause the hips to sink too deeply, leading to a misalignment of the spine. 
  • Traditional innerspring feel: Those who like the bouncing feel of an internal spring or hybrid mattress may not appreciate this brand. 

Zotto Mattress: Sizes And Prices

SizesDimensionsPrices ($)
Twin39 x 75 $650
Twin XL39 x 80 $700
Full54 x 75 $850
Queen60 x 80 $975
King76 x 80 $1,095
California King72 x 84 $1,095

Zotto Mattress: Firmness Level

The firm feel of Zotto mattress

The Zotto is classified as a medium firmness mattress, and after testing it myself and gathering feedback from others, I found it has a higher soft level than its classification.

These layers provided excellent pressure relief and fit my hand well. I did not feel much bouncing, but I liked the pleasant body contouring effect of the active foam.

Then, I asked my husband and kids to try it and share their impressions to provide a more holistic perspective. As a result, we found it slightly softer than the industry standard in medium firmness.

Zotto Mattress: Performance

In this section, I will examine the performance of this mattress to determine if it meets the sleeping needs and preferences of the majority. 

Let’s check!

Motion isolation

One aspect that sets this firm apart is its minimal bounce. Specifically, any bounce produced stays within the immediate area and does not spread to the other side of the bed, potentially disturbing a sleeping partner.

In my test, I dropped a 10-pound ball from various heights and observed. Although there is some detectable movement, it is vital to note that these results are typical for all-foam structures.

But the good news is that the dual layer of active foam inside can minimize this interference by dampening and dispersing vibrations.

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Pressure relief

The Zotto’s foam top layer can relieve the pressure with pressure points that can develop in the shoulders, hips, and knees, especially for side sleepers like me.

When lying on my back, it evenly distributes my weight, and the pressure in my lower back is lower, providing a pleasant feeling of relief.

It’s worth noting that heavier sleepers, about 200 pounds may experience more pressure due to depression in the stomach position. Besides, its dense foam structure also makes switching between positions more difficult.

Temperature control

Temperature Control

The top layer of the mattress incorporates two-phase transition materials that can regulate the temperature throughout the night. 

These materials absorb excess heat when the body feels too hot. Then, they release it when the body becomes too cool, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment.

Edge support

While compressed mattresses often lack firmness along their edges, they provide support and minimal compression when sitting or lying on the edges.

Lying on my back, I noticed a similar feeling of support and contour at its edge and center. The memory foam top layers conformed to my body, providing good pressure relief for my lower back.

When lying down on one side, I experienced the same contour and consistent support as the middle of the bed. I never felt as if I was rolling out or losing my stability. 


Like many foam mattresses, the Zotto initially had a slight exhaust odor when I opened it. Yet, I was pleased to discover that it dissipated relatively quickly.

I followed the instructions and allowed the mattress to inflate (usually takes 24 to 48 hours). Also, I let the room air out to remove any lingering odors.

Within a few hours, I could notice a significant reduction in the odor in the exhaust. When I was about to sleep on the mattress, the smell had disappeared to the point of barely noticeable. 

Note: Individual sensitivity to odors can vary and be more sensitive to exhaust odors than others.

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Zotto Mattress: Construction

Zotto mattress construction with 4 layers

I appreciate the thoughtful construction of this product. Its 4 layers provide optimal comfort, support, and temperature regulation.

  • ThermaPhase Comfort Layer: Consists of phase-changing materials that help maintain a cool temperature throughout the night. 
  • CoolFlow Support Layer: Contributes to pressure relief and support while promoting airflow for a cooler sleeping experience.
  • Transition Layer: This layer combined with Energex – adds local responsiveness and bounce without disturbing my partner. It’s reassuring to have a layer against excessive settlement.
  • High-Density Backing: Forms its foundation, ensuring its longevity and providing the support it needs. I appreciate the company’s focus on patenting the Z3 differentiation for personalized weight support.

In addition, its cover has a polyester-rayon blend that feels cozy and can be easily removed for washing. 

Zotto Mattress: Body Type & Weight Capacity

Back sleepers

First, back sleepers will experience curvature in the lower back while maintaining proper spinal alignment.

Side sleepers

It’s especially great for side sleepers. This type of mattress effectively relieves pressure on the hips and shoulders, which are common problem areas for these sleepers.

Stomach sleepers

While stomach sleepers can still feel comfortable on this mattress, I must note that the soft upper layers can cause a slight arch in the lower back, potentially resulting in discomfort.

Heavy sleepers

In terms of weight capacity, it can support up to 300 lbs per person or 600 lbs combined for larger mattress sizes. For people with small or medium bodies, memory foam provides adequate support.

Zotto Mattress: Company Policy

Now, let’s explore this brand’s purchase and after-sales policies!

  • Warranty: 10-year warranty
  • Trial period:  100-night trial period
  • Shipping/Delivery fee: With free shipping within the continental US through FedEx, I didn’t incur additional fees or charges when I ordered my mattress.


So we’ve come to the end of my Zotto mattress review! From innovative construction to luxurious comfort, it impressed me.

I experienced consistent comfort and temperature control to wake up refreshed throughout my nights on this product.

So if you want a high-quality product that combines comfort, support, and durability, I strongly recommend the Zotto. You won’t be disappointed!


  1. Do Zotto foam mattresses get softer over time?

    Yes. While having high-quality materials that resist sagging and compression, they typically get softer with regular use.

  2. Why is my new foam mattress so hard?

    It may be due to its initial break-in period. Foam mattresses can take some time to adjust to your body and soften up. Thus, give it a few weeks of regular use, and you will notice the comfort.

  3. How long can you use a Zotto mattress?

    You can use it for approximately 10 years. The brand offers a 10-year limited warranty, which indicates confidence in durability and longevity.

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