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Subrtex Mattress Review: Is It Good In Memory Foam?

Subrtex is a furniture company that offers a wide range of home décor products for optimal customer comfort and support.

Among them, the most prominent is their mattresses. They feature CertiPUR-US-certified gel-infused active foam and pocket-coil construction, providing a supportive sleep experience.

In addition, the brand offers a trial period, allowing customers to try their products risk-free. So are their products good or not? Keep reading to find out!

Who Is Subrtex Mattress Best For?

  • Hot sleepers: From the moment I lay down, I could feel the cooling effect thanks to Subrtext excellent ventilation and gel absorption. It quickly became my favorite feature. 
  • Softness-firmness-balance: The Subrtex surprised me with its perfect blend of softness and support. It provided a soft surface that supported my body without compromising stability.
  • Reduce pains: The cloud feeling might be a suitable option for anyone who feel discomfort or pain, such as those who have joint or back problems.
  • Silence sleepers: Subrtex options have contouring and pressure-reducing qualities that can restrict movement. 

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Who Is Subrtex Not Recommended For?

  • Side sleepers: They prefer an option with a firm surface and minimal settlement, the Subrtex products may not be the best choice.
  • Heavy sleepers: Memory foam, which conforms to the body and has a “hugging” feel, is used in Subrtex mattresses might not an ideal for heavy weight. 

Subrtex Mattress: Sizes And Prices

Here are the range of sizes and prices available for the Subrtex Mattress, a premium bedding option that offers both comfort and affordability.

SizesDimensionsPrices ($)
Twin39 x 75$129 – $256
Twin XL39 x 80$184 – $309
Full54 x 75 $189 – $269
Queen60 x 80 $264 – $312
King76 x 80 $371 – $443
California King72 x 84$258 – $488

Subrtex Mattress: Firmness Level

Firmness Level

As someone who has used a Subrtex mattress for months, I must say that the initial firmness level “medium firm” surprised me. It feels much sturdier than what I was used to with my previous one.

Immediately after opening the package, I conducted the 15 minutes lying down test. To my surprise, I discovered that although it was firm at first, it was gradually softer, hugging my body until it reached a point of perfect comfort.

Subrtex Mattress: Performance


But to have a more comprehensive view of this company, I conducted many tests on their mattresses to evaluate their quality. 

This section will give you more insights. So let’s dive in!

Motion isolation

Following instructions online, I placed a cup of water in its center and pressed my hands to various points around it. Surprisingly, it barely tilted in the direction of the pressure. 

This impressive level of motion isolation gives me confidence that any movement by my partner during sleep will have minimal impact on my mattress. 

It’s reassuring to know that I can enjoy uninterrupted sleep, undisturbed by any tossing, turning, or getting in and out of bed.

Pressure relief

The Subrtex mattress meets my requirements for pressure relief, dispersing pressure from my body and ensuring that I wake up with no pain or discomfort.

Therefore, whether I sleep on my back, side, or stomach, it adjusts to the curve of my body, ensuring optimal support where I need it most. Hence, I always wake up feeling refreshed and full of life.

Moreover, it delivers on the promises of spinal alignment and pressure point reduction, giving me a restful and comfortable sleep experience.

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Temperature control

Its foam layers work in tandem to promote airflow, creating a cooler sleeping environment. According to the company’s description, its top layer features 3.5-pound density activated foam designed for longevity.

As someone who tends to get hot, especially in summer, I often turned to thinner and more breathable bedding to stay comfortable.

However, even with these adjustments, I still occasionally woke up feeling sweaty with my previous sleep arrangement. Luckily! All that changed when I started using Subrtex.

Edge support

I feel secure because it doesn’t feel sagging or sinking when sitting or sleeping near its edge. This feature is especially beneficial for those who often sit or sleep closer to the sides and want to make the most of the surface.

The reinforced foam and tightly woven edges create a solid and stable foundation as I roll back and forth. So no matter where I lie, I can feel consistent support and comfort.

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This mattress had a noticeable chemical exhaust odor. But the topper offers a nifty feature that helps solve this problem.

After removing the plastic packaging, the cover took up to 48 hours to fully air out and regain its original shape. I must emphasize that you should not worry if the scent persists for several days.

After three days, the chemical smell gradually disappeared, and I no longer noticed any residual gas.

Subrtex Mattress: Construction

Subrtex construction bring a lot of benefits

Subrtex mattresses incorporate a combination of filling materials, including pocket springs, gel-activated foam, activated foam, and latex. 

These materials contribute to its overall comfort and support. Gel and latex active foam layers provide responsiveness, while pocket springs offer targeted support and minimize movement.

Also, it uses pocketed coils as its coil type. Pocketed coils are individually wrapped springs that work independently to aid in personalization and minimize movement. 

Furthermore, its bamboo cover is known for its breathable, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial properties, making it a choice for a mattress cover.  

Subrtex Mattress: Body Type & Weight Capacity

No matter your body weight, light or heavy, this mattress can provide the right level of support. 

The reason is that it has a payload capacity of up to 750 pounds. Also, it can distribute your body weight evenly, relieve pressure points and promote proper spinal alignment.

Moreover, it is suitable for all types of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, it is designed to adapt to your body’s unique shape while providing the support it needs.

Subrtex Mattress: Company Policy

Finally, let’s see what this brand warranty offers with its purchase policy!

  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
  • Trial Period: 365 night trial with free returns
  • Shipping/Delivery Fees: The free shipping within the United States, $39 for Canada and $129 for global shipping.


Based on my Subrtex mattress review, this product meets the hype and is as good as advertised. 

With gel-infused active foam that provides a comfortable sleeping environment, ergonomic design for comfort and support, and durable construction, this option offers superior comfort.

So if you are looking for a new mattress, the Subrtex is worth considering for its outstanding performance!


  1. Where is Subrtex located?

    Subrtex mattress is in California, United States.

  2. How healthy are memory foam mattresses?

    Memory foam mattresses are healthy as they provide support and pressure relief base on CertiPUR-US-certified.

  3. Can you sleep on a Subrtex mattress right away?

    The answer is Yes. While it may take some time for the mattress to expand and off-gas, it is safe and comfortable to sleep on as soon as it has reached its desired shape and size.

This article serves as informational content and is not intended to substitute advice from a medical professional or your doctor.

David Elkie

David Elkie

David Elkie is the CEO at Banner Mattress. He has been in the writing and editing business for the mattress, bedding accessories and décor industries for over 20 years.