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Mlily Mattress Review: A Brand For Every Sleep Of The Way

Mlily is a global mattress brand rooted in Asia that offers memory foam and pocket spring mattresses ranging in price from medium to high. This brand builds state-of-the-art factories around the United States to deliver American-made cost-effective quality to customers all over the world including major countries in Asia and Europe.

Mlily specializes in competitively cost all-foam designs as well as more classic spring and pocket spring mattresses. Mlily is committed to making better sleep a habit with carefully crafted mattresses giving everyone a cool, luxurious sleep all night long.

Mlily has developed 4 mattress collections: Memory foam, Hybrid, Kids, and PowerCool Sleep System.

Who Is Mlily Mattress Best For?

  • Back and side sleepers: The Mlily Dream mattress model is specifically created for spine and joints support due to its partnership with Manchester United. This mattress features an all-foam build to adapt to the body’s natural curves, recover muscles and rejuvenate the body on the mattress.
  • Child/Kids: Mlily JAMA mattresses provide breathable comfort and support for children ages 3 and above.  Furthermore, they are independently safety tested to ensure that they meet all necessary CertiPUR-US Certified for children’s safety standards.
  • Orthopedic people: Mlily ChiroPro mattress series endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association, especially for those who encounter bone problems or are under orthopedic treatment.

Who Is Mlily Mattress Not Recommended For?

  • Stomach sleepers: If you usually slumber on your stomach, the Mlily mattress may not be suitable for you. Some Mlily mattress models have soft and sinkable layers without support to the hips. It can even put the spine slightly out of alignment.
  • Tight budgets: Many customers have been complaining about the high price tag of Mlily mattresses. Of course, you get what you pay for, the high price reflects the quality and value. However, if you want to save a few bucks, go for another more budget-friendly mattress brand.

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Mlily mainly focus on high-end mattress for luxury sleep

Mlily Mattress: Sizes And Prices

Mlily mattress has various pricing depending on the model series. This is due to the difference in materials and manufacturing technology used in each mattress model.

The following is a summary of common sizes at Mlily. For detailed pricing, visit the Mlily website.

SizeDimensionsPrice ($)
Twin75 × 38 $449 – $2,299
Twin XL80 × 38 $699 – $3,999
Full75 × 54 $549 – $2,999
Queen80 × 60 $749 – $5,499
King80 × 76 $1,199 – $6,999
California King84 × 72 $1,999 – $6,999
Split King80 × (38 × 2) $1,199 – $6,999

Mlily Mattress: Firmnes Level

Each Mlily mattress model has different firmness levels, including plush, medium-firm, and firm feel. Therefore, customers can easily choose the firmness they want.

Mattress SeriesPlushMedium FirmFirm
PowerCool SystemVentilated AdaptiFoamHybrid Base Foam and Ventilated AdaptiFoam
FusionGel AeroFusion™ memory foam*Medium-plush feelAeroFusion™ Memory Foam and Gel Memory Foam
WellFlexGel and Performance Memory Foam
HarmonyBamboo Charcoal Memory Foam and Liquid Gel Flex Foam coreAeroFusion™ Memory Foam core
ChiroProAdaptiFoam, Liquid Gel Flex Foam, and Hybrid Base FoamGentle Flex-Foam, Flex Support Foam, and Hybrid Base Foam 
MProveCBD oil-infused foamCBD-infused all-foam
Mlily DreamBamboo Charcoal AeroFusion™ Memory Foam
JAMAAdaptiFoam™, Gel Memory, and Flex Support Base Foam core

Mlily Mattress: Performance

Not only popular for their collaborations, models, or highlight collections, the performance of Mlily products also make buyers choose the brand. 

Motion isolation

Most Mlily mattresses offer foam bases and layers that reduce motion transfer. This construction is perfect for couples, silent sleepers, or those who want undisturbed sleep.

Sleepers may not feel regular movements and disturbances from side sleepers and even greater motions. Luckily, Mlily can be an ideal choice for lightweight sleepers or anyone who shares a bed.

Pressure relief

Mlily mattresses provide even weight distribution, ease pressure points on the shoulders, hips, and feet, and stop motion transfer, allowing you to sleep more soundly. Your body’s pressure points are better accommodated by certain locations inside the mattress.

Temperature control

When it comes to temperature control, nothing may beat Mlily mattresses. Most of them feature cooling layers to disperse body heat in hot weather.

The PowerCool Sleep System series has multiple innovative fans for extra cooling, delivering a  pleasure sleep all night. Also, Mlily mattress is made specifically to offer better airflow and keep you comfortable while you sleep.

Edge support

Some Mlily mattress models have received some negative feedback about edge support. One even said that without the bed’s edge support, they nearly slid off.

The foam layers work together to support and balance one another, and they resist easy center sagging. The margins that are thin do, however, droop readily. Without edge support, the mattress loses its allure and luxury.


The synthetic memory foam might have off-gassing in the first use or receive the mattress. However, this odor will go away within 24 hours and you can secure when laying on it. 

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Mlily mattresses with highlight performances

Mlily Mattress: Construction

As we mention in the firmness level section, its mattress series have different components in each model, and we divided and summarized in this table for you: 

Mattress SeriesComfort layersSupport layerCover
PowerCool– AeroFusion Memory, Adaptive 
– Flex Comfort Foam core
– Hybrid Base Foam 
– Ventilated AdaptiFoam
Cooling Knit Fabric
Fusion– Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam 
– Ventilated AeroFusion Memory Foam 
– AeroFusion Memory Foam
– Gel Memory Foam
– Hybrid 
Double Jacquard
Fabric Cover
WellFlexGel and Performance Memory FoamCooling Knit Fabric Cover
HarmonyBamboo Charcoal Memory Foam– Gel AeroFusion Memory Foam core 
– Liquid Gel Flex Foam core
– Cooling Knit Fabric Cover 
– Double Jacquard Fabric Cover
ChiroPro– Liquid Gel Flex Foam 
– Gentle Flex-Foam
– Hybrid Base Foam with 3-Zoned Individually
Pocketed Springs
– Flex Support Foam
Cooling Knit Fabric Cover
MProveExtra deep 15-inch foam-buildAll-foamCBD oil-infused cover
Mlily Dream– Bamboo Charcoal AeroFusion Memory Foam
– Gel AeroFusion Memory Foam and Adaptive Foam
All-foamTencel Fabric Cover
Gel Memory
Flex Support Base Foam coreBlue/Purple modal fabric cover

Mlily Mattress: Body Type & Weight Capacity

The Mlily brand claims that its mattress can handle a maximum weight of 700 lbs. This means that both normal and heavy people will find the mattress comfortable. Yet, this may be too firm for a lightweight adult who may need a more soft mattress.

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Whether you are heavy or lightweight, you can still find the right mattress at Mlily

Mlily Mattress: Company Policy

  • Warranty: 10-year warranty. 
  • Trial period: 100-night sleep trial (Mily Malaysia) and 30 days ( Amazon Return Policy)
  • Shipping/Delivery: Free shipping to all 50 states in the USA. 


Alright! The above is an in-depth Mlily mattress review in all important aspects. Mlily’s reputation is reflected in famous partnerships or customer reviews and you can search for them. If you value your sleep more than the price tag, Mlily mattress is a high-end brand you should consider!

Sweet dream!


  1. Do Mlily mattresses contain latex?

    Yes, but not all models. The Fusion Luxe Hybrid mattress has thick layers of memory foam, latex-like polyfoam, and high-density polyfoam.

  2. How long until I can use a Mlily mattress?

    The brand claims that Mlily mattresses maintain their high quality until the end of their service life.

  3. How will my package be delivered?

    For convenient shipment, memory foam and hybrid items are compressed and vacuum-packed. FedEx will deliver your package right to your door.

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