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Nectar Mattress Lawsuit: What’s Behind The Truth?

It was a difficult time for Nectar users as the Nectar mattress lawsuit went on. Who would have thought their beloved brand had been involved in such a serious scandal? 

Nevertheless, a look back at past customer reviews reveals the brand’s negative feedback and thousands of questions about its origin over the years. This article will explore what exactly happened. 

The Infamous Nectar Mattress Lawsuit – “Made In The USA”

The brand’s exposed webs of lies have disappointed millions of devoted fans. Seeing how these dishonest marketing schemes have wreaked havoc on people’s lives, such a reaction is not at all surprising. 

The origin of Nectar mattresses is the main reason for the lawsuit

What Happened In The Nectar Mattress Lawsuit? 

The brand claimed its mattresses were made, assembled, and distributed 100% in the U.S. Such advertisements have been associated with Nectar for years, helping them earn insane benefits and revenues. 

Then, in 2018, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) entered the scene and stopped that winning streak. They investigated Nectar’s claims further and discovered Nectar mattresses had never been assembled in the United States but in China.

We would have assumed Nectar had learned some lessons, but those false claims came back three years later, in 2021. 

To be more precise, it wasn’t exactly Nectar this time, but Dreamcloud, a label owned by Nectar‘s parent company. The FTC found out Dream Cloud mattresses were advertised as “100% made in the USA,” which, like the preceding case, was untrue and misleading. 

Both frauds came from the same owner and company, prompting the FTC to demand $753,000 from both to settle the charges. 

What Is The Outcome Of The Nectar Mattress Lawsuit?

Charges and penalties aside, the FTC forbids Nectar, its representatives, and other officers from making misleading or unsubstantiated claims about the mattress’s CO. After all, such dishonest advertisements not only deceive clients but also harm other law-abiding brands. 

Nectar must change all public information about the mattresses’ production addresses, marketed materials, and where it buys those materials. 

Furthermore, just as qualified origin claims for any brand must include conscious disclosures about its degree of inclusion of foreign materials, the same applies to Nectar’s US-produced marketing. 

To prove that their mattresses are US-distributed, Nectar and DreamCloud must provide documents detailing all productions, mattress processing, and other important stages (the design, sourcing, transformation, principal assemblies, etc.). They must all occur in the USA under substantial assembly operations. 

On another note, affected previous users are also considered. The FTC ordered Nectar/Dream Cloud to submit reports and inform their affected customers of the lawsuit’s outcome.

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Why Must The Brand Lie About Its Mattress’s Origin? 

“USA-made” has always been a powerful label, giving the impression of reliability, durability, and high quality. And to Americans, such titles also imply the brand doesn’t just focus on profit increases but also helps develop its local economy. 

So don’t be surprised when millions of Americans are willing to pay for a U.S. product purely due to its origins, striving to support local businesses. Some even go to extra lengths by choosing mid-quality American mattresses over better ones from other countries. 

Sensing both international and local preferences for USA-made products, Nectar devised the “USA-made” label to compete with other authentically American-made brands without hurting its budgets. 

Aided by their China-based production and low upfront prices, Nectar’s mattresses ended up having unfair competitive advantages over other rivals in the marketplace. 

Is There Any Other Lawsuit Against Nectar Mattress?

Does it have any fiberglass parts? -The answer is no

The answer is no, so far.

China-produced mattresses are often laced with an unhealthy ratio of fiberglass, and Nectar mattresses are likely another similar case. But to our surprise, zero lawsuits have been filed against the brand thus far. 

Why Does Nectar Have No Fiberglass Lawsuit?

It’s quite alarming, but many Nectar users haven’t even recognized that there is fiberglass in their beds. After all, these dangerous shards are buried deep within the cover. Unless users go against the brand’s introduction to dig it up, they will never know the existence of fiberglass materials

Time issues are another possible reason. 

Suing big companies like Nectars is physically and emotionally draining, especially for tight-budget customers (which we assume account for a large part of Nectar’s demographic). 

Even if fiberglass is detected, they would rather ditch the mattress and buy a new, fiberglass-free one. Lawsuits take more time and effort – and are a thousand times more expensive.

Things To Do If You Want To File Against Nectar’s Fiberglass Containment

For those who want to step up to the challenge and take some legal action, welcome! But first, ensure you meet certain eligibility requirements. Lawsuits against this mattress brand will only be accepted when you:

  • Own its mattresses with fiberglass inside
  • Suffer from harm and contamination (of all degrees) caused by the fiberglass. 
  • Prove that this mattress is your property, not others.

If the injuries and damage are beyond your financial ability, it’s time to contact an attorney. Fiberglass removals and medical costs can be pricey. That explains why a good attorney team should be your best ally to demand as much compensation from Nectar as possible. 

Is Nectar Mattress Of Good Quality Otherwise?

Nectar mattresses still have good quality after the original lawsuit

If we take the fiberglass and deceptive origin out of the picture, are their mattresses good? Well, probably yes, though there are numerous drawbacks to using them.

Their pressure relief and motion isolation are admittedly on par with mattresses in higher price ranges. Nevertheless, their foam layers trap and absorb body heat, causing the materials to get uncomfortably hot. 

Stomach and back sleepers over 230 pounds— those running hot while sleeping—will definitely need other cooler mattresses for summer night rest. 

Also, further testing revealed users must weigh at least 131 pounds to feel cozy, as the surface will be more cradling to reduce pressure points. Those below 131 pounds will probably find these beds firmer than expected. 

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The Nectar mattress lawsuit is all the proof you need to verify the brand’s truthfulness. Should you entrust your health and comfort to a company that cannot even be honest about its production and origin? We think the answer is pretty obvious at this point. 

However, you might also consider other benefits that Nectar brings, besides some drawbacks and the lawsuit that happened. 


Are Nectar mattresses being recalled? 

Yes, but not all of them. Only two of its King and Queen Premiere models are recalled due to possible fire hazards and failure to adhere to flammability standards. 

Has any customer suffered back pain using Nectar?

Yes. The material’s uncomfortable warmth is due to foam layers that trap and absorb body heat, causing the material to get fatigued hot and worsen back pain for some people.

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