How To Keep A Mattress From Sliding? 4 Steps To Fix It

Looking for how to keep a mattress from sliding? If you’re like me, you know the struggle of a sliding bed all too well. Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep like constantly readjusting to avoid slipping off the bed! I have explored this problem and am excited to share the solutions here.

How To Keep A Mattress From Sliding?

The best way to prevent your mattress from sliding is to ensure the size of your mattress is compact with the bed frame, use non-slip mad bungee cords, and clean it regularly. 

Let me help you arrange these ways with a step-by-step guide!

Step 1: Check the size

I always start by checking the foundation. Ensuring stability is crucial, regardless of whether you have a box spring, platform bed, or adjustable base. A smooth surface or incorrect mattress size can also contribute to the sliding. Additional, if your foundation is in poor condition, I recommend replacing it or repairing it.

Step 2: Place a non-slip mat or rug pad

In step two, I place a non-slip mat (or a rug pad) underneath the mattress. These products can solve the sliding issue because they are typically made of rubber or silicone material on both sides. You must find a perfect-sized mat and slide it right under the mattress. It’ll create friction, and there’s no more slipping!

Step 3: Clean the sleeping area

A clean sleeping environment can reduce friction and prevent the mattress from sliding. Nobody likes a dirty bed, right? So I regularly clean my bed. To clean it, I usually vacuum my sleeping area and wipe down the frame with a damp cloth to eliminate dust.

Step 4: Velcro or bungee cords

Bungee Cords

Using Velcro or bungee cords is a highly effective method for a more secure solution. After cleaning, I attach one side of the Velcro to the mattress and the other to the frame. Or you can criss-cross bungee cords underneath the mattress and hook them to the frame.

I recommend this method if you have an adjustable bed base, as it helps you keep the mattress secure even when changing the bed’s position. I believe you will solve this problem by applying the steps above. They have helped me get better sleep.

What Causes Make Mattresses Slide?

Figuring out why this problem happens is the first step to fixing it. You can take action and follow my guide above once you’ve identified the cause.

Smooth or slippery surface

First, let’s discuss the surface on which your mattress is placed. Is it smooth or slippery? A polished-surfaced bed frame or base might be the culprit. Smooth surfaces don’t offer much grip for your mattress to hold onto.

Poor-quality bed frame or foundation

Another factor to consider is the frame or foundation. If it’s inadequate or not robust enough, your mattress might be feeling a bit wobbly and insecure. 

A worn-out or damaged frame with loosened joints or unstable legs can worsen this issue. It’ll fail to distribute the weight evenly if it lacks central support or has inadequate slats. 

Movement during sleep

Incorrect mattress size is a common cause of sliding mattress. This continuous movement generates friction between your body and the bed and causes its gradual displacement from the original position.

Incorrect mattress size

I have noticed that using an incorrect mattress size is also a reason for this problem. When the mattress is not the right fit for the frame or foundation, it creates gaps and spaces along the edges. Hence, it doesn’t have proper support and tends to shift and slide during the night.

If it is too small for the frame, it leaves empty spaces around the edges, allowing it to move freely. On the other hand, if it is too big, it may overhang the frame. As a result, it’ll be unstable and prone to this problem.

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Why Do Mattresses Slide?


Above are my shares on how to keep a mattress from sliding. Each solution has its unique way of stopping the slipping woes, from checking its foundation to opting for a gripper. You can enjoy restful nights with a sturdy and firmly anchored sleeping area. So, let’s try these tips!