How To Break In A Mattress? 6 Steps To Help You

Mattresses can provide comfortable sleep from the first use. So how to break in a mattress and make it comfortable to sleep on? I have some pro tips here! You can also learn everything about new ones. So keep scrolling down to explore the answers! 

How To Break In A Mattress? 

Breaking into a mattress means making it more comfortable. Then, it can conform better to your body shape, giving you a good sleep. Here are the best ways:

Step 1: Remove any protective coverings

After delivery, mattresses are compressed to fit into the box. This compression can make it uncomfortable to sleep on. So, when you receive your order, remove from the packaging and place it on your bed. Then, remove any protective coverings it may have.

Note: In the first 24 hours after unpacking, avoid sleeping or placing anything heavy on the mattress.

Step 2: Increase temperature

Memory foam mattresses respond well to heat. They become more flexible and can contour to your body shape when they get warmer. However, turning your room too hot is not a good idea. The ideal temperature for a bedroom varies for each individual. So, you can increase the temperature slightly to help the memory foam soften. 

Be careful with the humidity. The moisture in the air can affect your sleep quality and damage the material. 

Step 3: Walk on the mattress to apply pressure

Walk gently on the mattress to apply pressure, being careful not to damage it. This way, your mattress can become more flexible. Yet, do not bounce up and down on your bed. Also, avoid sitting on the edges too often. Too much pressure may damage its structure. 

Step 4: Roll and knead the mattress

Another simple method is to use it. Your weight can put pressure on it, helping it to soften. If you are not sleeping, you can roll or knead the mattress.

Step 5: Rotate the mattress

Memory foam mattresses regularly have one usable side. But, some other mattresses are designed dual sides to provide a different level of comfort that you desire. In this case, consider rotating or flipping the other side. This tip also makes a difference in how your bed feels. 

Some spring mattresses can be rotated for even wear, or if you have a hybrid or memory foam, rotate it to break in. Just turn it around so the head section becomes the foot, and vice versa. 

Step 6: Be patient

Even though you try all the steps above, you can’t see the result soon. The key is patience. Just give your body some time to get used to the new mattress. 

The process may take a while

Why Break In A Mattress? 

Breaking in a mattress is important because it helps soften the materials. Then, you can prevent your mattress from sagging and wear. 

Soften the materials 

When the mattress is new, its material can be stiff and uncomfortable. So, it needs some time to become softer. When softened, your mattress can contour to your body shape. It will surely help improve your sleep then. 

Prevent premature sagging or wear

If you use your new mattress right after purchase, some of its parts will wear out and sag more quickly than others. Fortunately, breaking in the mattress can solve this problem. When you apply pressure on it, all parts have to work. Then, they can settle in properly. 

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What Cautions When Breaking In Mattresses? 

Following the steps above is not enough for the softening process. You should also take these cautions:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Every mattress is different due to its construction, material, and manufacturer. So, you must follow the instructions. The maker may have specific guidelines on how to break in their products. 
  • Gradual adjustments: Mattresses need time to adjust gradually. If you can’t wait and use the wrong methods, you may ruin them. 
  • Avoid jumping or rough activities: Applying gentle pressure on mattresses is good. But things can be more difficult if you have kids. They like new things, and the new mattress is their next target! So remember to watch over your sensitive mattress. 

How To Maintain That Desired Comfort Level After Breaking In? 

The best tip is to flip or rotate it every few months to ensure even wear. This tip prevents it from developing sagging. Another thing to remember is to give your mattress the right foundation. A solid bed frame supports it properly and helps it maintain its shape. 

Breaking in mattresses makes more comfortable


You can easily break in your mattress by applying pressure on it. Other methods like increasing the temperature and rotating the mattress also help. The key to success is patience. This process takes time, but you will eventually pull it off. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any difficulties when following my tips.