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IKEA Mattress Return Policy: The Detailed Guide For You

Federal rules do not require businesses to accept mattress returns, although warranties typically cover situations of damaged mattresses.

So, you can’t just give back an IKEA mattress just because you don’t like it. For additional details, you should read about the IKEA mattress return policy as we share below. 

About IKEA Mattress Return Policy 

Per IKEA’s return policy, you might return IKEA mattresses to the store even when you slept on them. Check out the details below to learn how.

Exchange And Return Policy 

You have 365 days to return your mattress in new condition, so we advise you not to use IKEA items if you’re unhappy with your purchase. Also, you have 180 days to give back opened items for a full refund with proof of purchase.

IKEA has a great mattress return policy 

If you return an item with a receipt, you’ll get a refund in the payment method you used to make the transaction. In case you paid with a card, you should know the precise day and amount of the purchase if you need to return the product; otherwise, they might offer you store credit.

Trial Period

“Love it or exchange it” is IKEA’s following strategy. You can test out mattresses at IKEA for 90 days. The brand guesses you might take some time to adjust to your new mattress. If you’re unhappy, you can switch to another mattress until you find the right one.

Return Window

Our investigation reveals that IKEA accepts mattress returns in-store and through a furniture pickup service. The returned mattress must be undamaged, unmarked, and clean for full store credit. 

A receipt is also required. Moreover, you don’t need to give back your mattress with original packaging and within 6 months for opened products.

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Time To Refund 

IKEA affirms that refunds normally post to the original payment method in 5-7 business days by its return policy. 

Refund posts may take up to one billing cycle, depending on your financial institution, to reflect in your account. You can reach your bank or credit card provider if you still cannot receive the refund on your account.

Refund Process

IKEA accepts returns in two different methods. You can either return it to the IKEA shop that is closest to you or send it back through courier.

You will get a message from IKEA verifying that your refund has been handled within a few days. Please be patient, though, as IKEA occasionally needs up to 14 days to complete refunds.

Depending on how you returned your purchase, IKEA may take some time to refund your money. IKEA could take up to 10 days to process your refund if you returned the item through courier.

Delivery And Pick-Up Fees

Contact the Customer Care Center if you need to arrange a pickup for your things after they are delivered from the shop. Box up the item and call IKEA’s customer service staff if you want to return your mattress via courier.

The item will be picked up by a courier and restored to IKEA at your request. For all returns cases, they are all free. On that day, drivers would arrive in a truck within 4 hours.

IKEA pickup truck will receive your returned products

Can I Return Mattress Through IKEA’s Website?

Yes, it is the answer. It’s vital to understand that your return options when purchasing from IKEA depend on how the purchase is delivered. On IKEA’s website, mattresses can be returned.

The return form is available online on the IKEA website under the “Help” section. Then, if you cannot visit the local IKEA store, wait for a truck pickup. You should receive your product reimbursement approximately two weeks after the item arrives at the store.

Remember that you can only do this if you live close enough to an IKEA store. You can get in touch with IKEA for additional details.

What Are Non-Returnable IKEA Mattress Products?

IKEA makes it easy for customers to return mattresses, but there are still some things that cannot be returned once they have been purchased. You should make notes to prevent confusion later.

Mattress Accessories

Due to IKEA’s policy, although the mattress that you purchased from the store can be accepted to return, its accessories such as pillows, duvets, blankets, or protectors are the opposite case.

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Mattress protector is in the list of products that cannot be returned

Final Sale Products

IKEA provides a fair returns policy for most of the items it sells. Nevertheless, some products that were sold the final time are not accepted because final sale goods are sometimes offered at a discount.

Custom Or Special Order Mattresses

Customers cannot give back their custom or special order mattresses because they are designed specifically for their owners. If something does go wrong, you can speak with IKEA customer support.

Mattress Toppers Or Pads

These are exceptions that return. However, only unused and unopened mattress toppers or pads are accepted for return by IKEA.

Floor Models

Because they are sold at a discount, floor models cannot be returned. IKEA won’t sell floor models unless the item is being phased out. We advise bringing up this issue with a manager at your neighborhood store. 

What Are The Conditions To Return IKEA Mattress?

As long as the defect was present before purchase or the mattress was damaged upon delivery, IKEA accepts all these problems with mattresses. So, be sure the mattress you want to return is in good condition.

The second requirement to return or exchange your merchandise is your identification. You must have both your receipt and a legitimate government-issued photo ID. Your ID data will be kept in a corporate database that will only be used for authorized returns.

There will only be a reimbursement for the net purchase amount indicated on the receipt. A promotional item that was part of the initial transaction will have its value subtracted from the refund if it is not returned.

What Factors Set IKEA’s Mattress Return Policy Apart From Competitors?

The exceptionally convenient return policy of the IKEA mattress, which prioritizes the customer’s needs, is one factor that makes it competitive. The following elements are the features that give IKEA mattress buyers confidence in this brand.

Longer Return And Exchange Time Period 

IKEA gives you a trial period of up to 365 days to ensure the mattress fits you appropriately. Yes, you can return items to IKEA without a receipt within around a year of purchase. It is known as the liberal policy.

“No Questions Asked” Return Policy

IKEA boasts a no-questions-asked return policy, a wide selection, and good turnaround times. You can return any reasonable options you don’t like without being questioned or explaining the reasons.

Hassle-Free Return Process

IKEA provides hassle-free exchanges and refunds. No matter how or where it is purchased, there is no haste or complicated requirements. During 365 days, you can return any IKEA product that hasn’t been used for a complete refund.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Particularly IKEA mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. They provide a 10-year warranty that protects mattresses from materials and craftsmanship flaws. Both the length and the policy are good.

IKEA offers a 10-year limited warranty


The IKEA mattress return policy is straightforward. You must give them the receipt for your return process to proceed smoothly and on schedule. 

Don’t worry; leave a comment with your question, and we’ll do our best to address it and make the return and refund procedure as soon as possible.


Can I return an IKEA mattress without a box?

You don’t need to return products in their original packaging; ensure they aren’t soiled, stained, or broken. If you haven’t put it together, saving the box could be a good idea since it will simplify returning it.

What does IKEA do with returned mattresses?

The local IKEA store accepts returned mattresses and stores them in bags. Furniture Bank visits each location at least once every week to pick up the beds, sort them, accept the usable mattresses, or discard the unusable ones.

Can you return to IKEA within 1  year?

During 365 days, you can return new, unopened items. They will give you a complete refund of the purchase price for any items you return with a receipt.

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