How Long Does Nectar Mattress Take To Expand? (Full Expand)

When I got my new Nectar mattress, I couldn’t wait to jump on it. Interestingly, it expanded gradually. And only after a few days could I enjoy its utmost comfort. You may be wondering: “How long does it take for a Nectar mattress to fully expand?” I did some research and want to tell you the answer now. 

Let’s see what I have learned! 

How Long Does Nectar Mattress Take To Expand? 

Nectar mattresses take 24 to 72 hours to expand fully. However, air pressure, ventilation, humidity, thickness, or sizes are the factors effect on the expansion time of Nectar mattresses. Once you understand the factors that affect the expansion time, you can expedite the process.

Air pressure

When sleeping on a mattress, your body weight presses down on it. The pressure can now push out the air trapped between your body and the mattress. When the air escapes, the material can expand quickly. Nectar memory foam and pillow-top mattresses have air inside them. The air added during the manufacturing process allows them to begin expanding immediately upon unpacking.


Ventilation affects how long it takes for Nectar mattresses to expand. A well-ventilated mattress allows air to move around quickly. Several things can influence ventilation inside the mattresses. You should check the foam first. Different foams retain air differently. 

The type of mattress cover also plays a role. If it’s made from a dense material, air can’t escape easily. You should also consider the amount of insulation in the foundation. It may trap heat, affecting the bedding’s ability to stay ventilated. 


Humidity also affects the expansion process. If it’s high, the air can have a lot of moisture. Meanwhile, the comfortable humidity level in your room should be in the range of 30 to 40%. 

To maintain the desired humidity level in your bedroom:

  1. Open the windows to let fresh air in. 
  2. Turn on your fans to help circulate the humid air. 
  3. Place your mattress on the floor. 
  4. Leave it there for about four hours. If possible, you can set it aside overnight. During this time, the air within the mattress can circulate.  

Thickness and size

The size and thickness of the mattress also impact the time it takes for Nectar mattresses to fully expand. Some mattresses are thicker, so the materials inside them need more time to expand. Similarly, big mattresses have more surface area than small models. Thus, you have to give them more time to work.  

Size and height of the mattress also make expand Nectar mattress fully

How To Know If Your Nectar Mattress Fully Expands?

According to Nectar, their products have fully expanded if they measure 12 to 14 inches deep. You can use a ruler or tape measure to measure their height. When you wake up in the morning, you can feel the changes in comfort and firmness. If it feels supportive, it is likely that it has expanded properly. On the other hand, if you still experience pressure points while sleeping, give it more time. It has to deal with the materials inside it until it can conform to your body. 

Can I Sleep On A Nectar Mattress Before It Fully Expands? 

Yes. You must be excited about your new mattress. However, it is recommended to wait for it to fully expand before using it. As you use the mattress, it can continue to expand. But again, waiting is key. Finally, you can enjoy a cozy sleep every night. 

How About Warranty Of Nectar Mattresses?

Nectar products have a limited lifetime warranty. It’s valid for the first purchaser of the product or the authorized retailer. Please note that this warranty is not transferable. There are many impressive things I notice from the warranty policy. For example, it covers defects in workmanship and material. So what does “defect” mean here?

First, if you notice visible indentations bigger than 1.5 inches, you can contact the manufacturer for help. You can get the same thing for physical flaws that cause foam degradation. Another case of defects is in manufacturing. The manufacturer may make mistakes when assembling the mattress covers. 

If any of the defects occur, Nectar will repair or replace the mattress for you. The warranty term begins from the purchase date. So, if you have waited too long and your mattress doesn’t expand properly, check its condition. If the issue is any defect mentioned above, the company can cover you! 

Nectar offers impressive warranty policies


Nectar mattresses take 24 to 74 hours to fully expand. However, yours may take longer or shorter. If you want to speed it up, check the air pressure, ventilation, and humidity. Even the mattress size and thickness matter here. If your mattress is not expanding properly, don’t worry! Just take time. And once you notice any defect, contact the manufacturer for help. Thank you for reading!