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What Mattress Does Marriott Use? Hotel’s Interesting Facts 

Marriotts must be one of the first names that spring to mind when the topic of “best quality hotels in the world” is brought up. Aside from excellent food, great customer service, and beautiful views, the comfy and relaxing mattresses have also left a deep impression, wowing even the pickiest guests.

What mattresses do hotels like Marriott use, and is there any secret behind its incredible comfort? 

This insightful guideline will gladly shed light on this mystery for you. And you could even purchase the same mattresses they use for your home and residence!

What Is The Type Of Mattresses Marriott Uses?

This famous hotel utilizes Marriott beds supplied and distributed by Simmons. If you are a huge fan that wishes to buy some for your household bedrooms, feel free to do so via the Shop Marriotts website (you can also purchase its linens, pillows, and beddings!). 

A quick scour through the market reveals that Marriott is not the only hotel that joins hands with Simmons; top-quality brands like Red Lion and Intercontinental Hotel Groups also share some parts of the cake! 

This high-end mattress brand is so trusted because their one-sided mattresses incorporate solid bases and pocketed coils that provide superior support, extending the bed’s lifespan.

You can also expect a typical Marriotts mattress to include the following:

  • Temperature regulation. Mattresses in Marriotts hotels implement many cooling components to keep overheating issues at bay, giving hot sleepers breathability throughout the night. 

Cases in point include innerspring and hybrid models, whose breathable nature helps dissipate excess heat. Foam ones also enjoy open-cell designs that foster enhanced breathability. 

  • Bedding. Mattress and bedding hold equal roles in creating a great sleeping experience – a lesson that Marriott and Simmons are fully aware of. 

Don’t be surprised that the hotel chains offer only five-star sleep accessories and bed sheets, which feel extremely smooth under your fingertips. The fabrics are top-notch, gently caressing the skin and causing no overheating problems.

Why Are These Marriott Beds So Cozy and Comfortable?

No matter which Marriotts branch you choose, their beddings and mattresses always deliver a comfy touch.

Some readers will attribute this top-notch performance to the temperature regulation and quality bedding discussed above. But they are just a small part of the bigger picture. 

This hotel brand understands everything needed to create an unmatched sleeping experience, which is reflected in the following factors: 

Firmness Level

Most mattresses in Marriott brands have a medium-firm (or medium) feel- crucial in providing universal comfort to guests of all preferences. 

They can easily meet your expectations regardless of your chosen sleeping styles! The medium firmness even strikes a delicate balance between cradling and support, resulting in a cozy feeling rarely found elsewhere.

These firmness levels do not always work for overweight/obese sleepers, so the brand also introduces mattresses made specifically for heavy people or those needing more support.

Pressure Relief

All Marriott-branded beds are excellent in alleviating pressure and body tension. The flexible materials easily adapt to users’ bodies, bringing optimal cushions for every part to prevent stress build-up and foster relaxation. No wonder some customers compare the experience to a good hour of hot spring bath! 

Appropriate Customization

The mattresses use HD foam (polyurethane) of open-cell construction, with no memory foam inside the layers to sustain a consistent base

This elastic structure also allows for on-time tweaks and customizations according to customers’ feedback and preferences across countries. The inclusion of premium bedding accessories only adds further to the wonderful result.

Can Anyone Buy Marriotts Mattresses?

Yes, people who are impressed with how Marriotts beds perform can purchase one for their houses through the official website, ShopMarriott.

Other necessary bedding features and accessories are also purchasable, ensuring you can recreate the heavenly experience at the hotel in the safe cocoon of your residence.

Remember to check whether the buying source is official/authentic. Many businesses claim to sell Marriotts beds at a lower price – and they all turn out to be scams or do not have the same quality you expect. Do not fall for those tricks! 

What Is The Bedding Brand That Marriott Uses?

Marriott’s bedding, including linens, mattress toppers, etc., are all supplied by Simmons and is accessible through the official website. 

They are made of high-quality materials (usually cotton), which are incredibly soft and gentle to cuddle your sensitive skin with a relaxing feeling. 

Their durability is also undisputed, making them a terrific option for those who want hotel-quality bedding in their own home. Remember to clean them often to maintain this luxurious vibe for long periods. 


So did you know what mattress Marriott uses? We have dived deep into this inquiry, lending excellent tips and advice to all aspects you are wondering about. Now that the secret behind Mariott’s beds has been lifted, its reputation as one of the best hotels in the U.S. should no longer be questioned! 

Feel free to write to us for more advice or clarifications about Marriott’s beds and services! 

Here is a bonus for you – some untold secrets from Marriott’s housekeepers about making beds: 


How Firm Are Marriott Beds?

These mattresses are medium/ medium-firm, which is just the right level to create extreme comfort and coziness for any user.

What Mattresses Does A 5-Star Hotel Use?

Most turn to classic and famous brands like Beautyrest, Simmons, and Sealy. The more luxurious these hotels are, the more expensive (and premium) their bedding gets.

Do Marriotts Hotels Use Mattresses by Jamison?

Yes. The Jamison Hospitality lines are pretty widespread among hotels like Marriotts, Courtyard, and Best Western.

Who Supplies Marriotts Beds?

Serta Simmons (Simmons for short) is the manufacturer behind these products.

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