Is It Safe To Buy A Mattress From Goodwill? Tips For You

Goodwill is one of the most popular retail chains in the US. People often joke that Goodwill will have everything you need, including the mattress of course. The mattress products provided by Goodwill are diverse in brands, designs, sizes, and prices.

But what about quality? Is it safe to buy a mattress from Goodwill? If you are also having similar questions before making a decision. Then we are always happy to help you with the answer below. Scroll down to find out!

What Is A Goodwill Mattress? 

Similar to other large retail chains, Goodwill also offers a variety of mattresses to consumers. However, they do not directly manufacture products, they act as distributors. 

Because the store’s original purpose is “goodwill”, the products should always be sold at these stores at a much cheaper price than similar products sold on the company’s official websites.

So you can find mattresses from many well-known brands in this store, such as Denver. This group will provide good discount products to Goodwill to resell to consumers at the most affordable price. 

Besides, they also receive used mattresses, which they then recycle into new ones to resell for customers or donate to charity organizations. Therefore, the mattresses at this chain store are often the first choice for many people on a tight budget.

Is It Safe To Buy A Mattress From Goodwill? 

The answer is yes. First of all, the recycled products of this chain of stores are guaranteed through a strictly examining process. So you don’t need to worry too much about used items.

Besides, the Goodwill retail chain sells products at low prices because they get discounts from large corporations. That’s why, many people often wonder if buying a mattress here is really safe or not.

This means that consumers are often skeptical about the quality of products sold at Goodwill. Some people also believe that this chain of stores resells used products, and that makes them insecure about the quality and hygiene level of the mattresses here.

However, the truth is, the products that Goodwill offers to consumers are new. Although these are discounted products at a lower price than the original selling price, Goodwill mattress lines still have the same quality or the difference is not too much compared to official website ones.

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What Should You Consider Before Buying A Goodwill Mattress? 

Either way, Goodwill focuses on recycling and discount sales. Therefore, you should also keep the following notes in mind when shopping at this chain store.

Condition Of The Mattress 

You can choose from recycled or discounted new mattresses when they are on sale, so you should only choose mattresses that are good quality and hygienic for use. For surer, you can check the integrity or damage of the product yourself when you buy it.


Hygiene is the biggest concern when buying a mattress from Goodwill because this will directly affect consumer health. Therefore, the mattress has to commit to hygiene issues (dirt, odor, bed bugs, etc.). It’s better to examine the product in person. 

If you notice stains, you can report them to the store and choose a different product.

Comfort Level 

When shopping at Goodwill, you can directly touch and try on the items at the store. This helps you ensure the comfort you desire for your mattress. However, you should not use too much force to avoid affecting the quality of unsold products.

Health Issues

As mentioned above, the products at Goodwill are used or discounted, if not hygienic, they will cause many health problems for users. Although Goodwill is a famous retail chain, as an intelligent consumer, you should not ignore health issues when buying mattresses.


One of the possible causes of health problems and discomfort for mattress users is the material. Currently, mattress products at these stores are also quite diverse in materials, such as cotton, sedge, or memory foam. Each material will have different advantages that match your demand. In addition, you should also consider the price aspect.

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Does Goodwill Sell New Mattresses? 

Yes, they also sell new products. As mentioned, besides recycled products, Goodwill also offers new mattress products. This is a discounted mattress line that is cheaper than the original price ones, but it is completely an unused product.

These products are primarily offered for charity is primary. Therefore, it will not be too difficult to understand why this chain of stores sells cheap products with good quality. In short, if you have a modest budget and are looking for a guaranteed quality mattress, then Goodwill is a safe and worthwhile choice.

Are There Any Goodwill Return Policies?

Yes. If certain items are returned within 30 days of purchase with the original receipt, the customers will be issued a shop credit, and Goodwill doesn’t give back money in cash. 

The store also requires all customers to update their information in the database if they want to exchange or return the product.

However, not all items are eligible for a return policy. According to regulations from this retail chain, they only apply a return policy for certain types of items, for example, clothes, shoes, electronics,… And unfortunately, mattresses are not on this list.

More information for you, some products that do not apply the return policy are furniture, toys, houseware, and books,…

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Although there are still many concerns about the quality of products at Goodwill, according to many shoppers, this is still a destination worth visiting for everyone, especially those with a humble budget. 

So, if you are considering a mattress at Goodwill, refer to our information above!