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Can You Use Any Mattress On Trundle Bed?

Trundle beds are becoming increasingly popular as a superior alternative to traditional items. Thanks for using the free space and designing for any size room.

So, can you use any mattress on the trundle bed? The answer is yes. 

However, to use this sort of bed comfortably, you must pick a mattress that fits a wheelchair and is thinner than a typical mattress to accommodate the top bed.

Not all mattresses fit trundle beds. Please see the article below for criteria.

Can You Use Any Mattress On Trundle Bed?

There are various little to huge mattresses available. The residence has all the required furnishings. Filling the house saves space and meets needs, which is satisfying.

This idea has led to space-saving furniture like trundle beds, which are popular. A trundle bed is pointless and a waste of material without a suitable mattress.

Before buying a bed frame, you should measure the trundle bed frame and mattress height to match the main bed. Thus, choosing the greatest trundle bed mattress is vital.

For clarity, we’ll examine the most popular models.

  • Twin Mattress: A trundle bed can be used as a little bed that fits into another bed with a twin mattress pad no thicker than eight inches. One of the smallest at 38″ W × 75″ L x 6-8″ H. Buyers also find this kind affordable.
  • Twin XL: A twin size mattress or trundle mattress is not a Twin XL mattress. At 38″ W x 80″ L x 6-8″ H, the Twin XL frame is 5 inches bigger. Naturally, XL versions offer greater useable room, making them more comfortable to lay in. With these features, the gadget is suited for adult children.
  • Full size: The Full-size mattress is ideal for adults at 53″ W x 75″ L x 6-8″ H. Most simple trundles fit this mattress, but some won’t.
  • King & Queen: These huge models are often only suited for regular variants. Some uncommon and pricey trundle beds are available for these two sizes.

What Is A Trundle Bed?

What Is A Trundle?

What Is A Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed is a form of bed frame similar to many other products but is much more compact and lower.

We can move this thing around more easily because it has wheels instead of legs that stay in place. In this way, it helps make good use of the extra room.

Usually, basic models will have a space at the bottom, and it will be a waste if we do not make use of this space.

You could put a trundle bed on top of a bunk bed if you need more sleeping space but don’t have enough room.

A trundle bed works like a bunk bed because it has two beds stacked on top of each other. 

Trundle beds will only take up the space in the room that a single bed would. If you want to buy a mattress that will fit in a trundle, the best super single mattress might be a suitable choice.

It used to only be possible to store things, but now you can add something else to make it a bed for your kids or friends to sleep in at night.

This trundle bed is one of the best ideas that interior designers have created.

Want to know more about sleeping options and how to move them. Find out more about SUV box springs.

Mattress Types And Suitability For Trundle

Standard size

For the best decision. We must first measure the bed and the merchandise placement. Keep checking the height of the additional frame and deduct between these two amounts to reach the restricted size.

Having a 12-inch undercarriage with a 5-inch trundle bed below reduces the restriction to less than 7 inches. Choose models 1-2 inches from the limit for easy manipulation.

Based on user needs

It is a big mistake to choose a size based only on the most important factor and not on the user’s wants.

Kids, teens, and overnight visitors love trundle beds because they feature more sleeping space and a thinner mattress. The mattress length may be low for children’s beds, but the thickness should be suitable to avoid pain.

Learn How to Replace Slats on Bed if you want to keep your bed in good shape and make changes to it.

Trundle bed frames are lower and less supporting than conventional mattresses, thus they may not be suited for the elderly or those with back issues.

For grownups, length is more important since it affects resting comfort.

If you’re still undecided, remember that trundle beds have other purposes.

Bed equipment drawers are available in some versions. Beds that transform into trundle daybeds are available for apartment dwellers.

Our guide on the Best RV Mattress Topper can help you understand the ideal sizes for trundle bed mattresses. Most RV mattresses are the same size and weight.

Available Mattress Materials

Since there may be only a few options for the trundle mattress sizes that you could choose, there are different other types of mattress pads that you can opt for.

Because each material will create a different feeling and therefore the comfort when using will also change.

Memory Foam: Antibacterial and Safer

Antibacterial Memory Foam

Antibacterial Memory Foam Mattress

Antibacterial memory foam has a different name than Antimicrobial Memory Foam. The mattress is soft and can hug you by the curves of your body.

The unique feature of this material is that it can recover to its original state after we get out and does not leave traces for too long. As you get out of bed and back into it, it will remain in the same form for a long time before adjusting to its original shape.

Today, cushion models using this material also have flexible antibacterial capabilities.




Latex foam mattresses are manufactured from rubber trees which are available in three types of foam mattresses with different original materials, namely natural, synthetic and mixed, respectively.

But no matter what type of rubber they are, these cushions still have impressive elasticity.


This exceptional mattress does not require a pillow to be used because the ridge on the product top is full of smoothness and solid seams for us to use as a replacement for a standard pillow.

Air Cushion

Air Cushion

Air Cushion

As one of the unique textured models, air cushions possess the exceptional softness and elasticity that few products have.

It is also a suitable model for people with joint problems. However, these air-cushioned products are often quite expensive.

To understand more about mattress materials, check our detailed comparison on Polyester vs. Polyamide.


The above is the necessary information to help you answer the question “can you use any mattress on a trundle” and the criteria to find a suitable mattress for your trundle model.

Hopefully, the information in today’s article will give you a source of quality knowledge to serve the selection and use of mattresses.

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