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Can You Use Any Mattress On Trundle Bed?

Today, trundle bed models are gradually becoming more popular and are a quality alternative to conventional products. All thanks for taking advantage of the free space and design suitable for any large or narrow room.

So, can you use any mattress on the trundle bed? The answer is yes. 

However, to enjoy the comfort of using this type of bed, you need to be careful to choose a mattress that fits the size of a wheelchair and is thinner than a normal mattress to fit the upper bed.

Not all mattresses are suitable for trundle beds. Therefore, you should refer to the criteria contained in the article below. 

What Is A Trundle Bed?

What Is A Trundle?

What Is A Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed is a form of bed frame similar to many other products but is much more compact and lower.

This device is also equipped with wheels so that we can move more mobile instead of using fixed legs. Therefore, it helps make good use of the extra space.

Usually, basic models will have a space at the bottom, and it will be a waste if we do not make use of this space.

If you need additional sleeping space but don’t have enough room, you should consider a trundle bed above a bunk bed.

Because it is a single piece of furniture that provides two sleeping places, a trundle bed operates similarly to a bunk bed, which is a piece of furniture that involves two beds, one above the other, that form a unit. 

Trundle beds will only take up the space in the room that a single bed would. Instead of just being able to use it to store things like before, now you can install another device to give your children or guests a place to rest for the night.

This trundle bed is one of the best ideas that interior designers have created.

Mattress Types And Suitability For Trundle

Standard size

To get the best choice. First, we need to measure the size of the bed, and the position where you will put the product. Then it would help if you continued to check the height of the extra frame and then subtract between these two quantities to get the limited size. 

For example, if you have one with a 12-inch high undercarriage and a 5-inch-high trundle bed underneath, the limit used will be less than 7 inches. To make it easier to manipulate, you should choose models with a difference of about 1-2 inches from the limit.

Based on user needs

It is a significant omission to consider only the essential factor in choosing a size without focusing on the needs of the user.

Trundle beds are great for kids, teenagers, and overnight guests since they have extra sleeping space with a thinner mattress. For children’s beds, the length of the mattress may be short, but the thickness should always be appropriate so as not to cause discomfort when used.

However, because trundle bed frames are closer to the ground and less supportive than standard mattresses, they may not be suitable for the elderly or people with back problems.

Meanwhile, the length factor will be more critical for adults because it is directly related to comfort during rest.

If you’re still not convinced, acknowledge that trundle beds come in different designs with additional uses.

Some models provide drawers for additional storage of bed equipment. For individuals who live in flats and need adaptable supplies, you may even locate beds that convert into trundle daybeds.

Can You Use Any Mattress On Trundle Bed?

There are many different mattresses of all sizes, from small to large. The house is crammed with the necessary furniture. This fills the house, which is a subject of satisfaction because it saves space by meeting requirements.

This concept has given rise to space-saving furniture such as trundle beds, which have received a positive response. A trundle bed is pointless and a waste of material without a suitable mattress.

You should measure the trundle bed frame and the height of the mattress that will meet the requirements of the main bed before considering purchasing a bed frame. As a result, selecting the best mattress for the trundle bed is crucial.

To better view, we will look at the popular models on the market in turn.

  • Twin Mattress: A trundle bed can function as a small bed that can also fit into another bed; the mattress pad should be a twin size and is no thicker than eight inches. One of the most miniature types at about 38″ W x 75″ L x 6-8″ H. In addition, the cost of this type is quite budget friendly for buyers.
  • Twin XL: A twin size mattress or trundle mattress is different from a Twin XL mattress. The Twin XL frame is about 5 inches larger in size at about 38″ W x 80″ L x 6-8″ H. Of course, with this size, the XL models provide more usable space, thereby providing additional comfort while resting. With the above characteristics, the device will be suitable for children who are in adulthood.
  • Full size: The size 53″ W x 75″ L x 6-8″ H of the Full-size mattress is the right choice when you are looking for a product to serve adults. Of course, some trundles won’t fit this mattress, but most basic equipment has enough space to fit.
  • King & Queen: These are two models with quite large sizes and are almost only suitable for ordinary versions. There are some trundle beds for these two sizes as they are pretty rare and expensive.

Available Mattress Materials

Since there may be only a few options for the trundle mattress sizes that you could choose, there are different other types of mattress pads that you can opt for.

Because each material will create a different feeling and therefore the comfort when using will also change.

Antibacterial Memory Foam

Antibacterial Memory Foam

Antibacterial Memory Foam Mattress

Antibacterial memory foam has a different name than Antimicrobial Memory Foam. The mattress is soft and can hug you by the curves of your body.

The unique feature of this material is that it can recover to its original state after we get out and does not leave traces for too long. As you get out of bed and back into it, it will remain in the same form for a long time before adjusting to its original shape.

Today, cushion models using this material also have flexible antibacterial capabilities.




Latex foam mattresses are manufactured from rubber trees which are available in three types of foam mattresses with different original materials, namely natural, synthetic and mixed, respectively.

But no matter what type of rubber they are, these cushions still have impressive elasticity.


This exceptional mattress does not require a pillow to be used because the ridge on the product top is full of smoothness and solid seams for us to use as a replacement for a standard pillow.

Air Cushion

Air Cushion

Air Cushion

As one of the unique textured models, air cushions possess the exceptional softness and elasticity that few products have.

It is also a suitable model for people with joint problems. However, these air-cushioned products are often quite expensive.


The above is the necessary information to help you answer the question “can you use any mattress on a trundle” and the criteria to find a suitable mattress for your trundle model.

Hopefully, the information in today’s article will give you a source of quality knowledge to serve the selection and use of mattresses.

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