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2 vs 3 Inch Mattress Topper: Which One Is A Better Option?

It is indeed a well-known fact that a mattress topper aims to improve the softness, luxury, and support of your mattress. 

It is advisable to choose the thickness that will work best for you, taking into account your expectations and sleeping habits. Let’s learn more regarding this as we aim to compare 2 vs 3 inch mattress toppers in this detailed guide! 

Is a 2 Inch or 3 Inch Mattress Topper Better? 

In present times, the most widely used mattress toppers on the market are 2-inch and 3-inch thick. These two thicknesses work well with most mattress sizes, body types, and sleeping postures.

However, a lot of people are unable to select the ideal thickness of a mattress or its respective topper. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on the topper thickness that’s right for you, read our guide thoroughly, and we promise to help you make the perfect choice! 

Relieving back pain

A 2-inch topper is undoubtedly the thinnest choice available in the market nowadays. However, if you must endure hip pain, it may serve to be a sound option. This is because a thicker mattress will cause your hips to sink into it and your back to go out of alignment. 

Keeping this in mind, two-inch toppers are ideal for individuals who tend to sleep on mattresses with elevated heights. Moreover, the topper won’t make the bed feel too heavy for you as it is thin. The best part is that you can still obtain good comfort and support from a 2-inch topper if you weigh less than 200 pounds. 

On the contrary, a 3-inch topper is approximately 50% higher compared to a 2-inch topper. So, if you’re someone who regularly experiences back pain, such a mattress topper can be a wonderful choice, especially if it has a medium-firm configuration. 

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Improving sleeping posture

As mentioned previously, a 3-inch topper is almost 50% taller than a 2-inch model. Particularly when it’s medium-firm, this mattress topper is the ideal option for anyone with lower back problems. Medium-depth toppers enable sleepers to relax as the sleep surface cushions pressure spots on the back. The spine and back can then be straightened and kept aligned.  

Enhancing the alignment of your body during sleep

So, sleepers who prefer to lie on their sides can greatly benefit from a 3-inch topper that is soft or medium-soft. As the hips, shoulders, and knees need to be padded for side sleepers, more thickness with the appropriate softness is desirable for this type of sleeping. 

At the same time, 3-inch toppers are perfect for medium to heavy sleepers who require more support or cushioning (about 165 to 250 pounds). Essentially, a softer topper can help achieve more cushioning. Nevertheless, it is possible to achieve better support by making it firmer. 

Enhancing support and comfort

If the truth be told, both of these mattress toppers come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Being thinner, a 2-inch topper will give you more support than comfort. A 3-inch topper, on the other hand, is thicker and will provide you with more support than cushioning. 

Nevertheless, there are several firmness options for 3-inch mattress toppers. A 3-inch topper, whether soft or firm, will be much more obvious than a 2-inch one. It all depends on your preferences and sleep needs.  

Lightweight sleepers, back or stomach sleepers, and people who like to sleep on their sides can all significantly benefit from a 2-inch mattress topper. A 3-inch topper is preferable, though, if you need additional cushioning or are larger. 

Considering capacity and weight

Your body weight and sleeping posture should be taken into account while selecting a mattress topper. For instance, individuals who are small may want to choose a softer mattress, while those who are healthy may choose a firmer mattress.  

Keeping this statement into account, a 2-inch topper might be best for someone who weighs less than 200 pounds. Likewise, individuals weighing more than 250 pounds should opt for its 3-inch alternative.

Exploring construction and materials

Before comparing a 2 vs 3 inch mattress topper, it is soundest to think about the components whose topper is constructed of. You can choose many type of mattresses from latex mattress toppers over memory foam mattress toppers.

If you enjoy that enveloping feeling, memory foam toppers are a better option, while latex toppers are a better option if you have a tendency to sleep overheated. 

Additionally, examining the materials used in the construction of the mattress topper is essential. Factors such as the type of foam or latex, the presence of cooling gel, or the use of natural materials like bamboo can significantly impact the comfort and support provided by the topper.

By delving into the construction and materials of the mattress topper, you can make an informed decision and enhance your overall sleeping experience.

Investigating the structure and composition of mattresses


There doesn’t appear to be a clear winner in our comparison of a 2 vs 3 inch mattress topper. After all, It all depends on the body type and sleeping position of the individual. However, those with an average build and no rigid sleeping position should select a thicker topper for a more supportive and cushioning effect.  

Whatever the case, now that you might have made up your mind regarding the ideal topper based on your preferences and sleeping habits, we recommend also enlightening yourself regarding the use of the perfect mattress type with respect to your sleeping habits, particularly if you’re a side sleeper. Have you ever thought about it? 


  1. Are mattress protectors and toppers the same things? 

    No. The use of a mattress protector helps keep your mattress free of moisture, bacteria, and dust mites. In contrast, a mattress topper is a thick layer of two to four inches that offers a layer of comfort and protection.

  2. Which is better, a 2 or 3 inch mattress topper? 

    While we cannot label any of these two options as superior, it's merely the fact that different sleepers have different preferences. A 2-inch topper works best for back sleepers or light sleepers, but it is not as suited for side sleepers or people who weigh more than 250 pounds.

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