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Are Trundle Beds Suitable For Adults To Sleep Comfortably And Safely?

Trundle beds are excellent options for adding more sleeping space, especially for kids. But what if you have overnight guests? Are trundle beds suitable for adults? 

The answer is Yes. Some trundle beds are big enough to accommodate adults. Also, if you choose high-quality products, you will feel satisfied with their durability and comfort. Even tall people can have a nice sleep on trundle beds. 

This article will give you a detailed explanation of why the trundle beds can fit mature sleepers. We also discuss some cases where trundle beds are not ideal.

Now, let’s read on to discover!

Sizes Of Trundle Beds

A mattress for the sleep surface doesn’t come with the purchase of a trundle bed. Hence, you’ll have to buy it separately. 

Although some manufacturers bring new layouts, there are three main sizes:

SizeSize Dimension (Width x Length X Thickness)
Twin38  x 75 x 6-8
Twin XL38 x 80 x 6-8
Full 53 x 75 x 6-8

As you can see, the dimensions prove that the trundle bed can occupy an adult, ensuring a comfortable place to sleep. 

Types Of Trundle Beds

Many trundle beds used for children have smaller sizes and more delicate structures. However, since the space-saving setup is becoming a trend, manufacturers offer different trundle beds for adults while still not taking up too much space.

A trundle bed has two main parts: a parent bed and a smaller one beneath. With the same concept, many varieties have shown up to serve different purposes:

Here are some models you can try:

Trundle bed-only

These products have a slatted frame fitted on casters. They can fit under a higher bed frame. 

A trundle bed-only order does not include the bigger bed.


This design has a rolling truckle and a parent bed. Both of them come with steel frames for better support.

This can have an additional twin bed or twin mattress for your visitors to sleep overnight.

You may find this option quite similar to the trundle bed-only one. The difference is that the larger bed frame comes with your order.


This model is ideal for tall people. A daybed has a cushioned top and sturdy construction with three sides.

These trundle beds can be a couch during the day, but the padding is soft enough to work like a sleeping surface at night. Or the daybed with trundle bed hidden beneath is a great option for adults who have a small place but want to have extra storage space.


The drawers allow you to pull them in or out when needed. They also come in various styles depending on your taste. 

Curled footboards and headboards, for example, provide sleigh beds with a toboggan-like look. Another idea is the captain bunk, which features some tiny storage containers.

Bunk bed 

The trundle bunk beds include two or three-bed frames piled on top of each other. Bunk beds also have ladders to reach the upper levels and protection rails to keep occupants from slipping out.

Some excellent trundle bunk beds can be converted into a loft bed with a desk beneath, this is very popular for college students in their first apartment.

Under the bottom bunk, some designs have drawers. If you want to optimize the floor space in your bedroom, a bunk might be a superb purchase.

Benefits Of Trundle Beds

Aside from the diverse type and size, the truckles also offer some benefits that a mature person may love. 

Extra space

Although you may not need an extra bed, a trundle bed might be helpful because you don’t have to place a mattress in the chamber.

Alternatively, you may use the pull-out frame as a storage room. You can store your belongings there.

And if your space can not afford a guest room then a trundle bed is very suitable. You can have more floor space during the day and have additional sleeping space for a guest to sleep at night.

Double-check if the under-bed does have a firm, intact bottom or not. If the floor has any spacing, you’ll need to use a liner or under-bed containers to avoid your stuff from dropping through the cracks.


Many trundle beds feature metal frames. As a result, there would be fewer chances of falling out. 

The safety level is higher if you opt for drawers or daybeds. While the drawers stay close to the floor, the daybeds are sturdy enough to work as couches and mattresses. 


This feature varies from model to model. However, you can control it by choosing trundle bed mattresses with extra cushions. 


Last but not least, most trundle beds are cost-effective. Even more luxurious, more durable variants may cost about $500. 

Drawbacks Of Trundle Beds

Trundle beds, like anything else in existence, have their drawbacks. The great news is that you can sometimes ignore these flaws because they aren’t severe.

But, it’s still something to consider, so let’s look deeper.

Custom size

If you want to use the pull-out cot as a regular bed (pop up trundle bed) and when it isn’t in use, the trundle mattress receives little airflow, please remember that the beneath frame needs a special-size cushion.

Pop up trundle bed is more comfortable than the counterpart bed because they have a wide range of options to adjust the bed.

These aren’t your standard mattress measurements since they need to be somewhat smaller than the parent bed. This feature can be inconvenient for anybody seeking to change mattresses.

The same size as a standard

A trundle bed helps those who want more than one bed to save space. However, it is still the same size as a standard bed. 

As a result, you’ll need to have enough room to fit a trundle of the desired size, such as full or twin options. 


Nothing is more annoying than having to take out the under-bed when you’re sleepy and want to rest. 

Even if it won’t take much strength to take out the bed hidden beneath, it’s still an inconvenience.

If your child’s room has a bunk bed, you’ll have to draw it out every night and then roll it back the next morning. 

If you think these things sound unpleasant, you’re right. Small children won’t be able to accomplish it on their own.

Final Words

Trundles can fit people from every age level, including the mature ones. They come in different sizes and types. You just need to pick the most suitable one and find the best trundle bed mattress.

Although some models may have specific drawbacks, you can fix them by selecting them carefully. The more effort and time you put into shopping, the more enjoyable experience you will have.

This video with highly-reviewed options may help you make a size decision. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Thank you for reading!

David Elkie

David Elkie

David Elkie is the CEO at Banner Mattress. He has been in the writing and editing business for the mattress, bedding accessories and décor industries for over 20 years.