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Does Ashley Mattress Have Fiberglass? Tips To Know It

On the market today, you can easily find many different types of mattresses, and Ashley is one of the most popular choices. 

However, when buying a mattress, fiberglass is the issue that makes buyers wonder the most. 

So does Ashley mattress have fiberglass? And if so, how should you protect your health against some of the negative effects of this material? All of the answers you need will be in this post, so stay tuned.

Does Ashley Mattress Have Fiberglass? 

Does Ashley mattress have fiberglass? Yes, Ashley mattresses contain fiberglass

Our answer is yes! Ashley mattresses contain fiberglass

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses, according to Ashley, are breathable and pleasant. Nonetheless, fiberglass is present in these mattresses. 

However, not all of this brand’s products contain this material, but they are still high-quality products for sleepers. 

Does An Ashley Mattress Include A Lot Of Fiberglass?

Yes. Basically, the fiberglass in Ashley mattresses acts as a flame retardant, similar to most other mattresses. Therefore, the amount of this material used in Ashley mattresses is also evaluated as quite large. 

However, you should know that out of Ashley’s three mattress lines, only two contain fiberglass, which are their hybrid mattress line and their memory foam mattress line.

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Can Ashley Fiberglass Mattresses Harm Your Health?

The answer is yes. As mentioned, if you buy Ashley’s memory foam or hybrid mattress, you may be at risk of fiberglass exposure. 

Fiberglass has the great benefit of being one of the most widely used flame retardants. On the negative side, fiberglass might be bad for your health. 

Fiberglass is extremely light and thin, and it can even be suspended in the air. It can scratch and irritate your skin when it comes into contact with it. 

Fiberglass may also have an effect on your respiratory system when inhaled (cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, and so on). These ailments are together known as “fiberglass exposure” symptoms. 

However, there is currently no evidence to support the hypothesis that fiberglass exposure can result in human cancer.

How To Preserve Your Ashley Mattress Properly?

First of all, you should never remove the cover from an Ashley memory foam or hybrid mattress. This mattress cleaning process is the next step to which you should pay close attention. 

Even better, you ought to use a hand-held vacuum to clean your mattresses. It’s best to avoid getting water on your mattresses because it won’t be able to dry entirely. 

Besides, if the humidity in your living space is high, you can put a dehumidifier close to your mattress to dry the air and avoid the growth of mold, which can harm your health.

About Ashley Mattress

Ashley mattresses are frequently popular in comparison to many other brands on the market today because of their low price. 

In terms of quality, you will probably need to consider a lot before making a decision to buy an Ashley mattress or not. 

Here is some useful information about Ashley mattresses that you should refer to before choosing the right ones from this brand.

What Is Special About The Mattresses From Ashley? 

As mentioned, an affordable price is one of the top advantages of Ashley mattresses. 

Accordingly, if you have to spend more than 200 dollars for a mattress from another brand, then you can absolutely own an Ashley mattress for only about 149 dollars. 

Besides, Ashley mattresses also support many different sleeping positions, helping you feel comfortable when sleeping. Firm support quilt foam can be readily shaped to fit your body thanks to a luxurious stretch cover. 

Your spine is kept straight throughout the night by layers of gel memory foam and high-density support foam. 

Couples will also love this mattress since its bottom features a powerful pocket coil system that absorbs motion.

The Most Popular Models And Products From Ashley

Owning a suitable mattress help you feel more relaxed when sleeping

Ashley offers buyers quite a few different options to find the right mattress. Ashley’s three most popular product lines are innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and memory foam mattresses. 

As for their innerspring mattress line, these mattresses come in a variety of materials and constructions, including latex, memory foam, and polyfoam layers, among others. 

For lumbar support, some models contain a thin coating of gel memory foam. The coils that are separately wrapped provide the bulk of their support. 

In their hybrid mattresses, Ashley Sleep tops individually pocketed coils with a layer of gel memory foam, which is similar to their classic innerspring design. 

The conforming advantages of gel memory foam are offered by the top memory foam layer.

Finally, their memory foam models have no springs. Instead, these mattresses are various combinations of memory foam, gel infusions, and other foam types. 

Ashley memory foam mattresses have a high degree of compliance, which reduces pressure points and partner disruption.

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Why Should You Consider Buying Ashley’s Products?

First of all, if you are on a tight budget, Ashley mattresses are absolutely a worthy choice for you. 

Besides, this brand also offers a wide selection of mattresses that vary in size, material, and characteristics. This gives you more options to choose the right mattress. 

Also, while Ashley’s low-priced products won’t be as high-quality as some others this is for sure. But the overall quality of Ashley mattresses is still ideal for people sleeping in many different positions.

How Should You Protect Your Health From The Negative Impact Of Fiberglass?

If you have to work with fiberglass, there are numerous ways to safeguard yourself and reduce your exposure. 

Make sure to wear long sleeves and long pants to cover any exposed skin. 

To protect your throat and lungs during low-level exposure to airborne fibers, you should at the very least wear a dust mask. 

Always thoroughly wash your hands and face after working. If your health is affected by fiberglass, go to the nearest medical center for support and to avoid more serious consequences.

You should wear long sleeves and long pants to protect yourself from fiberglass 

Fiberglass is quite helpful for both commercial and household purposes, but it needs to be handled carefully to prevent some of its annoying qualities. 

Further scientific research will be done in the future to find out if there are, in fact, any long-lasting health impacts. 

For the time being, ensuring safe and healthy handling of fiberglass will mostly depend on safe handling and working procedures.


Fiberglass has both advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing mattresses, you should definitely understand the pros and cons of their material, as well as ensure that your mattresses contain fiberglass or not.

If you are considering Ashley mattresses, we hope the above information has helped you.


Do all Ashley mattresses contain fiberglass?

Our answer is no. Only their hybrid and memory foam mattress lines among Ashley’s three mattress line offerings include fiberglass.

Can you reduce the amount of fiberglass in Ashley mattresses?

Fortunately, yes, you can. Your only risk-free option to get rid of fiberglass leaking into your house from Ashley mattresses is to hire a certified, experienced cleanup firm. You should never attempt to clean it up on your own because you risk spreading its contamination.

Does cold water help get rid of fiberglass?

Yes. You should use cold water to wash that area right away, combined with mild soap and cold water, if you wish to remove fiberglass from your skin.

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