Ashley Mattress Lawsuit: The Truth Revealed

There are mixed opinions whenever the topic of Ashley Furniture is brought up; some are delighted at the brand’s low price tags, while others feel wary of possible dangers and toxic substances that might lurk in their products. 

People have a valid reason to be on edge, though: the famous Ashley Furniture mattress lawsuit is all people have been talking about in recent years. This article will lift the curtain to reveal what actually happened behind the scenes. 

What Is The Ashley Furniture Mattress Lawsuit? 

While most of the lawsuits are still pending, the fact that many other customers report the same issue speaks volumes about Ashley’s decade-long problems. Let’s read some typical lawsuits of Ashley: 

Deceptive Pricing

  • Complainant: Stephanie Aberl 
  • Reason: Aberl accused Ashley Furniture of using fake “original” prices to lure customers into buying items advertised as “discounted.” 
  • Case Status/Outcome: Pending

Ashley HomeStore has been the subject of class action lawsuits for “false advertising,” in which Aberl claimed the brand dupes clients with fake upfront prices. As a result, customers flock to their products, believing they are purchasing home furniture at bargain costs. 

As reported by Aberl, she had trusted Ashley’s pricing scheme and decided to purchase a mattress and twin bed from its official website. At that moment, the bed was priced at $96.99 – accompanied by a reference cost of $159.99. 

Abert thought it meant the bed’s current price was 40% off; she hurriedly clicked “Purchase,” assuming such deals might not last for long. 

But later, she found out the bed was never on sale on Ashley’s e-commerce page. There was no trace of the bed being listed for discount in any Ashley store, either.

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Fiberglass Containment 

  • Complainant: Multiple Ashley customers
  • Reason: The mattresses are reportedly laced with fiberglass, which leaves skin itches and other chronic diseases on their users. 
  • Case Status/ Outcome: Pending

In 2020, a Texas family claimed to “experience the most horrifying nightmare in their life” after discovering contamination and fiberglass in their Ashley mattress.

It all started before their trip. Every member cleaned up the residence (the mattress included). Michelle Cantrell pulled off the mattress cover to handle it, “unknowing that we are depositing millions of fiberglass shards everywhere.” 

While on vacation, Michelle started feeling itchy once she had put on her shirt (which was washed in the same water cycle as the contaminated cover). As she took off the shirt for a closer look, Michell spotted glass shards on it. 

Even though Ashley did offer zero-cost mattress replacements, this accident already charged her family quite a fortune: professional cleanups fluctuated between $2,000 and $10,000. 

Michelle’s family was just one of the plaintiffs. Many others have filed fiberglass lawsuits against Ashley since then.

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Damaged and Undelivered Products

  • Complainant: Not published
  • Reason: The products were missing, damaged, and one-sidedly canceled.
  • Case Status/ Outcome: Pending

The family expected the furniture for weeks, yet Ashley just set their phone number on hold mode or hung up whenever this family tried to phone. 

After long months of waiting, Ashley’s finally announced certain items were available to pick up. The family drove 350 miles to the store, only to realize some purchases were missing and others damaged. 

Updated versions of the lawsuits also stated the store one-sidedly canceled the couch, chair, and loveseat without informing the financing firm (ACIMA). Thus, the family had to pay for them all despite never receiving them. 

Other Lawsuits

Late Delivery

  • Complainant: Mr. Wolf
  • Reason: Ashleys did not deliver the products to Wolf on their agreed time. As a result, he couldn’t step into his newly-bought apartment for about two weeks while still having to pay for utilities and rent. 
  • Outcome: Unpublished

Deceptive Advertising

  • Complainant: Perisic
  • Reason: Perisic demanded Ashleys take responsibility for “misleadingly, deceptively, and falsely advertising, marketing, promoting, and selling DuraBlend furniture.” Her purchases had reportedly been severely broken after just two years of regular usage. 
  • Outcome/Case Status: Perisic did not win. As per the final documents, “The clerks are directed to terminate all pending motions.” 

Should We Still Trust Ashley Furniture Mattress Quality? 

You might continue to use the Ashley brand due to some of its functions

It’s hard to say; Ashley Furniture has always been a walking source of controversy since the 1990s. Still, aside from accusations against fiberglass mattresses (whose lawsuit results are still not available), we dare say the other materials and mattress types are not half-bad:


Ashleys incorporates some of the trendiest materials to reduce odor – such as infused green tea foam and memory foam – at a competitive price. Nevertheless, their durability is still under debate: some claim they suit temporary sleeping solutions better than long-term usage.

  • Pros: Great cooling and no odor
  • Cons: Early sagging/ durability issues 

Mattress Type

The store offers three mattress types: hybrid, innerspring, and memory foam, with varied thicknesses and densities. 

Each often has a thin top layer, supported by a transitional layer and Bonnell coil systems for maximum effects. The zoned buffs only add more charm, working wonders in fostering airflow and pressure relief. 

Overall, most clients think highly of their comfort and feel; yet, durability issues keep being brought up. 

  • Pros: Varied firmness, great comfort
  • Cons: Reportedly early sagging

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What If I Want To Return My Ashley Mattress?

Foundations and mattresses can only be sent back to Ashley if they are defective (due to manufacturing errors) or delivered damaged.

Defective mattresses that are discovered within 72 hours after the product’s delivery will receive 100% warranty coverage. Meanwhile, delivery damage is usually handled by Ashley’s customer service, which you should contact as soon as possible.


Our article has listed some of the most famous Ashley Furniture mattress lawsuit cases. Despite questionable and inconsistent qualities (both in the mattresses and other furniture), it’s still among the most widely-consumed brands due to competitive pricing. 

We do not say Ashley’s never distributes good products. Ignoring the lawsuits about durability, Ashley mattresses still have some benefits for users, so you can still consider buying them.