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Does Bear Mattress Have Fiberglass? All Answers You Need

Does Bear mattress have fiberglass? To the most excellent mattress for their needs is the issue that most users ask frequently. 

A mattress is more than just a place to sleep. It is a gift that helps you can feel relaxed after a long day at work. So you might not want the appearance of fiberglass in your favorite mattress.

A mattress also serves as a treatment for persons with spinal problems.

We provide all the fantastic stuff right here in this article!

Does Bear Mattress Have Fiberglass?

The answer is no. On their websites, Bear mattresses affirmed that their mattresses are made without fiberglass. They don’t use this ingredient in any of their mattress lines. 

They claim that a combination of natural and artificial elements, including latex and gel, is used to make their mattresses. 

Additionally, their target is offering mattresses that promote the finest, healthiest possible sleep.

Main Components Of Bear Mattress

The cover of Bear mattresses has a distinctive Celliant infusion. It is a patented textile with 13 thermo-reactive elements woven into its fibers that can control body temperature and relieve pain. 

That is one of the things that sets the Bear Original mattress apart from countless others.

The Bear mattress has four layers totaling 10 inches in thickness, and memory foam make up the upper layer. 

The memory foam layer has graphite and gel to assist control of temperature.

At the bottom, there are two layers of solid support foam chunks. Customers should find Bear mattresses to be a good fit for their demands.

Are There Other Products Of Bear Mattresses That Contain Fiberglass?

In this case, the response is no. According to Bear’s website, EcoFlex makes Bear mattresses fiberglass-free. 

They are dedicated to offering mattresses that promote the healthiest, most restful sleep possible, ensuring that clients aren’t exposed to any potentially harmful elements.

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Does Bear mattress have fiberglass? The answer is no

All foams utilized have the CertiPUR-US certification, which attests to the material’s chemical-free status. 

Bear brand also received the Greenguard Gold certification, which certifies that its level of minimal chemical emissions has been examined and authorized.

All the Bear’s Hybrid, Pro, and Original models are free of fiberglass. Hence, Bear takes pride in producing mattresses of the highest quality that support restful sleep.

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Are These Bear Mattress Products Really Better Than The One With Fiberglass? 

Yes. Since Bear products are safe, practical, and fiberglass-free, you can breathe peacefully at night. 

Although fiberglass works as a flame retardant for mattresses, the risks to one’s health and finances are not worth it.

In their mattress covers, Bear distinguishes out for employing Celliant, a performance fabric. 

The Bear is a good value because it uses premium materials and is reasonably priced. It also includes gel-infused memory foam to help your sleep cool, especially for hot sleepers. 

About Bear Mattress 

Being the top sleep company, Bear mattresses bring a great experience to users. Let’s look at the optimal features to know the reasons why you should own one.

What Is Special About Bear Mattress?

There are some advantages that make Bear mattresses special with consumers such as firmness, motion isolation, and temperature control. 

Check out these benefits from Bear mattress below!  


The firmer end of the spectrum is where the Bear mattress leans a little more. Its hardness rating ranges from roughly 6.5 to 7 on a scale of 10. 

In comparison to other foam mattresses, the original mattress is on the firmer side according to this firmness rating.

Hardness rating ranges of Bear mattress from 6.5 to 7cm.

Pressure Relief

Regarding pressure relief, the Bear mattress performs admirably.

The Bear mattress can compact most body types and sizes because it combines hardness at the bottom and softness at the top.

Motion Isolation

In terms of motion isolation, because of the gel memory foam, the Bear products are more sensitive than conventional foam-based mattresses, but motion transfer is eliminated. 

Most users of this brand do not even notice any motion because of how well it isolates motion.

Temperature Control

For hot sleepers, the Bear mattresses come highly recommended. 

There are various cooling components in this mattress. Moreover, graphite gel is added to the foam to absorb and release extra heat.

Most Popular Models And Products From Bear Mattress

You can select one of two favorite mattresses from Bear:

Bear Original

For what it offers, the Bear Original mattress is surprisingly inexpensive. 

This mattress is made entirely of memory foam, assisting your hips and lower back while gently conforming to your limbs. 

It is a fantastic option for those who are active and searching for a recovery mattress.

Bear Star Hybrid

The Bear Star Hybrid is one of the best mattresses for back sleepers, and it is a supportive, breathable coil and foam mattress. 

The Star Hybrid is best suited for those looking for a mixture of cushioning and support because of its adaptable foam layers and medium-firm feel.

Bear Star Hybrid Mattress is an ideal mixture of cushioning.

Why You Should Consider To Buy The Products From This Brand?

For 25 years, the family-run business Bear has been manufacturing mattresses. The unique and professionally verified Celliant fabric is one aspect that distinguishes this brand from others. 

All Bear mattresses are produced and sourced domestically. Each mattress’s foam is CertiPUR-US certified and complies with stringent environmental requirements. 

A lifelong warranty, a 120-night sleep experiment, free shipping, and returns are also included with the purchase of the Bear mattress.

Why Does Bear Mattress Produce Fiberglass-Free Mattress?

The first result is that they know that both kids and adults can develop inflammatory reactions to fiberglass mattresses. That goes against Bear’s mission to ensure everyone has a restful night’s sleep.

Fiberglass is an artificial mineral fiber. Given that it has more than 50 years of life, it is frequently utilized as an affordable and durable insulating material. 

Yet, some types may be unhealthy if fiberglass is released into space.

Your skin could become irritated if once fiberglass escapes your mattress, it is nearly impossible to extract. 

The second justification is Bear’s agreement to work with EcoFlex. It is a flame-resistant rayon that is naturally good for the environment. Furthermore, EcoFlex is confirmed chemical-free and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 accredited.

EcoFlex fabric is confirmed chemical-free.

Bear’s relationship with EcoFlex offers mattresses with a flame-retardant layer that is secure and efficient without the drawbacks of fiberglass. 

The Bear mattress will be the most excellent option for you because EcoFlex is strong, long-lasting, safe, and resistant to decay, mold, and insects.


That’s what we want to share about Bear mattresses. We hope this clarifies your query, does Bear mattress have fiberglass? Absolutely no is our answer!

Bear mattresses also have some of the best advantages for athletes and those who are active. 

You’ll have more leisure time and enjoyment by making the appropriate choice. Follow us for additional advice on selecting the most fantastic mattress.


Is Bear mattress protector washable?

The Bear Protector is totally machine washable and is made of breathable fabric. It’s simple to clean. Use ordinary detergent and cold water to wash your clothes. Then, dry it on medium heat or a drying rack.

How long do Bear mattresses last?

Your Bear mattress should last for at least 8 to 10 years. However, several variables can change that range. The average lifespan can be affected by many factors, including the thickness of the foam, the weight of the individuals sleeping on it, and the design of the mattress.

Is Bear mattress good for back pain?

The Bear Hybrid has been named the best mattress for back problems. Its hybrid offers sleepers an opulent sleeping experience by combining cooling foams and tailored support. These mattresses are adored by customers for their excellent cooling, alleviation of muscle aches, and balanced back support.

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