Are Casper Mattresses Toxic? (All Facts For You)

Let’s dive into a hot topic today: Are Casper mattresses toxic? Lucky for you! I’ve got the scoop based on my personal experience.

This brand claims to meet strict standards and doesn’t contain any nasty substances. But there is a concern that they may have fiberglass as part of their fire barrier. What do you think? 

Let’s discover the answer together!

Are Casper Mattresses Toxic?

No, Casper mattresses are non-toxic in most products. They prioritize using safe materials, and their foams are CertiPUR-US certified. But certain products may contain fiberglass for fire safety and some models contain synthetic chemicals.

But fear not! The fiberglass is tightly enclosed within a protective fabric. So it won’t pose a risk if the cover is intact. Just be cautious about any tears or damage to the cover, as that could expose the fiberglass.

Let’s dive deeper into this topic by learning about the safety of their materials!

Are Casper mattresses made of safe material?

Yes. Most mattresses of this brand include eco-friendly materials only. This brand claims to use hypoallergenic and natural materials in its products. That’s a plus, as I value having a gentle option for my skin and trigger no allergies. One key component in most products of this brand is polyurethane foam, which forms the core material. The company assures that this foam strikes a balance between comfort, support, and breathability.

Besides, their full-size options include non-toxic materials only. To further validate their commitment to safety, their foams are CertiPUR-US certified. In other words, the foams have no ozone-depleting chemicals.

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But not all of their products are equal. Some models may still contain materials that could potentially harm your health and the environment, such as synthetic foams derived from petroleum-based products and adhesives. They have the potential to emit VOCs. 

Do Casper mattresses have formaldehyde?

No, they don’t. It’s good news because formaldehyde is a substance that I always avoid due to potential health concerns. Formaldehyde is popular in manufacturing certain products, including mattresses, as a glues or adhesive. Yet, this brand has made it clear that they steer clear of this chemical in their production.

Does Casper have fiberglass in their mattress?

And unfortunately, I have to say, “Yes, there is fiberglass.”

Now, before you panic and think I’ve been lying on a mattress full of shards, let me explain. As I mentioned at the beginning, the fiberglass in these products is not loose or exposed thanks to the cover. It’s incorporated within the mattress as a fire barrier. 

You see, mattresses must meet fire safety standards. And one way to achieve this is by using fire-retardant materials. In the case of these mattresses, that material happens to be fiberglass.

The fiberglass used in the mattress is designed to be in a fire-resistant fabric. This enclosure prevents this material from becoming loose or shedding. So, as long as the mattress remains intact and undamaged, this material should stay securely contained within the fabric barrier. In contrast, this material could fly throughout your home if the cover gets torn or punctured and direct exposure to fiberglass can cause skin irritation and respiratory issues.

Being aware of this concern, this brand provides guidelines for handling and cleaning a damaged cover to minimize the risk of fiberglass exposure. So, I always take care of my mattress and follow the guidelines provided by this brand. I use adhesive tape to seal any small holes or tears and against removing the cover.

How Long Does It Take For A Casper Mattress To Off-Gassing?

Casper mattresses took about 24 hours to fully off-gas. You might notice a slight odor when you first unbox a brand-new mattress. Don’t worry! It’s nothing unusual. 

This scent is a result of the materials used in the mattress. And it’s known as off-gassing. But here’s the good news: This brand minimizes this odor and lets it dissipate relatively quickly. In my case, the odor diminished significantly within the first day of unboxing and setting up the mattress.

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Should You Buy A Casper Mattress?

Overall, Casper puts safety first by using non-toxic materials and being CertiPUR-US certified. Thus, you won’t have to worry about sketchy substances lurking in your bed.

Besides, they’re all about fire safety without nasty chemical flame retardants. Instead, they use a fancy flame-retardant barrier made of natural and synthetic fibers as fiberglass. 

Some options do have fiberglass as part of their fire barrier. But don’t freak out just yet! If the cover stays intact, that fiberglass will stay tucked away safely.

Personally, I love it. And many people out there have the same feeling as me! The reason so many people like this mattress is the comfort and reasonable price that this company offers.


So, although Casper mattress prioritizes using non-toxic materials, having CertiPUR-US-certified foams, and avoiding chemical flame retardants. But some may have fiberglass. But, they will not harm your health if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly.

Of course! Everyone’s preferences and concerns may vary. So it’s always a good idea to contact via email or hotline of Casper mattress brand directly for more information.