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Does Coolvie Mattress Have Fiberglass? Truths Revealed

Safety issues, particularly fiberglass containment, have been a recent concern for Coolvie customers with young children and pets.

Does Coolvie mattress have fiberglass? Imagine this tiny piece of fiberglass spreading throughout your mattress, bed, and eventually the entire house. 

If you are lucky, there will only be slight irritations and itching of the skin. However, reports have documented thousands of worsening situations, some of which have resulted in death. 

Hence, the dire need to answer that burning question is more urgent than ever. 

Our expert will gladly lend you some helpful pointers. Keep scrolling!

Does Coolvie Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Does Coolvie mattress have fiberglass? No, this brand does not use fiberglass.

No, the Coolvie brand does not use fiberglass in their products, so concerned customers can breathe a sigh of relief.

Both our experiments and collective user reports show no signal of fiberglass, meaning Coolvie mattresses are safe to use! 

Even the brand itself is very vocal about this matter, stating clearly in its product descriptions that zero fiberglasses is contained.

Are There Other Toxic Materials We Should Be Aware Of? 

Certainly not. All Coolvie mattresses are consistently produced under CertiPUR-US criteria, meeting its rigorous standards in durability, performance, emissions, and content. More specifically, the materials have:

  • No ozone depleters
  • No PBDEs (or specifically, these flame retardants: TEPA, TDCPP, TDBPP, TCEP)
  • No heavy metal, lead, and mercury 
  • No formaldehyde
  • No phthalates 
  • Low VOC emissions (below 0.5 PPM) 

Are Other Coolvie Products That Have Fiberglass?

No, that’s for sure! Finding a quality bed manufacturer that creates healthy, long-lasting, and comfortable bedding products isn’t easy, but you can trust Coolvie to be one of them. 

The brand always puts your everyday comfort and health above all else, packing every product with numerous innovative components that perform excellently while still being 100% safe. 

Allergic people may rejoice at their knitted cover, whose natural hypoallergenic substances can ward off pollen, dust mites, and dander. 

How Do Coolvie Mattresses Perform Compared To Fiberglass Ones?

Due to their certified safety, Coolvie mattresses strike a greater balance of support and comfort than their fiberglass counterparts. 

The comfortable and conforming memory foam is both temperature-sensitive and soft, allowing the bed to precisely contour to every body inch (ex: hips, back, and shoulders). 

As the pressure distribution is even, spinal alignments and pressure point reliefs are both fulfilled! 

Better yet, there’s an individually-wrapped coil support under the mattress for superior and durable comfort. 

We are also impressed that these mattresses guarantee cooler sleep than other memory foam products, all thanks to their breathable covers, open foams, and sufficient gaps between the coils to provide better airflow. 

Such breathability makes these products terrific for all ages—children and adults alike! 

About Coolvie Mattress

What is special about Coolvie mattresses? One of them is motion isolation.

What Is So Special About Coolvie Mattresses?

It’s impossible to count exactly how many bedding brands have been founded each year—living proof of the market’s unwavering competitiveness.

Yet, despite numerous rivals, Coolvie manages to set itself apart and earn customers’ long-term trust. What are the reasons? 

Ergonomic Design for Better Support

The Coolvie mattresses combine top-quality layers and pocket springs to deliver a comfortable, medium-firm profile and great body support. 

As a protective buffer, they relieve all your pressure points and muscles to improve your overall sleeping quality. Bid farewell to your back pain! 

Motion Isolation

The previously mentioned pocket springs enjoy separate mechanisms, working independently to foster solid foundations for all your seven body parts (legs, feet, waist, hips, head, neck, and shoulders). 

With their excellent resilience and shock absorption, your sleep will never be disturbed by any movement from your pets or family members. A heavenly blend of quietness and coziness! 

Cool Feel

Most Coolvie mattresses, especially the higher-end options, arrive with cool upper sections and breathable fabric covers. 

They offer more airflow, wicking unnecessary moisture and heat away to leave you with a relaxing feeling all night, even during the day. 

Trial Policies

The brand ensures you can purchase its products confidently by offering 24/7 customer service and 100-night trials! 

Should any problem arise during or even after the trial, feel free to contact its support team for advice. 

What Are The Most Popular Coolvie Products?

Let’s look at three of the brand’s best-selling items.

12-Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress

  • Firmness: Medium firm
  • Fill materials: Memory foam
  • Size: Queen
  • Dimensions: 80 (L) x 60 (W) x 12 (Th)
  • Colors: Blue, white
  • Recommended age: Adults
  • Construction: Hybrid

The bed’s innerspring pocket coils work miracles for your legs and back, absorbing motion in ways you could have never imagined. 

Your pet can jump in and out of the mattress all night without pulling you from your sleeping beauty rest! 

Even better, a layer of thick fabric separates those pocket coils from the top; you will barely feel their presence underneath! 

During deliveries, these mattresses are vacuum sealed, rolled, and compressed into a box, safely arriving at your door. The setup process is also a breeze. 

10-Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress

  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Fill Materials: Memory Foam
  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10
  • Colors: Blue, white
  • Coils: Pocketed
  • Recommended age: Adult
  • Construction: Hybrid

This queen hybrid arrives with soft 3D knit fabric on its top cover, whose skin-friendly and breathable designs help draw in moisture and balance your body temperature. 

You can also enjoy high-density foam beneath the covers, promoting airflow while sleeping. 

For maximum performance, we suggest unrolling this mattress within 14 days of purchase, allowing it to expand properly at room temperature. 

10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

  • Firmness: Medium firm
  • Fill Materials: Foam (High-density/Gel)
  • Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 10
  • Top Styles: Round top
  • Colors: Black, white
  • Coils: Pocketed
  • Recommended age: Adult

The luxury kitted cover comprises natural material that feels smooth and soft, accompanied by cooling foam to help dissipate your body heat, release moisture, and circulate better airflow. 

They result in refreshed sensations whenever you wake up.

The wrapped, pocketed coils work separately with no interference in between, providing localized bounces in varied zones. 

Their high-quality tempered steel gives the bed a bouncy and supportive flexibility, easily adapting to any sleeper’s weight, shape, and size.

Tips To Make Your Coolvie Mattresses Last Longer

Use protectors is one of the ways to help a Coolvie mattress last longer.

Use Protectors

Most of us believe we are neat, but accidents and spills can happen at any time. 

Hence, using protectors, particularly waterproof ones, can ensure nothing malicious invades your mattress and wrecks it. 

The market offers numerous protector types in different price ranges and materials. Remind yourself to research the bed height and size profile before shopping; you certainly will not want an ill-fitting protector that keeps moving under the sheets! 

Keep Your Mattress Correctly Supported

Proper support is always crucial for every mattress—not just Coolvie.

However, that does not mean you must purchase expensive foundations or box springs; just ensure the mattress is backed by solid platforms for more even wear. 

Do not forget to double-check this matter with the manufacturer, especially if its guarantee policies mention bed support. 

A mattress not sustained as advised will put you at a huge warranty disadvantage whenever something happens with the products.


Does Coolvie mattress have fiberglass? No. On the contrary, it is one of the best brands we have ever had the pleasure to experience!

Make sure you remember our extra maintenance tips above to lengthen its durability. 


How long will it take for Coolvie mattresses to expand fully?

About 48 hours on average, though the specific number might change across different models. 

Do Coolvies suit all sleepers?

Yes. Whether you sleep on your back or side, hot or cold, these mattresses provide unparalleled comfort! 

No. Regardless of which model you end up with, no fiberglass is found!

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