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Costco Mattress Return Policy: All You Need To Know About

You must be aware of the Costco mattress return policy. If you’ve ever bought a mattress from this brand, you probably have concerns about its return policy. 

Then you ought to read this essay. We’ll discuss how the Costco mattress return policy may affect your decision.

About Costco Mattress Return Policy

Costco’s policy is extremely impressive compared to those of other mattress vendors. Effectively saying that you can return any Costco-purchased item for a full refund if you’re unhappy. Let’s read some typical criteria that are included in the brand policy.

Cosco Company has a great policy for their customers

Exchange And Return Policy  

The finest return policy we are aware of is at Costco. Their target is “We want you to be satisfied”. Even though you know you’ll sleep well on your new mattress, it’s always wonderful when there aren’t any issues.

As of 2022, Costco will accept mattress, memory foam, and air mattress returns with or without a receipt, notwithstanding any inconveniences. Whatever the reason you wish to return your mattress, the manufacturer will always accept returns for items bought from any Costco Warehouse location or via

You can access Costco’s website

As you may exchange or return your mattress anytime after purchase, you can give back your new bed without hesitation if it doesn’t work out.

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Trial Period

Costco doesn’t provide a limited trial period. Instead, they have a lenient return policy for their memberships. You also can renounce this role at any moment and receive a refund. 

Several products are available for online purchase without a membership. However, buying a membership at Costco is the simplest way to obtain a free trial.

Return Window 

Bring your Costco membership card and the mattress back to your neighborhood Costco warehouse store. The rest will be handled for you after that.

You can bring your returning item to the Costco warehouse

Due to vehicle size restrictions, carrying the bed to Costco could be challenging. Calling your neighborhood warehouse for help is a terrific option, and they can arrange moving assistance.

Time To Refund

With or without a receipt, Costco still reimburses all mattresses. You can trust that the company will process your refund on time.

Depending on the method of payment you used initially, your refund will be executed. As a result, the time it takes to get your payment will vary. For example, you will immediately be given a cash refund if you make a cash payment before.

Refund Process

Bring your mattress, your membership card, and a note stating that you want a refund to any Costco Warehouse location to return your mattress. The person at the returns counter will guide you through the remaining steps and issue you a mattress cost refund.

Delivery And Pick-Up Fees

For larger purchases like mattresses, Costco kindly provides a pick-up service. Products returned via will receive a reimbursement. These will be credited to the credit card used to place your order, including shipping and handling costs. So, you won’t incur the cost of return shipping.

Can I Return Mattress On Costco’s Website?

Yes. You may return mattresses on their website. You can easily request a return or replacement for the mattress you purchased from online.

Go into your account and select the “Orders & Returns” gateway to accomplish this. To return an order, select it and click the “Return Items” button. Next, proceed as instructed.

You will be prompted for your shipping details to obtain a tag and a projected Costco pickup schedule. The manufacturer will provide you with a message with additional instructions for large or challenging products. You won’t have to pay an additional fee to obtain your refund soon.

What Are Non-Returnable Costco Mattress Products?

Despite having a fairly easygoing return policy, some mattress products are not returnable. Before making a purchase, learn more by reading the information below.

Mattress Accessories

Mattress protectors, pillows, pads, or other accessories from Costco cannot be returned because they have a range of custom sizes, colors, or frames that fit your own requirement, the store cannot resell these items.

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A mattress protector cannot be given back to the store

Final Sale Products

Final sale items are available cheaply, and another sample isn’t available. The main reason is these items are usually no longer manufactured, the business wishes to get rid of its inventory without allowing returns.

Custom Or Special Order Mattresses

Since they provide a wonderful service for individuals to customize their desired mattresses till they are satisfactory, Costco is a great place to buy custom or special order mattresses. Thus, these have a no-returns policy because the store cannot resell custom designs.

Mattress Toppers Or Pads

Mattress toppers and pads cannot be returned to the brand because they are not reusable. Besides, these item is arranged in the accessories list so the brand will refuse to take them back.

Floor Models

At Costco, floor models are frequently excellent buys, but returns are not permitted because they are the last of a certain item.

What Are The Conditions To Return A Costco Mattress? 

Your Costco membership is the role you need to show when you come to the store. Bring the mattress back to the membership desk to return it. But, it cannot have any blemishes or stains on it.

An account based on the member card will be used to reimburse money on things of the brand that are bought outside of stores. Only you or a relative registered on your membership card may submit a request to the brand, and the original buyer must return the item personally.

Attach all of the supplies in the package when you return the mattress. Concerning the outer box, don’t worry; they can quickly replace it.

What Factors Set Costco’s Mattress Return Policy Apart From Competitors? 

The mattress return policy at Costco differs from that of competitors in several ways. After reading the following information, consider purchasing a mattress from Costco.

Generous Return Time Period  

Some retailers might not have a return time period long like Costco. Their return time period is up to 90 days after the member’s receipt of the product and they will accept returns for their own reasons anytime.

Full Refund If In Like-New Condition

Costco offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with very few exceptions. Bring the item to any Costco warehouse to inspect it; you will receive a full refund if it is in like-new condition.

Hassle-Free Return Process

Indeed, Costco offers one of the best return policies around. Mattresses bought at any Costco warehouse or through the brand’s website are always eligible for returns. Customer service will take care of you even if you only present your membership card and the mattress you wish to return.

Does Not Offer A Separate Warranty For Mattresses

A separate warranty does not cover mattresses at Costco. Its lifespan is risk-free, 100% confidence guaranteed return policy applies to all its beds.

Costco also makes the procedure simpler for its users. Instead of having to give a separate warranty, customers can simply return the mattress to the store if they’re not satisfied.


When it comes to big-box businesses, the Costco mattress return policy may be the finest. Customers can return mattresses to Costco anytime after purchase, and the process is simple. 

Do not hesitate to return your Costco mattress if you are unhappy!


Why does Costco have such a good return policy?

Because Costco never forgets about its customer and wants to ensure they are completely satisfied with the products they buy. As a result, with a few exclusions, Costco has a very lenient return policy that makes it stand out from the competition.

Can only the membership role of Costco be allowed to return?

Any products returned to Costco require membership. You must have your membership card or member number to complete the return. 

Can I return a mattress to Costco after 2 years?

Indeed, it is the answer. If you’re unhappy with it, you can return it anytime. You can wait as long as you like to return a mattress to Costco.

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