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How Often Do Hotels Replace Mattresses? Behind The Scenes

Hotel mattresses are an essential part of the customer experience and can make or break a guest’s stay. How often do hotels replace mattresses vary, but most aim to replace them every five to seven years on average.

Doing so helps ensure guests have a comfortable night’s sleep while also keeping up with safety regulations and standards for hygiene. Regular mattress replacement is key in providing hotel guests with the best possible experience during their stay.

Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable?

There are strict replacement policies in place for guests to enjoy comfortable beds.

Consider the Industry associations and organizations, government regulations and standards

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) has established guidelines for cleaning and maintaining hotel beds, including changing mattresses if necessary. This is done by inspecting the mattress regularly and flipping it over at least once a year. 

If the mattress is found to have any stains or signs of wear and tear, it should not be used in the hotel anymore and should be replaced as soon as possible. 

Ultimately, hotels are responsible for ensuring that their guests have a comfortable sleeping experience during their stay by providing them with clean mattresses free from stains and sagging. 

No matter what type of mattress a hotel chooses, there should always be strict replacement policies in place so that guests can enjoy comfortable beds throughout their stay.

Some popular mattresses used by well-known hotels

  • Serta Perfect Sleeper: This mattress features thick layers of foam and an innovative coil system that helps provide pressure relief and support for all types of sleepers. It’s one of the most popular mattresses used in hotels around the world, as it offers a luxurious sleeping experience without sacrificing comfort or support. 
  • Simmons Beautyrest Black: This mattress combines layers of air-cooling gel with individually wrapped coils to help reduce motion transfer and provide maximum support. Its unique design ensures that it will remain comfortable over time for a restful sleep experience. 
  • Tempur Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze: This mattress uses cooling technology to create an ideal sleeping environment year-round, no matter what climate you are in. It also has several layers of adaptive foam that work together to offer personalized comfort levels, perfect for those who like a bit more softness when they sleep but still need proper back support.

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Factors Affecting Mattress Replacement In Hotels 

There are a variety of factors that can influence the frequency with which hotels replace their mattresses, including usage rate, guest satisfaction, budget constraint, hotel type,…

Usage rate, budget constraint, hotel type affect mattress replacement in hotels.

Usage rate and wear and tear 

The usage rate and wear and tear of mattresses in hotels can vary depending on the number of guests that stay at a hotel. For example, if there is a higher demand for rooms due to vacation or business travel, then the mattress may need to be replaced more often than usual. 

Similarly, if the hotel has many long-term guests who use their beds every night over an extended period of time, this will cause more wear and tear on the mattresses, which could lead to them needing replacement sooner. 

Hotels must also factor in how much care their staff takes when cleaning and maintaining mattresses; with regular vacuuming, flipping, and rotating they are likely to last longer than those without such maintenance.

Guest comfort and satisfaction 

Guest comfort and satisfaction are paramount for any hotel. Guests expect their beds to be comfortable, clean, and in good condition when they stay at a hotel. Therefore, replacing mattresses regularly is essential for maintaining high standards of hospitality. 

Hotels should ensure that their mattresses are often replaced enough so that guests can enjoy a restful sleep without feeling the discomfort of an old mattress or having to worry about bed bugs or other allergens

This will also help create positive reviews from guests who have had a pleasant experience in the hotel – something which will benefit the business in the long run.

Budget constraints and costs 

Budget constraints and costs are important factors for hotels when it comes to replacing mattresses. Hotels must be mindful of their budget when deciding how often they need to replace mattresses, as this will have a direct impact on their bottom line. 

Purchasing new mattresses can be expensive, but if the hotel decides not to replace them frequently enough, then they could risk losing customers due to poor quality beds or potential health risks from allergens and bed bugs. 

Therefore, hotels must weigh up these financial considerations with customer satisfaction in order to ensure that their guests get an enjoyable stay without breaking the bank.

Hotel brand and type (luxury, budget, etc.) 

The type of hotel, as well as the brand, can have an effect on how often they replace their mattresses. Luxury hotels are more likely to invest in higher quality beds and mattresses that will last longer than budget or mid-range options. 

This means that luxury hotels may be able to wait longer before replacing their mattresses compared to cheaper establishments that have lower-quality beds and need to replace them more frequently. 

Similarly, some brands specialize in providing high-end accommodations with luxurious bedding and, therefore, may not need to replace their mattresses so often due to the superior quality of the product. 

On the other hand, budget and mid-range hotels may need to consider replacing their mattresses more regularly in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

How Often Do Hotels Change Their Mattresses?

How often do hotels change their mattresses? It depends on many factors.

Hotels of all types know that providing guests with a comfortable and restful sleep is essential for keeping them happy and returning. To ensure this, hoteliers must follow certain guidelines when it comes to the frequency at which they replace their mattresses. 

Typically, high-end hotels may replace their mattresses as often as every two or three years, whereas budget hotels might go longer than seven years before replacing them. 

The rate of turnover in a hotel is also an important factor to consider, as more frequented hotels may need to replace their mattresses more often. To maximize the quality of sleep provided to guests, most hotel mattresses should be replaced between five and seven years, depending on the quality and type of mattress used. 

By following these standards for mattress replacement frequency in different types of hotels, both guests and hoteliers can be sure that everyone involved is getting the best night’s sleep possible.

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High-end hotels change their mattresses  every 2-3 years.

Luxury hotels 

Luxury hotels tend to have the highest standards when it comes to mattress replacement frequency. They understand that guests expect a comfortable and restful sleep experience, so they typically replace their mattresses every two or three years. 

Luxury hoteliers are also careful to select high-quality mattresses, which can help extend the life of the mattress and reduce replacement costs over time. 

Additionally, luxury hotels often employ staff members specifically tasked with inspecting each room for signs of mattress wear and tear in order to ensure that all mattresses are replaced at regular intervals. 

By following these guidelines for replacing their mattresses on a regular basis, luxury hotels can provide guests with an unbeatable sleeping experience night after night.

Budget hotels 

Budget hotels are known for their low prices and basic amenities, such as beds. But how often do these hotels replace their mattresses? 

It turns out that the frequency of mattress replacement varies from hotel to hotel, with some replacing them every few years while others hold onto them much longer. 

In general, budget hotels tend to replace their mattresses less frequently than luxury or mid-range properties due to cost considerations.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the mattresses in a budget hotel will be uncomfortable – many still maintain a high level of comfort despite being used for several years in a row. 

So if you’re looking for an affordable place to stay but don’t want to sacrifice your sleep quality, it pays to research which budget hotel offers the best mattress replacement policy before booking your stay.

Extended stay hotel

Extended-stay hotels are those that cater to guests who plan to stay for longer periods of time. As such, they need to maintain the highest standards when it comes to cleanliness and comfort. One way they do this is by replacing their mattresses on a regular basis. 

How often do extended-stay hotels replace their mattresses? Generally speaking, most extended-stay hotels will replace their mattresses every two years or so, although some may choose to change them more frequently depending on the usage level of the hotel. 

Additionally, some may opt for mattress covers or protectors in order to extend the life of each mattress. By doing this, these hotels can ensure that all guests have a comfortable and restful night’s sleep during their extended stays.

Some may opt for mattress covers or protectors in order to extend the life of each mattress.

Boutique hotels

When you stay at a boutique hotel, it’s important to know that mattresses are regularly changed and replaced. After all, no one wants to sleep on a mattress that is worn out or uncomfortable. 

Fortunately, most boutique hotels take their bedding seriously and replace mattresses every few years. The frequency of how often they change the mattresses varies depending on the hotel’s policy, but generally speaking, they aim to replace them between two and four times per year. 

This ensures that guests get a comfortable night’s rest on clean sheets with quality mattresses so they can wake up feeling refreshed for another day of exploring or working!

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Keeping your hotel guests comfortable is an important part of running a successful business. By understanding how often mattresses need to be changed, you can ensure that your customers will get the best sleep possible during their stay with you. 

Most hotels change their mattress at least every five years, but some may do it sooner depending on wear and tear levels. Investing in quality mattresses for your rooms is also key as they are more likely to last longer and provide better comfort for your guests. 

With these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with changing out old mattresses so everyone has a great night’s rest while staying at your hotel!


Do luxury hotels replace their mattresses more frequently than budget hotels?

Luxury hotels tend to prioritize comfort and quality in order to provide their guests with the most enjoyable stays possible, which could include replacing mattresses more often than budget hotels. Luxury hotels might also have higher standards for cleanliness, which could mean replacing mattresses more often to ensure that the beds are always fresh and sanitary for guests. But the frequency of mattress replacements at any given hotel will depend on specific policies and standards set by each individual property. 

How can guests determine if a hotel has recently replaced its mattresses?

Guests can look for signs that suggest a mattress is newer or recently replaced, like an unusually firm feel or lack of indentations from previous guests. Additionally, they can examine the mattress and bedding for any visible stains or discoloration that could indicate it has been in use for some time.

Are hotel mattresses typically replaced all at once or phased in over time?

It depends on the specific policies and procedures of each individual hotel. Generally, larger hotel chains will replace their mattresses in phases and in batches, while smaller or independent hotels may choose to replace all of their mattresses at once.

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