How To Clean An Air Mattress? 3 Effective Steps

Is dirt on your airbed disturbing your sleep? It’s time for a radical treatment for your comfortable and long-lasting sleep. Cleaning the cushion improves your sleep quality and extends its lifespan, making it a good long-term investment. 

This article will show you how to clean an air mattress with simple steps and easy-to-find tools. Let’s read through!

How To Clean An Air Mattress?

You can clean PVC-built goods, such as air mattresses, in different ways. However, some low-quality cleaning chemicals can harm your airbed.

If you don’t want to risk ruining the cushion, only try household ingredients and follow step by step guide like what we will mention in this section.

Here are four steps that help you clean your air bed effectively:

Clean An Air Mattress

Step 1: Unplug The Power Source

Most contemporary air mattresses use an electric pump powered by a wall outlet or a battery to inflate them.

Ensure to unplug the cushion from all power stations and keep it away from any adjacent plugs before cleaning it.

If the pump is detachable, you should disconnect it from the bed to enhance mobility while maintaining it. But in case the item has a built-in pump, be careful not to spill anything on it because it may destroy the battery.

Step 2: Remove The Accessories

Remove any blankets, sheets, or other accessories from your mattress. We suggest putting them in the washing machine.

It would be best to wash the bedding at least every several weeks if you use your mattress at all times. Dust, sand, and other debris can quickly accumulate between the coverings since you set the airbed on the floor.

We suggest keeping the cushion pumped while vacuuming. A deflated bed makes it hard to clean between the creases and folds.

To vacuum the air bed, run the nozzle attachment gently down the top fabric of the mattress, making sure to treat every square inch.

After that, vacuum the edges of the bed before turning it over to work with the bottom.

Vacuum the bed to remove dust and dirt

Step 3: Clean The Mattress

If you just want to do a regular, thorough cleaning process, consider using lukewarm water and dish soap solution.

Then, follow these steps to clean the air mattress:

  • Soak a clean cloth in the mixture.
  • Wring the towel to drain the liquid.
  • Wipe the cushion with the wet cloth, applying more pressure on any excessively stained and dirty areas.
  • Remove any remaining soap with a clean, damp cloth.

Why Should Clean An Air Mattresses?

As mentioned above, air mattresses have a tendency to collect perspiration, grime, and dust over time, which can lead to an unclean sleeping environment. Furthermore, a filthy air mattress might also make your allergy problems worse if you have them.

Keeping your air mattress clean can also help prolong its lifespan. Dirt and dust particles can reduce the longevity of the material, causing it to deteriorate faster.

So, your airbed needs to be cleaned regularly to make sure these issues will be solved when using the airbed.

How To Maintaining The Air Mattresses?

Storing is very important to prevent air mattresses from accumulating mildew. Bear in mind the following tips to maintain your air mattress regularly.

Clean The Storage Bag

Washing the storage bag regularly is just as important as cleaning the blow-up mattress. We may forget to wash the airbed before placing it inside the bag, making the bag get dirty.

Hence, try cleaning the storage bag as well to ensure a clean air mattress whenever you use it.

Use A Protector

You may not have time to wash your airbed after each use. As a result, you should constantly use a protector or cover to safeguard your mattress from visible dirt, dust, and bed bugs.

If you use the protector, you don’t even need to clean the airbed when you need it. Air mattress cleaning is much more complicated than cleaning its protector.

Use a protector or cover

Store The Bed In A Well-Ventilated Place

To avoid moisture developing within the folds of your inflatable mattress, keep it in a dry, clean, well-ventilated environment. Moreover, storing your air bed in a well-ventilated place can help prevent damage and reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth.

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Now you have all the ideas for how to clean an air mattress. You may choose different solutions to treat your airbed, depending on the stains. The rule of thumb is to apply the solution to the affected area and scrub it until it’s clean.

Do you find this article helpful? Please share with us if you know more tips to clean the airbeds.

Thank you for reading!