How To Clean Newton Mattress? (Experts Instruction)

Do you think Newton mattress is completely 100% washable? No, because its inner Wovenaire® core should not be washed frequently. Read on to learn how to clean Newton mattress. In this article, we will provide a detailed step-by-step guide to help you effectively and safely clean your Newton mattress. 

How To Clean Newton Mattress?

Before diving into how to clean a Newton baby mattress, it is important to note that the Newton mattress has 2 layers: One is the outer cover and the other is the inner Wovenaire® core. Interestingly, both layers are removable, breathable, and can be washed separately, which is a convenient feature. 

Note: You can wash the cover if necessary, but there is no need to wash the core frequently.

Tips to protect your mattress to have better sleep for your toddler

Here are some ways you can keep your Newton crib mattress clean.

1. Wash the cover 

  • First, make sure to unzip the cover before washing it. Before washing, unzip and remove the cover from the Wovenaire® core, then rezip it closed.
  • Next, wash the cover using warm water and mild detergent. 
  • Finally, dry it immediately in the dryer. Thoroughly drying it is important, as insufficient drying may lead to mold growth, causing health risks for your baby. Remember to avoid high heat or direct sunlight since they can damage the fabric. 

2. Wash the inner Wovenaire® core 

The inner Wovenaire® core of the Newton mattress should not be washed. Instead, spot clean the affected area or the entire mattress with cold or cool water. You can use mild detergent, baking soda, or vinegar. Thoro ughly drying it is important, as inadequate drying may lead to mold growth, which can pose health risks for your baby. 

After thoroughly washing the core, shake it vigorously to remove any trapped water droplets. Allow it to dry on its side for 2-6 hours, depending on the amount of air circulation in the space. In case you want to speed up the process, place the core in a well-ventilated area and/or in front of a fan. Remember never to dry it with a hand dryer and avoid direct sunlight. 

How To Regular Spot Cleaning? 

You can use the spot cleaning method for your Newton crib mattress if you detect any stains on it. 

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Spot cleaning for your Newton mattresses when there is any stain on it.
  • Immediate actions: Blot the affected area with a clean and damp cloth. You should not rub the mattress as the liquid can penetrate deeper into the construction. 
  • Mild soap solution: To get stubborn stains out of the mattress, prepare a solution of warm water and a small amount of mild soap. Then dip a rag/cloth into the solution, wring it out, and gently wipe the soiled area. Lastly, rinse with another clean, damp cloth and wait for the mattress to air dry completely.

3 Tips To Protect Your Newton Mattress 

  1. Ways to protect your mattress: Consider investing in a protector or a fitted sheet. This can provide an additional layer of protection against things like stains, spills, and general wear and tear. When purchasing a protector or sheet, make sure that they are breathable and compatible with Newton crib mattresses. 
  2. Regular inspections: Check the Newton mattress regularly for any signs such as wear, damage, or mold appearance, and take appropriate action if any issues arise.
  3. Safe sleep practice for kids: Follow safe sleep practices recommended by the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP). You should place your baby on their back to sleep, establishing a safe sleep environment devoid of loose bedding, pillows, and crib bumpers. 

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Creating a clean and hygienic sleep environment for your baby’s peaceful slumber is crucial. By follow all steps above, cleaning the mattress is just a simple task, ensuring a safe and comfortable sleep surface for your beloved child.