How To Keep Futon Mattress From Sliding? 5 Detailed Guides

Besides a blanket, pillow, or bedding sheet, a futon is an excellent product in small spaces because it can be stored easily. However, many users who experience this product often report the same problem: The mattress is not stable and slippery.

It affects their sleep and relaxation experience. Via this article, let’s learn the ways to keep a futon mattress from sliding. Let’s read on to discover more!

Why Does Your Futon Mattress Sliding?

Besides the frame, there are many other reasons why your futon mattress will move throughout the night. Understanding these causes will help you find the right and faster solution. Here are 4 main causes for sliding:

Unbalanced Futon Materials

The price for a futon is not too low. Therefore, many people will want to save money when choosing products. Even so, cheap products will certainly not be able to have long-term quality and durability.

Material blends such as polyester and cotton would not be the first choice to keep the futon surface stable. You can not have a good night’s sleep when using a mattress with such material. Be careful! You might slide, move and even fall right in the middle of the night.

Those who want to limit this problem should use higher-quality futon mattresses. The best options are to use fibers and foam layers to stabilize your posture.

Old Or Broken Futon Frame

The second common cause is that your mattress frame has become too old or damaged. Some companies choose weak plants like ivory to make bed frames. As a result, we have fragile and low-life products.

Many people buy futons thinking that they can save a lot of money. However, in the long run, these products might easy to break down, which makes them have to buy new ones.

The frequent movement of the user will cause the bolt to loosen and make it wobble. A wobble and creak device will cause the bed to slide. In this situation, you can find a way to fix the frame or invest in a new set of beds.

Incompatible Mattress And Frame

When shopping, some people may choose a frame and mattress that are not compatible with each other in terms of size and material.

Sometimes the problem is not your own. Some brands do not sell these two combo products together, so if you do not research carefully, you can buy a more petite frame than the mattress and vice versa.

Movement During Sleep

As mentioned above, the user’s constant movement will cause the bolt of the bed frame to loosen and wobble. People who often turn over and move during sleep will have no control over their movements, sometimes, the real culprit is themselves. For example, if the height of the mattress is not fit and you have trouble sleeping, you can subconsciously move the futon.

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How To Keep Futon Mattress From Sliding?

Once you have a clear understanding of what causes your futon to move, it’s time to learn how to keep the liner in place during the night. Below are 5 detailed solutions to keep your futon from sliding!

Use A Bedding Sheet

Using a bedding sheet to cover your mattress is best to keep it in place. Make sure you find a bedding sheet that’s just the right size and fit with your futon.

Second, a bed sheet can function as a cushion between the futon mattress and any other surfaces it comes into touch with, such as a frame or floor. It may be possible to avoid the mattress from slipping by reducing friction and movement.

In addition to the ability to fix the surface of the lining, the sheet can also improve the product’s life. It will make sure the gasket doesn’t spill out.

Use Grip Or Velcro Strips

If you use a bed frame with wooden slats, you can find a way to connect the two slats together. The tool is pretty simple; it’s just adhesive grip strips from any hardware store. Its main material is soft foam and double-sided adhesive.

The advantage of the handle strip is that it makes the bed frame softer thanks to its shock absorption. If you do not know the process of connecting the wooden slats of the frame, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the mattress from the bed frame.
  • Step 2: Start measuring the length of the slats and cut the shank strips to their respective sizes.
  • Step 3: Remove the paper and apply tape to the wooden slats to hold them together.
  • Step 4: Make sure the end of the handle is facing up to secure the product in place.

The second option is the Velcro strips. These bars also have an adhesive side to provide a firm grip when applied. The process of connecting wooden bars with Velcro strips is similar to grip strips as below:

  • Step 1: On top of the bed frame, hook the Velcro adhesive on.
  • Step 2: Attach the other side of the product to the mattress. Make sure both the hook and loop sides are firmly connected.

Create DIY Corner Straps

For those who love crafting devices, try crafting a handmade corner strap. The ingredients that you need to prepare are straightforward. Prepare a large piece of fabric, a needle, and some scraps of cording fabric. Then, you should follow our guide below:

  • Measure the height of the bed frame. Then you will take that parameter to cut the fabric appropriately.
  • The length of the cord pieces should be twice this length. The number of parts that you need is eight pieces.
  • Take two pieces from the fabric and sew them in place at every corner of the bedding.
  • Secure the futon by wrapping the cording pieces in each wooden slat corner of the bed frame.

Put A Rubber Mat Underneath

The simplest method to limit the slippery surface of a futon is to use a material with good adhesion. Rubber is the most affordable option. Place a rubber mat underneath the stand. You can make use of your old yoga mat in this application.

However, clean the bed frame before lining the latex mattress underneath. Wood slats contaminated with dust and debris will make it more slippery than usual.

Don’t forget to vacuum under the bed before adding any extra mattress to improve grip.

Use Mattress Topper

Last but not least, hot and heavy sleepers can also move the futon. In that case, you will need to use a mattress topper.

This product does not prevent the bedding from sliding away. However, it will add extra support if the surface is too hard or soft.

Why Should You Examine The Futon’s Frame?

The most significant disadvantage of the futon is its freedom to move at night. However, the problem is not always with the mattress.

The frame can also be the culprit causing the futon to slide at night automatically. If you’re a restless sleeper, things could be even worse.

For that reason, we recommend that you scrutinize the futon’s frame before using it. Inclined and slightly wobbly products can move your mattress. In addition, check to see if the chassis has uneven parts or loose legs. If so, you can try tightening the bolts to fix it.

Also, check the frame surfaces to see if they are even. If the floors are skewed, you’ll have to drag them to a more stable area.


Futon mattresses are very comfortable, but they inevitably move and move when in use. In this case, you will need to use some support methods that we guided and follow the step-by-step process.

Test these methods to ensure they work best. Don’t forget to let us know the results in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!