How To Keep Split King Mattresses Together? (5 Useful Tips)

Are you and your partner struggling with a widening gap between your split king mattresses? It’s a common annoyance that can disrupt a good night’s sleep and leave you both feeling less than rested. But fear not, because a seamless sleep experience is within reach.

In this guide, we’ll share five foolproof tips to bridge the divide, ensuring your split king mattresses stay snugly together. From simple adjustments to clever hacks, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and transform your bed into the cozy, unified haven it’s meant to be.

Why Should You Consider a Split King Mattress?

Before diving into ways to keep your split king beds bonded, let’s explore why they’ve won the hearts of many couples.

A split king mattress offers a unique blend of personal space and intimacy – a feature cherished by couples. Each side of the bed can be customized to each individual’s preference, ensuring that both parties achieve their ideal comfort level. Do you prefer a firmer mattress for added back support? Or perhaps a softer surface to nestle into? The split king accommodates both. Additionally, it caters to health-related needs and sleeping habits. With adjustable bed frames, one can elevate their side to alleviate snoring or acid reflux, or simply to enjoy a different angle while reading or napping.

A major perk of this design is its significant reduction in motion transfer. You can freely toss and turn or get up without worrying about disrupting your partner’s sleep. This can potentially elevate the quality of your rest.

Ease of delivery and installation is another advantage. Each ‘twin XL’ mattress comprising the split king can be transported separately, a feature that can be a lifesaver in narrow hallways or staircases. On top of that, it caters to individual preferences when it comes to choosing sheets and duvets

How To Keep Split King Mattresses Together? (5 Useful Tips)

The split king mattress is a good mix of comfort and usefulness, but it can sometimes cause an issue: the gap. But don’t worry—there are tried-and-true ways to keep your split king from coming apart.

The Problem: Making Sure Your Split King Mattress Stays Together

The split king mattress definitely offers a one-of-a-kind mix of personal ease and easy use. But it does have some oddities. The biggest worry is that there might be a space between the two halves, a real split that could wake you up from your deep sleep. This gap may not only be annoying, but it may also get in the way of the great things about a split king mattress, like its even support and custom fit.

How can you get the most out of your split king investment? The key is to keep the two halves working together in harmony. Come with us as we show you effective ways to keep your sleep haven together, so that your dual domain stays a place where peaceful mornings and restful nights are the rule.

5 Tips To Keep Split King Mattresses Together

Based on the good things this split king mattress has to offer. Now let’s look at some specific ways to keep split king beds together:

How to fix your bedding positions

Tip 1: Adjusting The Connector

A number of split mattresses available in the market are paired with a connector, usually an iron plate. However, if this connector is too tight, it can cause the sleeping zone to shift.

So, what’s the easiest fix? Simply extend the spacing between the bed frames. You can achieve this by pulling the beds apart a few inches. Once you’re certain the mattresses are firmly in place, adjust the connector accordingly.

An excessively tight connector may also force the bed to bend slightly in the middle, distorting your sleep surface. Therefore, it’s essential to stretch it out enough to flatten the surface, enabling more space for a comfortable repose.

Once we adjusted the connector, I immediately noticed the difference. The mattress felt firmer and more secure. Plus, the extended, flat surface meant my kids could comfortably participate in our Sunday morning cuddles without falling into the middle ‘partition’.

Using such solutions can indeed ensure your bed remains under control for a good, undisturbed night’s sleep.

Tip 2: Using A Fitted Bed Frame

With the right bed frame, it’s easy to keep your twin XL mattresses in place. The style and design of the frame can be changed to fit your wants and tastes.

Minimalists might require no more than four wooden planks, whereas some people prefer a robust option replete with headboards, footboards, and additional storage space.

Not only is this solution effective in keeping your mattresses together, but it also lends a touch of style to your bedroom. King-sized frames are standard in the bedding world, hence, finding a frame that fits your requirements shouldn’t pose a challenge. If you’re handy with tools, you could even craft a customized frame!

For our split king mattress, we chose a bed frame that fits it perfectly. It not only stopped the mattresses from moving around, but it also gave us more storage room, which was great for keeping our duvets and pillows.

Tip 3: Adding Non-Slip Pads

For some, the first two methods may seem a bit taxing; after all, moving beds around or investing in a new frame might not be the easiest or cost-effective options. This is where the humble non-slip pad comes in. They can be a great alternative for those looking for simple and less expensive solutions.

Simply slide these pads underneath the base of the mattresses. They will do a commendable job in keeping the mattresses secure if they’re robust enough; this way, your beds will stay neatly in place. However, the only tiny downside is that you may need to adjust these pads from time to time.

I think some people definitely don’t have the budget to buy a new bed frame and the non-slip pads were a godsend. They’re affordable and it only took me a few minutes to set everything up. Plus, my bed never moves around anymore so I don’t have awkward dips in my sleep anymore.

Another alternative worth considering is double-sided tapes specifically designed for furniture and carpets. Their gripping quality helps in minimizing small movements.

Tip 4: Trying Bed Connector Straps

Using bed connector straps may seem like a simple idea, but it works well to keep your split king mattresses together. Most of the time, these special straps have a locked buckle that makes them safer than regular ropes or bungee cords.

For a king-size double bed, a 30-foot cord should suffice. Align the mattresses side by side, then wrap the straps around the edge of each. Aim for the outer edge to ensure that you won’t feel the straps when resting on your bed. Thread the strap through the buckle and pull tight to secure.

As a handyman, I thought this answer was very useful. I used a couple of bed connector straps, which work great. Now that the beds are firmer, I don’t feel any pain when I lie down in bed. Plus, it’s still easy for me to split the two beds when I need to.

Tip 5: Bridge The Bedding Gap

There might still be a small space between the two pillows no matter how tightly you tie them together. This space can get in the way of your happiness, especially if you want to cuddle with your partner.

A easy fix is to roll or fold up an old sheet and put it in the space. Put it between the beds and that’s it. You could also use a bed bridge, which is an innovative product made to fill the space between two pillows, if the room isn’t too big.

We didn’t like the small hole in the middle of our split king at first. But when we put a rolled-up sheet on top of it, it felt like a regular king-size bed. We can now hug each other without any pain.

How to Secure Your Split King Mattress? (Easy Steps Guide)

If your sheets constantly slip and slide off the corners, employing corner straps could be your effective solution. These user-friendly devices serve as a quick fix to maintain a tidy bed surface.

Here are the simple steps you can take to enhance your sleeping area:

Step 1: Dress each mattress with a twin XL fitted sheet. These sheets are designed with elasticated corners to hug your mattress securely, reducing the chance of slippages. To ensure an even firmer grip, consider employing corner straps at each end of the mattress. These straps will secure your sheet in place, virtually eliminating any chance of them coming loose throughout the night.

Step 2: Place a king-sized top sheet over the two mattresses. This is an optional step but can add an extra layer of comfort, helping to hide the division between the two mattresses for a more unified look and feel.

Step 3: Add warmth and coziness with a king-sized duvet or plush blankets. This not only adds an extra umph to your bedding comfort but also helps in making the two mattresses look seamlessly connected.

Step 4: Crown your bedding setup with an assortment of pillows. Not only do they add an aesthetic touch but also increase the comfort

Wrapping it up

How to hold split king mattress together? Hopefully, this article can answer your questions. The successful fixation of the king’s double bed will perfectly balance individual needs and harmony with who you want to share your bed with.

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